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Friday, 24 January 2020

Vintage Coat, Checks, Spots & Brogues • Layered Winter Outfit

Winter Outfit | Checks and Spots | Layered style

This outfit is a real mixed bag.
Different patterns, textures and styles.
All held together by an "Of course they go together!" attitude.

Winter Outfit | Checks and Spots | Layered style

A cold and sunny winter's day called for layers that could be removed and added as needed.
There are certainly plenty in this outfit!

Winter Outfit | Checks and Spots | Layered style

I've layered my usual thermal baselayers under this spotty jumper from H&M.
It's a new buy.

I am supposed to be shopping less and styling more BUT I have been wanting some spots in my wardrobe for a while and when I saw this dotty jumper I had to have it!
It is from the H&M conscious collection and uses recycled fibres.
Poor excuse really.
I know it's still consuming.
In my (feeble) defence I had searched eBay and my local charity shops for something similar and failed.
There were some amazing dots and gorgeous pieces BUT nothing in my size of the cut/colour/fabric I wanted.
(I don't feel great about that but it is what it is.)

I know that I did not NEED this jumper (I have plenty of other knits) but I have been reaching for it a lot and it is going to get plenty of wear.

{Confession of guilt over.}

I've been wearing it a lot with jeans (blue and black) but in this look, I paired my dots with some checked trousers... what else goes so well?!

Winter Outfit | Checks and Spots | Layered style

Over the top of my new spotty friend went this cream blazer.
This is an item I've hardly worn since it arrived in my wardrobe.

The sleeves seem to hit at an unflattering point and I'm not sure who this would look good on?
Who out there wants their hips/love handles to look bigger and wider?
I'm guessing not many!
However, I have made the effort to wear it and style it up differently, so it doesn't fester in my wardrobe.
I like the neat lapels and the colour of this jacket so maybe it will grow on me?

Winter Outfit | Checks and Spots | Layered style

Silver brogues, my trusty scarf and some fun earrings finished my outfit off nicely!

What do you think about statement sleeves that end in unflattering places?
I'd love to know!

CREAM BLAZER: Coast (old)
SILVER & WHITE BROGUES: Aldo (very old)
BAG: A gift
SCARF: Alexander McQueen
EARRINGS: c/o Zsiska
LEATHER GLOVES: Charity shopped.


  1. Love your spotty jumper and yes the sleeves on the blazer are 'unusual' :) rgds, Lise

    1. Thank you Lise... what do you think about the way the sleeves hit the body?
      I'm not convinced.
      Maybe a few more stylings are needed?

  2. I LOVE that cream blazer! It's quirky and fun, elevating your outfit to something special. I used to have one similar that worked throughout the year. I wore it over longer tunics, sleeveless tops in the summer and just about everything. As long as the hems didn't hit at the same place on the hip, it wasn't widening or unflattering. You look amazing!

    1. thank you so much for this kind comment!
      I will have a few more goes at styling this blazer.
      I'll definitely try over tunics and tanks and steal your ideas!!
      Thank you. XXX

  3. always darling! very sporty! i've had a hankering to wear my brogues lately...and this was a good reminder to get them on!
    xo eva

    1. Brogues are so cool.
      i love them Eva!

  4. I don't find the sleeves weird or ugly. I just think they are not as handy while eating. And I love the mixed prints!

    1. Hahahahaah... YES!
      Trailing though your soup.
      I would always take off a blazer of cardigan while chowing down.
      It's a serious business and floppy sleeves are distracting!

  5. I don't think the sleeves on the jacket are unflattering, but that piece overall is a little odd. It's like it wants to be a cape but isn't. I love the rest of the outfit, though.

    And on a slightly ranty note, I'm tired of being guilted for buying clothes. I don't have kids, I don't own a car, I recycle, I shop second-hand for 75% of everything I buy...I won't be made to feel guilty for buying clothes. I think it's great that people are aware more about the fashion industry and fast fashion, but seriously, some of us were already on that bandwagon!


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