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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Warm-toned Winter Outfit • Layering a Coat Over a Blazer

Camel and Red | Layering a Coat over a Blazer | Winter Outfit

What's the best thing about dressing for the colder weather?
For me, it's piling on the cosy layers!

Layers can look bulky and sloppy.
BUT, they can also offer colour, texture and interest to an outfit.
The secret is to choose quality fabrics and keep them as thin as possible.

Camel and Red | Layering a Coat over a Blazer | Winter Outfit

Today I'm layering a coat over a blazer for a smart but casual (and fun!) look.

This Cashmere coat is a classic that I've had for around 20 years and it is warm BUT, sometimes we need a little something extra, don't we?
Adding a blazer underneath (in a contrasting cooler colour) gives me an extra warm layer AND adds pattern to this look

I'm (obviously) wearing my thermal baselayers under this outfit too... I nearly always do, don't I? 😀
Then a tonal jumper, culotte and boots combination.
A red-based cashmere jumper.
Burgundy/wine coloured culottes.
And my oxblood lace-up boots.
A tan coloured bag and red gloves finished this outfit off nicely!


This outfit is easy to recreate using pieces from your own wardrobe.

My colour choices are on the warm side but they're easily swapped out for colours that you love.
You could flip the colours on their head and layer cooler tones with a warm coloured blazer.
Navy and mixed blues, with a burgundy.
Teals and turquoises, with a pop of violet.
Neutrals and nudes, with green.
Even black and greys with brown or tan.

Just remember to add that contrasting colour!

The coat layering is easy to copy too.
Any style of blazer would work.
Denim, leather or puffa-style jackets would look great too.

Culottes are fun and practical to wear but you could easily swap them out for a midi skirt (a pleated one would look really nice) or even a dress.

Camel and Red | Layering a Coat over a Blazer | Winter Outfit

CASHMERE COAT: Very old (almost 20 years!)
BLAZER: A gent's blazer (a hand-me-down)
CASHMERE JUMPER: old (charity shopped)
CULOTTES: Boden (past seasons... a couple of years)
LEATHER BOOTS: Very old (at least 15 years)
LEATHER BAG: Radley (charity shopped)
LEATHER GLOVES: Vintage (charity shopped)
NECKLACES: Various vintage/gifts/charity shopped items.

Camel and Red | Layering a Coat over a Blazer | Winter Outfit


  1. Great outfit for the end of Winter. The coat will never date in classic camel and lighter layers. I’m still slightly nervous about mixing the colours up though so not sure if I would wear red/burgundy myself.

    1. I think once you try it once Catherine you might get hooked! :o)

  2. Oooooh this is just the sort of outfit I'd love to recreate... as you know I have an obsession with All The Warm Colours, and throwing on a camel coat over the top of a blazer is such a good idea - that's what I call layering perfection Samantha!

    Catherine x

    1. Thank you so much Catherine!
      To be honest I NEEDED the coat... it's far too cold for bare blazers!! :o)

  3. You do layering very well. I live live the pops of warm colours.

  4. Gorgeous colors together! I adore the gloves. And the blazer is so perfect with it. I also love to layer, but it seems that spring is in her way in the Netherlands!

    1. Already Nancy?
      We have some spring flowers BUT it still feels freeeeeeeeeezing!!

  5. I love this tonal layering. Great styling. Lise

  6. What a fabulous outfit! I love the multiple tones of red in it.

  7. Hi Sam: I love this outfit! I notice that you change your purse almost every day. I get lazy about that, as it is so Do you have suggestions to make the swap easier? I have tons of bags that sit on my shelf in need of a little love. (also, if I am not the first to comment on a post, then the notify me box shows up!! Thought you might like to know that :)

    1. How weird Sharon!
      Thank you for letting me know :o)
      As for the bag situation... I empty the contents of my bag every night into a box.
      I sort out what I need for the next day and put the rest away.
      My bag needs to be as light as possible and I like to feel that my bag works well with my outfit each day.
      (e.g. I wouldn't wear certain bag styles with certain coats or jackets)
      The box of handbag contents just get put into my bag of the day the next morning.
      It usually consists of:
      Hand cream
      Small Notebook and pen
      Lip balm
      Water Bottle
      Brow gel
      Blotting tissues.
      That's it.
      Keeping the items edited keeps me organized!
      I hope that helps :o)

  8. what a fabulous outfit!, lovely layering and so brilliant color combo!, you totally rock!
    And I love particularly the versatility and comfort of your style, as it looks elegant and cool with or without the coat, because of the jacket!. So intelligent!
    Love your accessorizing, the red gloves, the bag and the Fabulous Boots!. And you rock your culottes!

    1. Thank you Monica!
      Culottes can be tricky can't they?
      These are not my favourite pair (too tight on my bum and thighs) so I always seem to wear them with a longer top layer.
      I love the colour though!!


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