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Sunday, 10 November 2019

What I Wore This Week | Real Life, Real Looks

What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

I'm thrilled to be back to share with you each (real!) outfit I wore last week.
It's been fun to take a cheeky selfie of each look as it was in action, even though I forgot a couple of times and had to improvise!

Here goes...


What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

Mondays can be tough, can't they?
The beginning of a new week.
Lots of opportunities, lots of new challenges... plenty of stress!

For me, Mondays are pretty busy.
I'm out for work (in the lab) at 8 and then back out again in the evening until 9.
It's a full and busy day but that's how I like it.

Red trousers were the order of the day.

The weather was being kind as well.
Not too many layers required.

p.s... look closely and you can see I've got a seed from my toast stuck in my tooth AND nobody told me ALL MORNING.
I looked at lunchtime and there it was, saying "Hi!".
Don't you just hate that?!

p.p.s... If we met and you had a little something going on, whether it was a seed in a tooth or lippy on your teeth or even a bat in the cave, I'd let you know.

COAT: Boden teen section (very old)
PINK JUMPER: Laura Ashley (Charity shopped and old)

{You can't see my shoes in this photo.
I'm wearing my black patent boots... see them HERE.}


What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

I was out in the BIG city on this day, having a great time.

Did you notice that I'd even made an effort with my makeup!?
Although my hair simply needed a hat plonked on it.

I'll be featuring this outfit in its own post very soon, but for now, all I need to tell you is how cosy and comfortable I was!

I'll share all the details later.

LEATHER JACKET: Vintage and charity shopped.
HAT: Older than a very old thing!


What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

This outfit was the first in my new "Outfit Thief" posts.
If you click HERE you can find out the story behind this look.

I featured it on Thursday ... see the full look HERE and find out how you can break down and recreate any look.

COAT: Asda (old)
HOODIE: So old...I'm not sure where it's from but it's been in my life for YEARS.


What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

More checks and more red!
This time a red jumper jeans instead of Monday's red trousers.
Another busy day at work.

WOOL JUMPER: Ted Baker (Charity shopped)
JEANS: Topshop (old)
BOOTS: Dr Martens
BAG: Charity shopped (same one as in friday's pink jumper outfit)
LEATHER GLOVES: charity shopped for a pound.


What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

On Friday I slept in (how does this happen over the age of 20?) and was rushing out of the door like a loon... coffee in hand.
Luckily I had an emergency outfit on my emergency hanger.

{Emergency Hanger? Eh?? Find out what I'm talking about HERE}

I had to take a quick snap outside of work to capture my outer-layers and then another at lunchtime to show you what I was wearing underneath.

COAT: Next (from last year or the year before?)
SCARF: Made by me about 10 years ago.
JEANS: Topshop (old)
TRAINERS: Puma (old and falling to bits)
JUMPER: Vintage... It's a belter! See more of it HERE.
BAG: Charity shopped.

What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

Then on Friday night, I headed off to a Bodycombat class at the gym in this garb.

(After the day I'd had I NEEDED it... BIG TIME!)

LEGGINGS: Sweaty Betty
TRAINERS: Nw Balance

What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous


Proper Gym time, a great workout and a bit of social to boot!
I lazily spent most of the day looking like THIS...
(Plus the hoodie from the Friday evening outfit)

TOP: So old I can't remember.
LEGGINGS: Sweaty betty on eBay.
TRAINERS: New Balance

What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

At night it was a belated Halloween party and I transformed from bare-faced gym bunny to this...

ENTIRE OUTFIT: Charity shopped and sewn together!
FACE MAKEUP: Muckled together from various bits and bobs around the house.

{Fun Fact: The pigment I used dyed my eye sockets and I had blue rings for two days! Someone at work told me I was looking "a bit tired"... yep, blue rings around your already dark circles is not a good look!}

What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous


Ahhhh lovely lazy Sundays!
No makeup.
Hair in a dodgy scrunchie thingy.

A cosy jumper, fleece-lined leggings and my decrepit old clogs.

JUMPER: COS (charity shopped and old)
POLO NECK: River Island
LEGGINGS: Old and the label has washed itself naked so I've no idea where they're from!

What I Wore This Week | Real Outfits | Fake Fabulous

How does your real week of outfits compare to mine?
I've spent most of my time in gym leggings and jeans! 
Not exactly uber-stylish, eh?

Tuesday was probably my most pulled-together day.
What day last week did you look YOUR most stylish?
What about your 'sloppiest' day?
I'd love to know!



  1. WOW so many fabulous outfits Samantha - the icing on the cake was the Halloween outfit!! But oh no to the blue rings around your eyes... you must have been cursing yourself to discover that the makeup stained your skin, LOL ;)

    I especially love the fact that Tartan Time has come back around... I love your tartan coat, plus the neon jacket is a beauty on you.

    Please don't stop these posts!!

    Catherine x

    1. Thank you so much Catherine... for popping by AND for your kind comment.
      I LOVE dressing up and all of that jazz, especially the makeup!
      My stained eye sockets were hilarious!

  2. I also love the tartan coat and the skull scarf that you are wearing with it. And that lime jacket - WOW. Lise

    1. Thank you so much Lise.
      The scarf is one I borrowed from my daughter and 'forgot' to give back!! Hahahaha

  3. PS: My week outfits are very similar to yours :) In the cold weather, lots of jeans, turtlenecks, puffer - but pulled together with nice jewellery, bag, boots and some make-up. Lise

  4. I always feel like my collection of weekly outfits is sort of schizophrenic - some days I'm all The Lady, in dress and cardigan and neat loafers, and others I'm in jeans and sneakers. MY workdays are all so different and I have to dress accordingly. And if it's going to RAIN, I go for Super Schlub.

    1. Hahahaha... I feel like that too Bettye!
      It depends on our mood, doesn't it?

  5. I enjoy these posts about Real Life, about your busy Monday or how you had to dress up in a rush. It makes everything more interesting and more related to my own Real Life ;D. I love your checkered coats (both are fab!) and love the red trousers and the lime green jacket and all the scarves and accessories!.

    1. Thank you so much Monica.
      As a teen I always assumed that we al get more organised as we grow up.... hahahaha... WRONG!
      I can still sleep in like a teenage boy :oP

  6. I love these posts! I particularly love the tartan coat with your red pants. My work outfits need to be dressed down, with minimal jewelry (I drive a school bus) and to ensure warm feet always, I rely mostly on my collection of Uggs, and Ugg knockoffs. As an aside, I woke up late this morning, and had to wear the emergency outfit!

    1. Yay for the emergency outfit!
      It's saved my bacon a few times too.
      Thank you for reminding my that my hanger needs a restock. :o)

  7. I love your Hallowe'en outfit, Samantha! Well done on pulling that together with what you had! I had a similar issue with my aqua make-up last Hallowe'en - I ended up having to use olive oil to remove it!

    1. I tried that Sheila... all removers, oils, the lot but NO WAY was it budging.
      I think it was the natural shedding of skin cells that got rid of it.
      Crazy stuff!

  8. You're going to laugh that I noticed that seed between your teeth right away (it must be the retired dentist in me...) AND I would have told you for sure!!!
    Love this,

  9. Always so fabulous, Samantha! I love all your bright colors. So much cheer in your outfit choices. And I totally would tell you if you had a seed in your teeth or a bat in the cave!


  10. What a fab selection of outfits Samantha. And how amazing was your Hallowe'en outfit?!!!! You always look so stylish and "pulled together" so this was a treat to see so many of your outfits in one post xxx


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