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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

If Something NEEDS styled is it worth it? Boiler Suit over 40

Styling a Boiler Suit | Fake Fabulous

Boiler suits.
They're on-trend at the moment, aren't they?

How do you really feel about them?

Personally, I'm torn between loving and hating.

Styling a Boiler Suit | Fake Fabulous

The love for a boiler suit comes from its many pros:

  • Comfort (they're so comfortable it's crazy!)
  • Ease (pop it on...done!)
  • An outfit in one (just add shoes)
  • Leg coverage (easier than a dress)
  • No need for leg maintenance (whether that's leg makeup/fake tan/shaving/ waxing etc)
  • On-trend/cool and edgy (they can look amazing!)

However, the Cons can outweigh the pros sometimes!

  • Baggy bum (ugh... we don't need help in that department do we?)
  • Shapeless and unflattering (baggy and saggy... hmmm?)
  • Leg shortening (unless you wear heels but who can be bothered with that on the daily?)
  • Looking like you're about to embark on a spot of painting or car maintenance.
  • Trailing them on the floor in public bathrooms (enough said).

For me, a boilersuit is one of those items that needs to be styled up to look half decent.

This begs the question...
If an item NEEDS to be mindfully styled then is it worth it?

I'd love to find out what you think!

Styling a Boiler Suit | Fake Fabulous

BOILERSUIT: One Teaspoon
LEATHER BOOTS: Dr Martens (old)
LEATHER BAG: Valentino (a birthday gift)
SCARF: Alexander McQueen (a Christmas gift!)



  1. Looks great but genuinely can't be @r$ed to take all my clothes off every time I need the loo.

  2. Ive never been one for the lower crotch fashion which has been around for a decade. I like the oxblood colour but would try to take in the lower romp-part with a bit of sewing.

    1. I'm not that skilled Jozé, unfortunately!
      The saggy crotch reminds me of my children running around with their big cloth nappies... not a great fashion look :oP

  3. You look fabulous, love the styling. I loved jumpsuits in the 80's, I had so many colors and styles - I was around 20. It just does not work for me any more - I have tried on quite a few and have not found one that looks great. A bit like the 90's Levi 501 button-fly jeans - wore them to death then and looked very hip and now they really look like Mom Jeans on me and not in a good way. I still have a pair in my closet but they have not seen the outside since the late 90's. :)) Lise

    1. Levis button through jeans are my FAVOURITE Lise!
      They're a classic aren't they?
      Could you get them altered to look more now and less "Mom Jeans and not in a good way" which is brilliant!!

  4. I hate them for all the reasons you mentioned.

  5. I can handle a jumpsuit, but boiler suits are just too masculine-looking for my taste, and they clash with my feminine bumps and bulges, and just do me no favours. I would ADORE this if it were a skirt instead of pantlegs - a shirtdress in this colour would be FAB.

    Hope you are having a great week, Samantha!

    1. I felt like I should be doing a few handy-woman jobs around the house and garden without the belt and jacket Sheila.
      I'm not a fan... this one is going back!
      P.S. If it was a midi dress it would be perfect :o0

  6. Yeah, not a fan of the boiler suit...for ME. All the negatives you said: yep, yep, and yep. I don't mind styling something up if I like the finished product...but this is one of those things that is just NEVER a good look on me.

    But YOU look darling in it!


    1. Boiler suits and bathrooms... That's the worst bit isn't it?! 😂Xxx


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