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Saturday, 11 January 2020

I'm Selling on eBay!

Get your hands on some of the items featured at Fake Fabulous...

I'm clearing out some of my blogging storage boxes and I've decided to sell some of my very-much-loved pieces.

Many items are going to friends (if they'll fit and/or suit them) and to charity BUT the close-to-my-heart, super-special items (that won't suit friends) are heading to eBay.
Simply because I can't bear to see them bagged up and sent into the unknown.
I need to know that someone has searched, found and wanted them.
Off to a new home to be loved again.
Sustainable fashion at it's best!

Call me a sentimental fool but I do get a bit attached to certain items... especially those one-of-a-kind pieces.
Vintage knits, coats and shoes especially.
I find it hard to say goodbye.

It's been a LONG while since I eBayed.
The last time I tried to sell some items someone damaged one of my treasured pieces and demanded a refund.
I was heartbroken.
Not because of the loss of the money (although that WAS annoying being doubly out of pocket) but because of the damage to a beautiful item.
If something doesn't fit why not re-sell it or donate it to a local charity?

I was so upset that I removed all of my listings and donated the whole lot to a local charity shop.

This new selling venture will hopefully help towards some unforeseen expenses that have arisen.
Life sometimes throws us a few dodgy balls and we have to either duck or catch.
I've decided to catch!

If you would be interested in picking up a Fake Fabulous original then you can check out my eBay page HERE.

Here is a glimpse at a few of the first items listed...

The Bag in this outfit:

and this outfit...

This bag is a classic and I love it.
It's featured many times at Fake Fabulous.
The only problem is that I'm not reaching for it as often as I should and it deserves to be worn every day.

Read the full outfit posts HERE and HERE.

The jumper in this outfit:

I LOVE this jumper.
Handknitted vintage fabulousness... so cool!
It's just not quite my colour and I'm not wearing it enough.
I'd love to see it on someone else getting the love it deserves.
(The bag in this outfit will be for sale soon too!)

Read the full outfit post HERE.

The boots in this outfit:

These boots are AMAZING and look great with anything.
Unfortunately, they're a tiny bit too neat on my feet and they make my right foot ache.
So sad.
I wish I could pick them up in a UK 4.5... sigh.

Read the full outfit post HERE

I'm also selling a couple of other pieces and I intend to list more items soon... bags and shoes to start with.

I do hope you pop over to my eBay page for a nosey.
If there are any items you've seen at Fake Fabulous that you particularly like please let me know.
They may be in the "To sell" or "To Donate" bags and I may be able to list them for you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I'd love to know if you buy or sell on eBay.
Have you had any particularly good or bad experiences?
Please share in the comments or send me an email at



  1. sorry that your jumper doesn't fit me, as it looks fab!

    1. Aww... thank you Monica!
      I could TOTALLY see you in those colours :o)


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