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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Noughties Throwback • Skinny Jeans and a Cookie Monster Coat!

Skinny Levis, Dr Martens and a Faux Fur Jacket | Fake Fabulous | Winter

First and foremost...It Snowed.

Winter, here in my corner of the globe, has been quite mild and a bit wet.
Sure, there have been plenty of cold and crisp days, which are lovely...
But no snow.

I've been longing for a dusting of the white stuff, and yesterday the snow finally fell.
Not a lot, but enough to cheer up a winter's day and to lift my spirits.

Skinny Levis, Dr Martens and a Faux Fur Jacket | Fake Fabulous | Winter

Today, I'm wearing my skinny jeans in a real throw-back-to-the-Noughties outfit.
Super-skinny bottom half.
Super FLUFFY top half.
This outfit made me so happy!

Skinny Levis, Dr Martens and a Faux Fur Jacket | Fake Fabulous | Winter

The fashion pack are telling us that skinny jeans are O.V.E.R!
(And I'm getting a bit bored of them too, TBH.)

So, what's "IN" then?

  • Wide-legged.
  • Straight.
  • Oversized.
  • Cropped.
  • Tapered.

All in style.
All current and modern.
None NEW... it's all been done before.

Personally, I love baggy, cropped and wide-legged jeans.
Every now and again it's fun to dig out an old favourite and style it up.

It makes me laugh that the noughties are now classed as a throwback.
I'm sure the year 2000 was just a wee while ago!

Skinny Levis, Dr Martens and a Faux Fur Jacket | Fake Fabulous | Winter

I'm wearing some old favourites here.
Wardrobe classics.
PLUS... this crazy fluffy jacket.
I rescued it from the depths of the charity shop.
It was unloved.
Screwed up in a sad little ball.

All it needed was some TLC.
A good wash.
A fluff up.
Job Done!

Skinny Levis, Dr Martens and a Faux Fur Jacket | Fake Fabulous | Winter

It took me by surprise how warm it was.
(My other faux fur coat is cool in both senses of the word.)
This little jacket is roasty-toasty!

A great find that will sit happily alongside my jackets and coats collection.
All of which I wear on repeat.
Coats and jackets are a BIG part of most of my outfits all year round.

I loved wearing this outfit.
So simple and practical.
Nothing trendy or edgy.
Just a fun winter look that channelled the cookie monster's hairy style!

Do you feel (like me) that the noughties were just a couple of years ago?
Has it snowed this year where you live?
I'd love to know!

JEANS: Levis (old, a gift from my son)
BOOTS: Dr Martens
COAT: Me Jane (charity shopped)
HAT: old
WOOL SCARF: also a gift from my son


  1. Lovely jacket, I love its fluffiness and color and glad that it's also cosy!.
    You look particularly adorable in these pics, enjoying the snow, well wrapped and wearing fab booties!

  2. I love this outfit. And yes, I think the noughties were only like 5 years ago. I'm mostly into wearing skinny or tapered pants but have kept all my wide legged ones until it's time to wear them again. Oversized pants are not my thing. I wish it would snow but that will never happen here. We haven't even had any rain since mid-December 😞

    1. That's the thing with jeans, they come around again and again. Those wide ones are going to be hot this year!
      No rain since December! Wow.
      I can't imagine how dry your garden must be!
      Ours looks like a little bit like marshland at the moment.

  3. I love your outfit. Of course, I am overjoyed about the recent resurgence of fluffy, faux fur. It has been possible to throw a faux fur over a long sleeve tee, and still be warm! I will always love my skinniest, for wearing with boots, but lately, I've been sporting boot cuts as well. We had a snow dusting, but I want more...

    1. I want more too Susan!!
      Is there some kind of snow dance we can do?? 🌨️πŸ’ƒπŸ˜‚

  4. Hee, the Cookie Monster coat fills me with delight! It's wonderful. I know, it seems like only a couple of years ago that I was getting my eye used to skinny jeans (ew! Those are so 80s, I remember thinking). And now here we are, back to wide legs, tapers (so 80s/90s), high-waisted, you name it.

    Enjoy the snow! We had a massive snowstorm a few weeks ago, and the snow lasted 5 days. That's 4 days too many!

    1. I agree Sheila!
      It's beautiful for a day... Maybe we should have snow once a week until spring when we dig out or wide jeans again!!

  5. That coat is so fun: and I love the color! Yay for snow, we are still waiting for some here.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm crossing my fingers for some more snow for us and I'll send a dusting your way too!! Xxx

  6. You have such an amazing eye, and I will never forget the squeal you let out when you found it in the charity shop! C xx


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