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Thursday, 20 February 2020

What I Wore This (last) Week • Weekly OOTD Diary

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

Welcome to another "What I wore this week".
A glimpse into what I've been wearing during 7 days of my real life.

It's been wet and miserable this week... with the occasional glimpse of sunshine.

A few freezing cold days.
LOTS of rain.
Some (very little) sunshine.
Some hail.
Some sleet.
Some Snow!
A typical mixed bag of Scottish winter delights.

I was sheltering from the elements in some of these shots!

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

CHECKED COAT: A gift from a few years ago
CASHMERE HOODY: Borrowed from my husband
SPARKLE JUMPER: Charity shopped
LEATHER BOOTS: Dr Martens (a few years old)
BAG: H&M (last year)
JEANS: Levis (old)

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

Same coat, different layers!

See the full outfit in detail HERE which I've recreated and worn a few times over the past 3 weeks!

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

CASHMERE JUMPER: A few years old and charity shopped
FURRY COAT: Charity shopped
BAG: A gift
JEANS: Levis (very old)

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

JEANS: Levis (very old)
LEATHER BOOTS: Dr Martens (a couple of years old now)
PUFFA GILET: Uniqlo (2nd hand on eBay)
CHECKED COAT: Asda (old)

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

Miss Marple meets Bet Lynch anyone? 

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

My Nanna Cardigan.
I LOVE it.
My husband HATES it!!

WOOL GRANNY CARDIGAN: Old (Charity shopped)
BLACK BOOTS (not seen): Dr Martens
VELVET JOGGERS: Asda (a few years old)
T-SHIRT: Very old 

What I wore this week | Fake Fabulous

I didn't actually wear this boilersuit on Sunday.
(I mostly wore my Saturday outfit with a striped tee instead of the green one)
I just tried it on and took photos.
You can read bout it HERE and leave your opinion if you like!

Which (if any!) of my outfits would you wear?

I'd love to know.



  1. That cardigan would never leave my back...although my husband would also hate it! :)

    1. It's so warm Samantha... Its like wearing a cosy hug.
      My husband actually shudders when he looks at it!! Hahahahahha


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