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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Karl Lagerfeld Vibes • Edgy Leather Spring Outfit

Leather skirt and ruffle blouse | Fake Fabulous | Spring Outfit

What a relief to have a milder day... and NO RAIN!!!
Waterproof jackets were hung to dry.
Heavy coats have been given the day off.

Leather skirt and ruffle blouse | Fake Fabulous | Spring Outfit

This outfit put me in mind of the iconic Karl Lagerfeld.
I love this vintage blouse and my newly Charity-shopped jacket.
It's a wool blazer, so surprisingly warm.

{It may be milder but it's certainly NOT mild!}

I (of course) have a thermal base layer and brushed thermal tights under this outfit.
The time for ditching thermals is a long way away!

This is a simple outfit.

  • White shirt.
  • Blazer.
  • Skirt.
  • Boots.

Because each element has a little personality the overall look feels edgier than it should on paper.

Leather skirt and ruffle blouse | Fake Fabulous | Spring Outfit

I loved wearing this outfit.
I felt fierce but comfortable and very "me"... is that not the best combination?

Leather skirt and ruffle blouse | Fake Fabulous | Spring Outfit

COTTON SHIRT: Vintage (charity shopped)
WOOL BLAZER: Armarni (secondhand)
LEATHER BOOTS: Older than a very old thing

It was SO windy my hair was going wild, but I kind of like it like that!

Am I the only person who loves big, puffy and even fuzzy hair?

Leather skirt and ruffle blouse | Fake Fabulous | Spring Outfit


  1. You look fabulous! I love this outfit, and the blazer is amazing. It is so nice to have some milder days, isn't it. We are looking forward to a milder week this coming week here on the Black Sea. We have already had quite a few. In general our winter this year has been milder. I know you guys have had a ton of grotty weather :(. I saw my first Spring butterfly last week, neon yellow, and the plum tree outside my bedroom window is blossoming. Lise

    1. Awww Lise, how lovely!
      The first butterfly is always a delight... As is the snowdrops and daffodils peeping trough.
      It's be wet and horrible here for too long.... Hopefully some mild and dry weather will be heading our way soon. Xxx

  2. Love this combination on you. Finding that Armani blazer in a charity shop wax a great score.

    1. It was eBay Loree... Brand new with the tags and security clips too. I was chuffed as nuts!! 😁

  3. Oh wow, that blazer is so right for you! Absolutely love the way you've styled everything. Signing off before I completely gush, haha.

  4. I love this outfit - I was expecting to see leather driving gloves, a la Karl! The blazer is gorgeous - it fits you perfectly.

    1. Gloves!!
      I knew there was a little something missing. 😊
      Those and a peroxide quiff (I used to have one of those!!) xxx

  5. woww, such a fab jacket, love its fitted shape and the cool flap pockets, so elegant!! and you styled it so brilliantly with the white shirt and the pleated skirt!, You Totally Rock! looking so cool!


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