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Friday, 7 February 2020

Honest Beauty Review • Lacura (Aldi) Hot Cloth Cleansers

Honest Beauty Review | Lacura Hot CLoth Cleanser | Fake Fabulous

Who else loves a genuine beauty bargain?
Who hates paying over the odds for (basically) the same products?
I know I do!

I'm pleased to be able to share this little gem with you.

It's a pack of 4 cream cleansers from Aldi.
£7.99 for the set.
A real bargain.

{You can also buy the cleansers in larger "full size" tubes of 200ml (massive!), however, these 75ml tubes last for ages.}

I have potentially reactive skin and I often react to products that shouldn't cause a reaction.
For example:

  • Anything from Clarins (seriously!)
  • Liz Earle clean and polish.
  • The Neals yard sensitive range (yep... the SENSITIVE range!)

All of which made my face go various shades of red and purple!

So when I was testing these cleansers for you I felt a little wary.
Especially as the original cleanser smells (and feels) almost identical to the Liz Earle one!

{As a side note... I have heard in the past that the Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser is a dupe for Liz Earle.
It made my face tingle and feel even more irritated than the Liz Earle.
Maybe they're made in the same place?}

However, back to the Lacura...I needn't have worried about irritation!
All of the cleansers were absolutely brilliant.
No irritation at all.
I even used them to remove my eye makeup.

I used them with either a muslin cloth or a microfibre cloth and they worked perfectly with both.

I even repurchased a bigger version of the pink clay cleanser (200ml which came with a muslin cloth for £3.99) not because it was my favourite but because it was the only one in the shop!
I would happily re-buy all of them.

A brilliant product at a rock bottom bargain price.
Perfect for the savvy shopper!

{DISCLAIMER: I bought the cleansers with my own money}

You can buy the set online HERE or pick them up in your local shop.

Please let me know if you've tried them already!

P.S... Here are some images of the ingredients lists...

Honest Beauty Review | Lacura Hot CLoth Cleanser | Fake Fabulous

Honest Beauty Review | Lacura Hot CLoth Cleanser | Fake Fabulous



  1. Clarins made my skin amazing. I used Nivea Q10 cream and my eye area swelled up. Bio-oil makes my skin go red and blotchy. Some natural balms gave been big whiteheads, some of which never went away. Sometimes we just can't tell what is going to cause problems, but a friend brought me some Astral from UK when she visited me in New Zealand. Fantastic.

    1. Astral! Yes, that's and oldie.
      My mum loves it.
      I don't like biooil either... Unless it's on elbows and knees.
      Much too 'chemically' smelling! X

  2. I get on fine with the Liz Early cleanser and cloth but to tell the truth I mostly just use the Simple face cleanser for dry skin when I am in the shower. I love Clarins products and use their creams. One product I cannot take is YSL liquid eyeliners. They make my eyes go puffy. Such a shame as application with the brush is so easy.

    1. That's really interesting Catherine. I was thinking about trying the YSL liner and mascara.... I might rethink that now!! X


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