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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Lockdown Beauty • DIY Root Touch Ups

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous

Is your lockdown hair driving you bananas?

Mine resembles a scarecrow on a windy day.
My motivation to attempt to style it (and the rest of me) is at rock bottom.

For example, my current "look" (as I type this) is a pair of blue joggers, fluffy socks, a blue jumper, no makeup at all (yikes!) and a bandana.

The bandana is particularly fetching.

The unfortunate bandana situation is covering my desperately-needing-a-cut hair and my (gulp) GREY ROOTS.
Why oh why do I have NO grey roots at the back (where I couldn't see them and couldn't care less about them) and oodles around my face?

I have a feeling that we won't be making it to the salon anytime soon and I can't be bothered going out to buy a home dye OR (even if I had one) putting the home dye kit on.


I'm touching up my roots with root makeup.

I wanted to share my findings with you just incase you're in the same bandana boat as me!
(See what I did there! 😊)

{DISCLAIMER: I bought all of these products myself with my own money!}

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous
Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous

My hair is undeniably a state!
It's in need of a good cut and a colour refresh, but my salon has closed down for the moment and I just need to get on with it.

Normally I'd have the home dye and the scissors out in a flash but I'm not in the mood so it's been a great opportunity to try some new touch up products.

The two liquid  Josh wood touch up products are on the top half of this (messy) parting.

One the bottom is Magic Retouch by L'oreal and the re-touch crayon by Josh wood.

Let's break it down...

JOSH WOOD Blending Brush

  • Darker Blonde (shades 6.5-7.5)... don't go too dark!
  • 20mls
  • £15
  • Lasts up to 3 washes


Easy to use, especially around the front "halo"
A good colour for light brown to dark blonde hair
Makes it look like your darker roots are growing in and you have NO grey hairs!


Small volume that only lasts for a few applications

JOSH WOOD Root Smudger

  • Darker Blonde (shades 6.5-7.5)
  • 38mls
  • £12
  • Lasts up to 3 washes

Easy to use
Good applicator and delivery system
Good tone of colour


Still pricey but better value than the brush

JOSH WOOD Root Marker

  • Darker Blonde (for shades 6.5-7.5)
  • 2.5g
  • £8 
  • To colour in stray greys!

Convenient to carry in your bag for emergency strays


Not a great colour
Waxy which leaves and ugly coating on the hair.
Only suitable for strays, not for touching up sections on the go.

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous

For comparison I sprayed a section of my hair with a spray-on cover-up.

L'OREAL magic retouch instant root concealer spray

  • Dark Blonde
  • 75mls (up to 25 uses)
  • £5.29
  • Lasts until washed out.

Quick and instantly effective


Really messy!
Looks powdery close up
Colours your scalp
The colour isn't great (Not a natural root colour but okay to tie in with processed ends)

This powdery mess below is a closer shot of the Magic retouch powder by L'Oreal.
It looks okay from a distance but not so great close up.
Beware when applying as it goes everywhere and can give you extra age spots on your face!

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous


"Original result...

In conclusion, the Overall Winner is the Root Smudger.

The biggest volume for the lowest price.
A good colour and stays put... although not for 3 washes as claimed!"

Further use of this root smudge has revealed that the base tone must have a burgundy/pinkish tone because it's been pointed out to me a few times (luckily by family members and not Joe Public) that this product leaves a pink cast on the hair and scalp.

Despite using it carefully and as instructed it seems to migrate onto the scalp slightly leaving an unflattering and obvious cast.

I won't be using it again.

So the winner for me... after further testing... is the Blending Brush

It is pricey and doesn't last very long (especially if you have a lot of grey) but it has the most realistic finish and colour.

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous

Worst product?... Hmm, tough call...

The touch up stick wins it (or loses it!)

Poor results and too expensive.

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous

Best Match for my dyed ends?.. The L'Oreal spray.

It's powdery and looks fake up close.
Okay at the crown and inside the hair but not great at the hairline.

Josh Wood Honest Review | Fake Fabulous

I'd love to know the following...

Whats happening with your hair and beauty routine?
Are you dressing up more than normal to lift your spirits?
Are you continuing with your usual routine?

Or, are you tramping-out like me?

(Slobbing around in joggers with messy hair)

No judgement here people!!


  1. Hi, Samantha! Back when I dyed my hair a "normal" colour, I tried one of those sprays and hated how it went all over the place. I might try to pick up my usual pastel pink at the drugstore (ours is still open, and we're not on lockdown yet), but since I grew my grey out a year ago, I don't mind letting it go its natural colour. Have you considered it? Just curious!

    1. I have Sheila! I don't mind it as my grey is around my fac elike a halo and it's not a massive contrast from my old colour. I just feel a bit washed out. Maybe I need good makeup tips?!

  2. HI Samantha!
    I've been using the same Camomile product for years now to brighten up my hair. It looks very natural, with highlights. And now that my hair has a lot of white in it, it still works for me, I even get complements on the colour!!, at about €8 a bottle that lasts for ages it's a real bargain product!!
    At home I wear clothes that keep me warm and comfortable, but I need my hair to look good to keep my sprint it's up!!

    1. Do share the name of this product Pauline!! X

    2. It's a Spanish product called Camomila INTEA.
      Many years ago in England there was a product I used called Light and Bright which was very similar. I don't know if this is still made.

  3. To keep my spirit up!!! No sprinting these days!!!!

  4. I tried some 'retouching' products back when I still dyed my hair red, and all of them were dissapointing!. Glad to read your honest review, it's really useful!
    I'm trying to keep some kind of routine, even if I'm at home. I've been dressing up for a while everyday as if I was going somewhere!. It can look frivolous but it has made me feel better. And I suspect that most of us are going to wear lots of turbans and headscarves soon!. I haven't a hair cut since February!

    1. Haha hahaha.... I agree!
      Hats hair wraps and turbans are the way forward 😉.
      My hair is a mess but I'm just pinning it out of my way and ignoring it for as long as I can!! ❤️

  5. Going to need something like this before too long! Nice topic x Jacqui x


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