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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

It's too Cold for a Denim Dress but I wore one anyway!

Denim dress, red shirt and tan boots | Spring Outfit Idea | Fake Fabulous

The weather outside is what my grandpa would have called "bracing".
Cold and windy.

The cobwebs get blown away when walking the dog that's for sure!
There have been plenty of sunny spells but also plenty of heavy showers.

The fields are flooded.
The river is HIGH.

It's what I would call BALTIC!

So today I'm sharing a completely impractical outfit.
Because... why not?

{The reality of my daily dressing this week has been jeans and jumpers, joggers and sweatshirts, my Boiler suit from THIS POST and various cosy cardigans... including my ugly cardigan from this post... brace yourself, it's a cracker!}

Denim dress, red shirt and tan boots | Spring Outfit Idea | Fake Fabulous

The sun shone for a few moments and I thought:

IT'S SPRING!.... Quick! Legs out! Jackets off!

Before dashing back indoors and back into my jeans and cardigan.
I left the blouse on (because it's a comfy one) but the rest of the outfit needed to be gone before I froze to death, or lost a digit!

It's a shame the Scottish weather is not ready for my bare legs because I'm more than ready for it to be ready!

I love the mixture of blue denim with red.
For me, it's a timeless combination that never goes out of style.
Add in some tan (with shoes and/or a bag) and it's a look that can step easily into spring and even summer.

I'm looking forward to feeling some heat in the sun at last!

What colours do you love to see with spring DENIM?

Denim dress, red shirt and tan boots | Spring Outfit Idea | Fake Fabulous

DENIM DRESS: Whistles (very old)
SHIRT: M&S Charity shopped from the pound rail.
JACKET: Zara (many years old and also charity shopped)
BAG: Radley (charity shopped)
GLASSES: Ted Baker (a gift)
BROOCH: A gift.

Denim dress, red shirt and tan boots | Spring Outfit Idea | Fake Fabulous


  1. Denim and red can’t be topped. And that dress and blouse are delightful. We ventured out yesterday out of necessity to buy a refrigerator and pick up a few groceries, and it felt good to sport a green outfit. When I next venture out, I’m going to do my own version of this outfit. Including the tan accents. You were brave to bare your legs!

  2. Yellow! Blue and yellow always makes me happy, and makes me remember Spring in Tuscany.
    It is too cold here for bare legs, but I do intend to bare my toes today, for my trip to the pharmacy.
    And I have a lovely scarf I can wear over my mouth and nose that matches my jeans.
    With yellow shoes! Spring is here!

    1. Great scarf styling idea Susan! Practical ans pretty... Why not eh? We're doing what we can to make the best of things. X

  3. What a lovely look! I hate jeans but love denim dresses and skirts! Any color goes with it bit I love green and denim! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    1. Hang on a minute.... Hate jeans??? Haha hahaha.... I wish we could go shopping to find you the perfect pair 😊 x

  4. you rock your denim dress with those red accents and tan boots!, such a lovely ensemble!
    Looking fabulous!


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