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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

DIY Fashion • I knitted my own dress 😳 • De-stressing

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Yes, you read that correctly...
I knitted a dress.

A handmade, hand-knitted dress sounds pretty ghastly, doesn't it?
Like one of those dolly toilet roll covers from the 60's and 70's.
This could go either way!

To tell you the truth, I only started this knitting project to occupy my stressed out hands.
Picking up needles and a hook stopped me picking my cuticles and to gave me something to focus my mind on, instead of worrying.

I didn't for one minute think I'd be able to wear any of my creations.
I had every intention to knit them up, pull them out and knit something else.
I deliberately bought wooden needles and delicious yarn so the process of knitting would be a pleasure.
Using the craft as a kind of therapy.

However, much to my surprise, not only do I love the process of following a pattern I've also started to modify and amend the patterns to suit my needs.
Also, to my astonishment, I love the results!
So much so that I've been knitting (and crocheting) up a few different pieces recently.

A bag.

Some for me.
Some to give as gifts.

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

All made with love.

This dress makes me particularly happy.
It's comfortable, very soft and I really enjoyed making it.

It also appeals to my sense of individual style.
I know that no one else will be wearing anything like this.

Of course, a handmade garment is not for everyone.
Some might say it's ugly.
Some might cringe at the memory of childhood homemade clothes and handmade jumpers.
I get it.
It's a niche, for sure!

Anything handmade will almost certainly not be perfect (for me, that's the beauty) and hand made items veer towards rustic rather than chic BUT, despite all of that, I still love them!

I intend to be wearing this dress a lot this summer.
I know the work that went into every stage and I love it even more for that.

2020 has been a bad year so far but there is a small positive... I'm embracing my creative side and happily wearing the results.

Are you a crafter?
A knitter, crocheter, needlepoint lover?
Do you make cards?
Paint or draw?
All of the above?!
I'd love to hear about your de-stressing hobbies.

(Now that I'm looking at these photos I think I might knit a plain denim version of this dress and add a crocheted open section ... maybe arcade stitch?... to the hem to make it longer and more interesting... hmmmmm)

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: A kit pattern that I modified. (from Wool and the Gang)
MAC: Topshop (old and eBayed)
BAG: Vintage
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine


  1. Wow! I love that dress! I can see it with some cream leggings or tights for added warmth. When I saw the heading of this post, I was expecting something a bit horrible, to be honest....but this is fabulous!

    1. Hahahahha.... You're very kind Carol-Anne!
      Thank you.
      Do you knit or craft?

  2. I love your dress and I would so wear it too! I also love hand made things and am always asking my friends who can and do make them to send them my way....makes them all the more special. I want to see more. I on the other hand am not gifted in this sense....

    1. I'm not either!
      I knitted and pulled out and re-knitted and re-pulled out this dress umpteen times!!
      It's a standing joke with my family.... Let's guess how long it takes for mum to start pulling this one out!

  3. My knitting skills are limited to squares and beanie hats. They go to a tiny charity called Knit a Square in South Africa where the squares are stitched into blankets. Blankets, hats, hand warmers and knitted toys are distributed to children, from tiny babies to school age.
    Your dress is lovely, love the colours.

    1. That's a wonderful idea!
      Perfect for spare balls and odd bits.
      I bet you could knit this dress no problem.
      I'm not skilled at all.

  4. Wow how good of you! And it looks damn good too!

    1. Hahahahha.... You're very kind Nancy.
      Thank you.
      I loved making it and can't wait to wear it in real life instead of indoor life.

  5. I love this dress and would wear it in an instant! You are very creative, whereas I definitely am not. Lise

  6. Wow, I'm stunned! That's a gorgeous dress, well done, Samantha! I am a crocheter - this makes me want to get my 70s granny-squares going. Perhaps a duster and a matching cloche??

  7. I love this and that you knitted it! I used to knit but haven’t done any for years! Thanks for sharing your work and glad to see you like it x Jacqui

  8. woww, such a fab job of knitting!, it looks really amazing!. It's a really cute dress, the colors suit you nicely and are so versatile! and despite its 'rustic' style it is still pretty wearable and cool!. I totally agree that this 'rustic' aspect is not everybody's cup of tea but I love it!
    Glad that you enjoyed the process too, the feeling of a soft yarn is so delightful. And I also think it's relaxing, it helps me too!


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