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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Steal Her Style | Navy and Green | Oversized Scarf Outfit

Navy and green Winter Outfit | Steal her Style | Fake Fabulous

Welcome back to another Outfit Thief post!

You might be wondering what it's all about?

Let me explain...
I'm picking an outfit to blatantly copy.
(No shame at all!)

It might be a blogger's outfit, a street-style look or even a runway ensemble.

Whatever the inspiration, I'm going to break it down, pick it apart and recreate the look using pieces from my own wardrobe.

No shopping required!

Perhaps you have spotted an amazing outfit in the past?
Maybe on your favourite celebrity?
On a Pinterest street-style image?
On your favourite blogger?
Or, even a stylish friend?

You might feel inspired by their style and VERY tempted to google the pieces they're wearing (OR follow the links) in order to buy the gorgeous items.

The person you admire looks stunning.
Chic and cool.
You WANT a slice of that!

A few things could be putting you off.

1. Who you are...
You may be (physically) completely different from the person you admire.
(Not difficult if it's a model on the runway!)

You might have completely different colouring.
You might be half a foot taller, or shorter... or a whole foot!

You might be a completely different dress size.
You probably have different proportions... they could have pancake boobs and long legs.
You might have girls that need more room and legs that are a few inches away from leggy!
You could be 25 years older... or younger.
The list goes on.

However, the bottom line is that we're all different and we're all beautiful in our own way.
Shape, size, age and budget shouldn't get in the way of style.

2. Lifestyle
Sometimes real life puts a bit of a downer on fantasy dressing!

Your climate might not allow bare flesh.
Open shoes.
Bare legs.
Backless dresses.
Wearing theses might result in frostbite!

Or, on the other side, heavy wool coats might leave you sweltering.

You might have no practical need for a tulle maxi skirt, especially if you're dragging it through slushy puddles to the supermarket!

You might need to be more practical with your footwear because you're on your feet all day, or have a bunion, or live knee-deep in the snow?!

A few style-modifications are all you need.

3. Shopping
You might not have the money to spend on the pieces you love the look of.

They may be high-end and out of your budget OR you may have more important things to spend your hard-earned cash on ... like exotic holidays,  kids shoes or food and rent!

You might not WANT to spend your money on new clothes.
You may even be trying to buy less and style more (like me)!

If any of this applies to you, you're in the right place.

Today I'm going to share a couple of styling secrets with you that will not only save you money but will help you look (and feel) more stylish.
More style, less spend.

Here's my style inspiration for today:
(It's a fuzzy photo, but you get the idea)

Let's take this outfit to pieces and make it our own shall we?

There are 4 BASIC elements to any look:

1. The Feeling 
The overall Vibe (or Mood) of a look is a great place to start when you want to break it down.

What does this outfit say to you?
Do you feel a connection to the aesthetic?

If a look appeals to you then chances are you can recreate it.

2. The Shape
Take a good look at the outfit you plan to copy.
What is the shape of the outfit?
What are the basic proportions?
Are any aspects slim-fitting or oversized?
A statement sleeve?
Wide-Legged trousers?
An oversized or tight-fitting jacket?

How do the proportions compliment or contrast with each other?

What do you like about the proportions?
Do you love the drama of the look?
Or does the simplicity appeal to you?

3. The Colour Mood
This one is easy to figure out BUT can be the hardest to copy well.
What is the overall colour 'feeling'... warm or cool?
What are the predominant colours?

Any clashes or contrasts?
What about pattern play?
What subtleties are at work?
Look closely, sometimes the overall impression of a colour mood is misleading.

The colour mood is my favourite element of any outfit that inspires me.

4. The Styling Tweaks
Those subtle tweaks (or hacks) make ALL the difference when it comes to recreating a 'cool' look.
Pay close attention to little details like a cuffed hem or a half tuck.
Notice a pushed up sleeve, an exposed cuff, a lurex sock peeking out from the top of a boot.

It's the little things that make the BIGGEST difference.

Navy and green Winter Outfit | Steal her Style | Fake Fabulous

What about the outfit I've chosen today?

1. The vibe.
For me, this look says:

  • Elegant
  • Chic
  • Edgy
  • Cool
  • Slightly sexy
  • Luxe.


It's also a definite WINTER look.
Layered and cosy (apart from those feet...brrr!)

2. The proportions.
She's wearing classic proportions here.
An androgynous shaped, 3/4 coat and skinny trousers.
The scarf makes the upper-half seem oversized, but it's not.
It's a cute mixture of androgynous and sexy/feminine.

3. The colour Mood.
For this look, the colour mood is subtle but effective.
Black, navy and that dark muted green.
Not my usual colour mood but a great one to copy!
The vibe is leaning towards the cool side (the green has a coolness it) which suits her icy colouring.

Her hair really adds something to this look.

4. The Style Tweaks.
The first style tweak that shouts out to me is the scarf being worn across the body like a sash.

What this does is give the outfit an effortless look but it works brilliantly to accentuate the shape of the body and give a luxe feel to the coat.
It also adds interest to the look.

She has her bag casually in her hand.
This stops it cutting into the lines of her outfit.
(Not very practical, but great in a photo.)

She's wearing cool sunglasses which elevate any look and she is also flashing some flesh on her feel (and lower ankles) which is a great leg-lengthening trick.
This gives the outfit more of a feminine touch too.

Navy and green Winter Outfit | Steal her Style | Fake Fabulous

How I made it my own:

This outfit was fun to recreate using pieces I already own.
My old navy coat is longer than hers... but so is my scarf so it seemed okay!

My scarf is handknitted and not faux fur so it's leaning away from luxe and closer to casual, but that suits my style anyway so I'm happy.

You could wear any plain coat in whatever colour you like.
Simply pairing it with a large draped scarf (faux fur would be great but not essential) nails the overall vibe of this look. 

This colour palette is nice but if you don't suit (or like) these colours you can swap them out for anything else that takes your fancy.

I'm wearing a light coloured hat to emulate the blonde of her hair.
I really feel that the blonde hair was part of the outfit and I wanted to steal it a little!
No dark glasses for me though.. it's dark enough, here in Scotland.
Also, no bare feet either!
(Bare feet in Scotland during winter is bonkers)

The girl in the photo is wearing leather trousers and strappy shoes.
I'm wearing fleece-lined tights and long (OTK) leather boots as a great alternative.

(I did consider wearing my leather trousers but boots and a skirt won!)

I've also copied the casual bag-grabbing using my quilted bag.
No, it's not Chanel but I'm over it!

(I also popped it across my body, the way I always wear it, as soon at that photo was taken... much more comfortable and practical)

You can't see what she's wearing under her coat but I popped on my cosy knitted co-ord because it goes nicely with my scarf AND keeps me very warm.
A great winter outfit!

WOOL HAT: Very old (15+ years), charity shopped.
WOOL SCARF: Made by me from secondhand wool.
CO-ORD (Skirt and Jumper): H&M/Pringle
COAT: Vintage... Charity shopped
BOOTS: Vintage (I've had them for almost 30 years!)
BAG: Topshop (old...15+ years)

Navy and green Winter Outfit | Steal her Style | Fake Fabulous

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit
Are there any looks you'd like me to copy?
Have your say by leaving a comment or get in touch and send me a photo HERE.



  1. so inspiring post!, and you totally rock your outfit!. I like your oversized scarf and how it looks over your coat, it makes a difference. Also love the elegant and chic vibe in your outfit. So cool!

    1. Thank you so much.
      I love this massive scarf... or as we say here "Mahooosive"!

  2. Thank you so much of this thoughtful and inspiring post. You look amazing and I'm so motivated by the way you break down the look to show us how we can each make it our own. I thought people either "had style" or didn't (with myself in the latter category) but I'm seeing that style is really just an expression of personality, and we've all got that. Btw, your scarf is AMAZING. Well done on creating such a thing. How do you store it (hanging or folded)?

    1. Thank you Jessica!
      I store it rolled up and shoved in a little cubby hole that's a bit to small for it ... hahahha... but it goes in with a bit of effort.
      As long as I don't crush up the tassels it comes out looking great.
      I agree with you when you say style is an expression of personality.
      I think everyone has style and the ability to look "stylish"... it's just a question of expressing it instead of suppressing it.
      Sometimes fear holds us back.
      The great thing about getting older is that no one is looking at us any more and no one cares what we wear or how we express ourselves!
      Once we realise that then style just happens on it's own :o)

  3. I steal styles from street-style photos allllll the time so I think this is a brilliant post. Goes to show how to "steal" without outright copying! I think I recognize the person in your inspo picture, she used to be one of my favourite absolutely stylish style bloggers ("used to" because I think she's quit blogging outfits) but you've made the look absolutely your own, Samantha. I love that you switched the flats to your boots, which, aside from looking cool as heck, look way more practical with the cold-weathered coats. Also, I can't believe your perfect boots have already been in your possession for THIRTY YEARS, talk about quality and sustainable!

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. I know Liyana!!!
      30 years.... imagine how decrepit I feel just now...hahahaha!
      They're so ninetys it's brilliant.
      What is the name of this gorgeous blogger... I'd love to have a look at her archives.

  4. Samantha, I love finding style inspiration from other bloggers and Pinterest. It is so fun to recreate certain looks with our own spin on it. I am obsessed with your scarf! And the whole outfit is so perfectly you inspired by another. Speaking of all that, our theme for February for The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book is “copy cat” or “style steals”. We are inviting anyone and everyone to join us by submitting their photos of inspired looks!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee!
      That sounds like a fun collaboration... Good Buy/ Good-bye is a fab idea!

  5. I try to do that....I cut out the pic from a magazine ect, plop in a folder, then when I'm having a very foggy day (menopause) I look in there and find inspiration. Makes thinking almost non-existent and I look soooo put together even when I am far from feeling it.

    1. Hahahaha...yes!
      It's good to switch off and just pull some outfit jigsaw pieces together to create a good look, isn't it?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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