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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Black Jumpsuit, sequins and a Cream Trench • Spring Outfit

Black strapless jumpsuit | Beige and black layered outfit | Fake Fabulous

Another day, another outfit I plan to wear at some point in the future!

Once again, I'm not really wearing this today.
I'm wearing a pair of dark grey leggings and a gigantic (gent's) t-shirt.
Hardly 'fashion' but it's certainly REAL.

I'm looking forward to the moment when I can retire my joggers (and baggy leggings) and get back to normal.
Or, at least our new version of normal (whatever it might be).

Black strapless jumpsuit | Beige and black layered outfit | Fake Fabulous

Back to this look...

This black jumpsuit is made from a very stiff denim fabric (I'm trying to move away from thin garments with elastane) so it's no good for sofa surfing, but it will be perfect when I'm back on my feet all day.

The jumpsuit is plain and strapless so I know it is going to look great dressed up or down for (almost) any occasion.

Today, I paired it with a semi-sheer Gothic/Victoriana inspired blouse.

{Now is not the time for bare arms!}

The stiff fabric of the jumpsuit allows me to tuck my top in without having to be strategic about it.
No painstaking 'arrangement' of bumps and unflattering ridges.

Cheap stretchy jersey that fits only where it touches has had it's day and I (for one) won't be buying it again.
Black strapless jumpsuit | Beige and black layered outfit | Fake Fabulous

I paired this jumpsuit and blouse combination with a short sequinned jacket and a lightweight trench coat.
Loafers make this outfit suitable for work but trainers or ankle boots would also look great.

In fact, sandals or heels could also work wonderfully with this jumpsuit.
It's such a flattering fit and I can't wait to wear it out and about.

But for now... back in the joggers for me!
How about you?

LOAFERS: Clarks (eBayed)
BLOUSE: Oasis (over 20 years old!)
TRENCH COAT: Topshop (old)
SEQUIN JACKET: Topshop (very old)
HAIRBAND: (hiding my bird's nest hair) Primark


  1. I'm particularly fond of black & beige together, and I love how you've styled this! Made me smile that you confessed to reverting to leggings and t-shirt afterwards. I am wearing the same pair of jeans for longer than is decent and a handful of jumpers on rotation...

    1. Hahahaha....
      I think we're supposed to be washing our clothes, especially jeans, LESS.
      So you're doing well!
      My son hasn't washed his for a year.... Yep, 12 whole months...and he wears them almost every day.
      Weirdly they don't look dirty or smell.
      Maybe he's got the right idea?!

  2. I love strapless tops/dresses/jumpsuits with blouses layered under them - this is no exception! I'm also sick and tired of cheap fabric. Fabulous look, Samantha!

    1. It's the worst isn't it Sheila?!
      Okay on a perfectly toned (and young figure).
      Ghastly on me!!
      Every lump bump dimple and saggy bit is highlighted.
      I'm not doing it anymore!!

  3. It occured to me that you retired from wearing tights, aunty Samantha. Was it a worst habit? xx

  4. lovely outfit and you look really elegant and cool in it!, Love the jumpsuit-over-blouse layering idea!, brilliant! and love the sequined cardi which adds texture and shine!
    Looking really comfy&cool and stylish!

    1. Thank you!
      I've been thinking about the many ways I can style this jumpsuit when we're back ou tin the world.... Bu tfoe now the joggers and leggings are winning!

  5. wow. You've made beige look really classy. This is so elegant. And chic. Having clothes envy here ......


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