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Sunday, 15 December 2019

Winter Hat and a Camel Coat

Winter Outfit | Camel Coat and a Wool Hat | Fake Fabulous

Wearing this outfit gave me so much pleasure!
It's made up of many elements that I LOVE to wear.
Colour, texture and interest.
Warm and comfortable.
Traditional but still individual.
A perfect Winter look!

Winter Outfit | Camel Coat and a Wool Hat | Fake Fabulous

The hard-hitters in this look (for me) are my gent's hat and my camel coat.

Camel coats can look a little boring and stuffy (in my opinion).
Like something my Great-Nan might have worn to church!
There is no denying that camel coats are very practical and a true classic.
A quality camel coat is timeless and will look great forever.

A simply cut camel coat also has the ability to "ground" a colourful or mixed outfit.
This camel beauty pulled my look together with ease.

Winter Outfit | Camel Coat and a Wool Hat | Fake Fabulous

The colourful element in this look is my gorgeous jumper from H&M.
I've had it for a few years and every time I wear it it makes me so happy.
It's a joyful piece of clothing!
Cosy and colourful.
What more could I want?

Winter Outfit | Camel Coat and a Wool Hat | Fake Fabulous

My second favourite piece of this look is this fabulous hat!
I found it in a bargain bucket and snapped it up immediately.

For one, it fits my gigantic head (It's 61cm).
Secondly, it's super-comfortable and cosy.
I love it.

I've paired these great pieces with a pair of khaki trousers and my much-loved Christopher Raeburn boots.

Such an easy outfit that ticked every box for me!


The main players in this look are the wool coat and the structured hat.
They're easy to copy without the need to spend a penny.

You could use any colour of long wool coat and any style (or colour) of structured hat.
(Maybe borrow one from a friend or a man in your life?)

For example, a grey or navy coat would look great... as would black (if it suits you).

Underneath the coat wear a jumper that gives you joy... any colour, any pattern any style... anything goes!
As long as wearing it makes you smile.

Add some comfortable trousers (or jeans) and a pair of boots (ankle length or tall, whatever floats your boat) and you're done.

Wear with a smile and you can't go wrong!

I'd love to how you'd recreate this look!
Do you own a camel coat?
What about a hat?
Please leave me a comment or get in touch at

WOOL HAT: Christys gent's department
WOOL JUMPER: H&M (Past season's)
CASHMERE COAT: Really old! (Read how I found this amazing coat HERE)
BOOTS: Christopher Raeburn at Clarks (very old)


  1. Pretty and obviously comfortable, the jumper makes it you. �� Gigantic head here too, all hats usually too small and bike helmet size XL. ��

    1. Hahahaha!
      I'm glad to hear I"m not the only one :oP
      My Cycle helmet is an XL too!

  2. I love that you wear hats. I really like hats but feel self-conscious wearing them so I stick to beanies.

    1. I know what you mean Loree!
      Beanies are certainly more socially acceptable.
      Have you thought about trying a baker boy style hat?
      Part beanie part cap?
      It might be a good transition hat for you and a smarter option for those days you feel... well... non-beanie-ish but still chilly! :o)

  3. I love this outfit - I have done similar ones, but I wear my pink mohair coat (it's my version of a neutral, ha!). Love the hat - I always feel badass in a brimmed hat.


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