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Friday, 17 January 2020

What I Wore This Week | OOTD Diary

What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

Welcome to another glimpse into what I've been wearing during my real life.

(These outfits are from last week)

It was a typically winterish-coat-heavy week last week.
A few colder days.
A few milder days.
Some sunshine.
A little rain.
A typical mixed bag of Scottish delights.
{No snow though 😞.}

Despite the lack of snow, plenty of scarves, hats and cosy layers have been featuring in my looks.
Somedays I've even needed the added boost of a bright lippy to see me through the day.


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

A gorgeous Winter's day here in Scotland.
I forgot to take a quick selfie in my usual spot, so here I am on the platform waiting for the Edinburgh train.
Anyone who knows Edinburgh will know that whatever the weather is where you are staying (even if it's 30 minutes away) Edinburgh is nearly always colder and windier.
If you ever visit the city (whatever the time of year) layers are the secret to dressing success.

NAVY WOOL COAT: Charity shopped (Vintage)
WOOL SCARF: Old Moschino
CREAM WOOL JUMPER(not seen): Vintage
LEATHER TROUSERS (can't see): eBay and altered to fit
BODYWARMER (not seen): Uniqlo (charity shopped)
LEATHER BOOTS (out of shot): Dr Martens
CASHMERE HOODY (just seen): Borrowed (permanently?!) from my Husband (shhh)
LEATHER GLOVES: Charity shopped for £1
GREY HAT: M&S (very old)


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

It was a bit warmer here (Scotland's weather is predictably variable and unpredictable) so no need for thick scarves and hats.
This faux fur coat is not very warm but certainly looks the part and makes an impact on an otherwise dull outfit (jeans and a jumper.....yawn).

CASHMERE HOODY: Borrowed (as above)
FAUX FUR COAT: M&S (very old now)
WOOL JUMPER (not seen): Vintage (charity shopped)
METALIC BAG: Charity Shopped
JEANS: Topshop (old)
SCARF: Alexander McQueen (A gift. Not from the brand, unfortunately, but from myself to me!) 


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

I can't seem to see past this scarf that I bought for myself at Christmas time.
I'm wearing it on repeat.
(Which must mean it was a great buy!)

The scarf is large but lightweight and very warm.
It has just enough personality to lift a look while going beautifully with EVERYTHING... in my opinion anyway!

It was another mild day on Wednesday so no major layering required.
This checked coat was enough.
However, this coat not warm as it is a poly-based mix BUT I do love the colours.

COAT: A gift a couple of years ago
CANVAS SHOPPING BAG: Years old and a firm favourite
WOOL SCARF: Alexander McQueen (a gift to myself)
LEATHER TROUSERS (not seen): eBay (secondhand and altered to fit)
GREEN WOOL POLONECK JUMPER (not seen): Charity Shopped and old!


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

You can find out what is lurking under this coat by clicking HERE! 


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

I featured this outfit on the day I actually wore it.
How time-efficient is that!?

Find out more details and see what I'm wearing underneath this coat HERE... you might be surprised or you may not, depending on your style.


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

The Weather was wet and hideous on this day and even though I had to venture out onto trains and into the city, it was far too wild to take an outside selfie.
This snap is me in a gent's suit shop in Edinburgh.
The reason I look so bored is that I was!
My son was looking at suits and wanted my opinion.
(Not my cash though... he's a good lad.)

He is someone who never shops and doesn't like it.
However, when he finally goes to get what he needs he takes his time over it.
No impulse grabbing like his Mum, which is a very good thing.

We were in that shop a while and I was losing the will to live!

HAT: Old M&S
BLACK SPARKLY JUMPER (not seen): H&M (charity shopped)
BLACK WOOL SCARF: A gift from me... to me! (thank you very much)
BLACK BOOTS (not seen): Dr Martens
CREAM CORDS (not seen): Topshop
BAG: A gift


What I Wore | Diary of a 40+ Fashion Blogger | Fake Fabulous

Sundays for me mean gym and chatting in the morning and slobbing around like a sloth in the afternoon.
Absolute bliss!

LEGGINGS: Sweaty Betty (a few years old now)
JUMPER: Sweaty Betty (a gift)
SLEEVELESS PUFFA: charity shopped... no tag.

Which (if any!) of my outfits would you wear?
Are there any items you'd NEVER wear?
I'd love to know!



  1. I am always inspired by your everyday style, Samantha! I have been injecting a lot more color into my outfits lately and I often think of you when I go full on color blocking with bright shades of everything! And I have shifted my shopping focus to second hand as well. It is so much better for the environment plus I enjoy the hunt! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


    1. What a lovely compliment Shelbee! Thank you.
      I enjoy the hunt too.... And the thrill of a great find!

  2. Ha-ha, I can so relate to 'losing your will to live' while shopping with your son. My OH is exactly the same, takes forever to make a decision, wants my opinion but then doesn't use it, etc, etc. Cute outfits! Lise

    1. Haha hahaha... Yes. My husband spends ages looking at different versions the same things. This is why I make sure we go for a boozy lunch first πŸ˜‚πŸ˜. Xxx

  3. My son couldn't care less about clothes and doesn't seem to understand what looks good on him and what doesn't. Having said that, I have the same problem myself sometimes but seem to be improving somewhat. Glad there are people like you for inspiration, Samantha.

    1. Thank you so much Loree!
      My son used to be the same but now he's becoming more aware.... He's still very minimalist though... 2 pairsbof jeans to his name. Blue for everyday (quite literally!!) black for going out. He doesn't want anymore because he says he doesn't need more stuff in his life. Good attitude to have! X

  4. I love all of these: I like seeing the outfits people actually wear in their day to day so this is one of my favorite types of posts. Inspiring me to wear my scarves more this coming week as it will get a little colder and I haven't worn them enough! Love those pops of color.

    1. Scarves are great aren't they? On some days my coat and scarf stay on the whole time and they are my outfit. 😁. I'm so pleased I've inspired you to wear yours! X

  5. So pretty, and your outfits are perfect. Thanks for adding to the #linkup Jacqui x

  6. Love your outfits and your style!. And I like your scarves and cool accessorizing, particularly the pink one, the fab Alexander MacQueen one and also the massive citron one!. And love your faux fur coat and the plaid one too, as I have a weakness for coats with patterns and textures. You rock in them actually!
    And I admire your fabulous makeup!


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