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Friday, 17 April 2020

ARK Skincare • Honest Beauty Review

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

Today I'm sharing a brand that reached out to me a while ago in the hope I would share their products with you.
Which I'm happy to do!

{This post was not paid for.
I was sent these products with no obligation to share my findings.}

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

I like this cleanser.
It's non-foaming, fragrance free and leaves the skin feeling clean but not stripped.
Perfect for a light morning cleanse or as the second stage of a double cleanse in the evening.

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

The moisturiser is really nice with a great delivery system that keeps the contents clean and uncontaminated.
I found it nourishing and comforting without heaviness.

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

The primer works really well as a base for makeup and includes an SPF 30.

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

This mask is pleasant to use and non-irritating (masks often aggravate my skin).
I used the mask on my cheeks and neck and a clay mask on my nose, chin and forehead.
I didn't notice any significant changes in my skin but I really enjoyed those 10 minutes of relaxation!

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

Over all, I found the ARK products very pleasant to use and effective at keeping my skin looking hydrated.

In my opinion the products are quite expensive but if you are happy to pay these prices then go for it.
If money is an issue then save your pennies.
At the end of the day a cleaner is a cleanser and a moisturiser is a moisturiser.
Getting into debt for skincare is never a good idea and if you do have money to spend then invest it in serums and treatments.

If you love fragrance-free and non-irritating skincare with a simple, fuss-free routine then this could be a great brand for you to try.

You can see the full range of ARK skincare HERE.

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