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Friday, 1 November 2019

What I REALLY Wore This Week | 7 Genuine OOTDS!

This post is a little bit different!

After an email 'chat' with a lovely reader (plus a few comments here and there on other posts), I'm trying something new and I'd love to hear your opinion on it.

Let's cut to the chase shall we?...

It was suggested to me (and I had been thinking about it for a while) that on top of my usual outfit posts, I should share an 'outfit diary' of what I REALLY wear during a typical week.

7 real outfits for real life.

Not just billowing fantasy ballgowns on random Wednesday afternoons!
(Although that sounds like fun.)

Do people really want to know the truth?
Are blogs and bloggers OOTDs simply an escape into another world?
A world removed from the (sometimes harsh) realities of life?

We all know that certain outfits from some fashion bloggers are pure fantasy.
Often including pieces we could never afford.

"OOTD" posts sometimes involve ridiculous looks that would never work in real life.
No one runs around town in 5-inch stilettos and 10 feet of tulle in the depths of winter do they?
Maybe they do... but certainly not where I live.

Don't get me wrong here, I've nothing against outfit posts like these.
In fact, I quite enjoy them.
A little like the Fashion pages of Vogue... enjoyable escape.

We know that some blogger outfits are created because the blogger is promoting certain pieces for brand sponsorship.
I have no problem with that and I've done it myself.
(We all have to earn our crust don't we?)

Some outfits are created just for the sake of it... a pretty picture, a mood, a statement.
Creativity needs to be expressed and released after all!

I think we've all spotted the empty handbag or the fold marks from a hastily unpacked and photographed piece, haven't we?

I've even spotted a swing-tag from a piece used on a blog before it's inevitable return to the shop.
Have you?

Some outfits are fantasy BUT still a great inspiration.
Colour combinations, pattern mixing, mood.

Some are just pretty to look at.
Some are laugh-out-loud ridiculous.

However, the outfits I love the best are REAL (or at least feel real).

So, today I'm sharing my real 'outfit diary'.

This format might end up being a one-off OR it might become an ongoing feature.

It all depends on you!

Does this kind of post interest you?
If you want to see more please leave a comment.
A simple"Yes" will do nicely!

Or DM me on Instagram.
Or drop me an email (

If you'd rather I kept my dodgy mobile snaps and boring details of my daily life to myself then please send me a "No thanks Sam.".
Don't worry, I won't be offended!

{Disclaimer: Excuse the sometimes (aka: Mostly!) dodgy phone photos... it's real-life people!}


Real OOTD | Fake fabulous

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous

Monday morning's work outfit.
This photo was taken early bells as I was heading out of the door to work.
(Thank goodness my face is fuzzed out a little for your own protection!)

You can even see my big black bag of work snacks.
I love to break my day up into eating opportunities... no boring food allowed.
Work is hard enough without miserable break times too.


No lab work for me today but still plenty to do as I work from home as well as run errands.
This outfit saw me through a busy day and even made it onto my "real" camera for blog photographs.
I blogged about it on Thursday.
Yep, me too!

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous


Ahhh Wednesday.
What a cracking day!
It's another day I work from home and venture out for errands and appointments.
The sun was shining and it felt like the perfect autumn weather.
I LOVED wearing this outfit.
It also made it onto my camera and I'll post about it soon.

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous


Another Lab day, so more comfy shoes and removable layers.

The lab gets hot, cold, tepid or BALTIC depending on where you are working so layers are key.

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous


Friday was a cold one!
Layers were (again) key.
Another Lab workday, so more of that Thursday-outfit vibe.
This time I left my gigantic, chocolate stuffed food bag on the step because it was so heavy I was standing lopsided.
You can tell it's Friday... I'm looking even more tired than normal.
Luckily my face is a bit fuzzy.
Be grateful for that!

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous


Saturday mornings are time for the gym and a catch up with friends.
I love the relaxed feeling of a Saturday morning.

Occasionally I work on a Saturday morning (in the lab) and I REALLY hate missing my normal routine.

After a gym session (and a good chin-wagging session) we go for a quick rummage around the local charity shop.
It's conveniently situated next door to the gym.
Don't mind if I do!

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous

Saturday night involved a little bit of dress-up.
It's not a proper full-on costume (that's happening this weekend) just a nod to that spooky vibe.
We had a house full of gamers (board gamers not Fortnite players 😛).
We ate, drank and had a great time!

Real OOTD | Fake fabulous


Ahhh Sunday.
Nowhere to go.
Lots of loafing to do!

I'm not sure I should show you this outfit.
When I use the word 'outfit' I'm being VERY generous!

It's basically a pair of velvet joggers and a sloppy jumper.
My husband laughs at my sloppy looks.

"If only your blogging friends could see you now Mrs Glam!"

Haha... well now you can! 



  1. I always enjoy seeing "real" outfits, but I feel that your stylings are always real and down to earth. Enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! Reading this comment makes me very happy.... Thank you for visiting. Xxx

  2. Yes! Particularly love Fridays' outfit. These pics are real and down-to-earth. I want to see these and the more styled ones - am I greedy? :) And your Sunday outfit looks very similar to what I am wearing right now (Saturday morning). ha-ha. Lise

    1. Haha hahaha.... Thank you so much Lise! I appreciate your feedback. My husband shakes his head at some of my slopping about 'outfits'. I'm glad I'm not alone!! 😁 Xxx

  3. Yes!! Great idea, really enjoyed this post :)

  4. Yes! I find I get so much more inspiration from "real life" outfits than I do the more grand and stylized. I recently started doing something similar ("workday wardrobe" - no one needs to see me hanging in my nightgown all weekend!) and it's gotten a good response...and I like doing it!


    1. That's brilliant Bettye. I'm sure people are more interested in real work looks than pj's BUT photographing my 'sloppys' might stop me being overly lazy on my lazy days.... I hope that makes sense 😉 Xxx

  5. I love seeing what people wear "in real life"!

  6. I love this post! And it’s motivating to see your ‘real’ look is so similar to your ‘fancy blog’ look. I am getting weary of so many blogs that are just styling something they receive from a sponsor, instead of letting us see an everyday stylish inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment!
      I appreciate the feedback.

  7. Yes definitely, loved seeing these. I'm another greedy reader, and would like to see both! Su

  8. Love this post. Your sense of style shines in these shots as it does in your regular posts. I think your “lounging” outfit is adorable. Mine are much more “relaxed” (pj’s). When I wear a particularly “relaxed” outfit, I always remind my husband that he married a trophy wife.

    P.S. Can you never look even remotely bad?? ��

    1. Hahahaha... you are generous Kathleen.
      I have worn many bad outfits and many of those are on the blog somewhere!!
      Have a look at some of my older posts :oP

  9. Nice bags! Goes with outfits, they look like bags you would get from Elle&shine? Or you've had them for a while.

  10. The only thing that I see that is different is your lack of make-up. I am a bit naïeve and think that every blogger looks daily how she looks on the blog. Well I do!

    1. I don't really wear much makeup for work (in the lab) Nancy but I feel that I need some lippy from time to time.
      By Friday I'm lucky to have found my mascara and my hairbrush!! Hahahaha

  11. I loved this Sam!
    How fun to see that you are every bit the "effortless, everyday fashion gal" as the rest of us.
    Revealing something of your day to day looks makes you loveable in a whole new way.
    Yes to this new approach. Perhaps interspersed as YOU like!

    1. Thank you Judy!
      You are always so generous with your comments ... and I feel your support despite the geographical distance between us.
      You're a lovely lady.

  12. I enjoyed this! As an OOTD blogger, I post everything and I always have worn them out in public, to shop, brunch, work, theatre, whatever. I don't post my "wear around the house" clothes, but they are always warm (holey cashmere) and lots of layers.

    Rock on, Samantha!

    1. Holey Cashmere?
      I love that!! and I"m with you there Sheila.
      You are a true OOTD style queen!

  13. I really enjoy your outfits and love to see what's happening in a daily basis with different routines and how you have to addapt your outfit to different conditions. That's Real Life also for me, going from the cold outside, to an overheated office or freezing archive.
    I'm loving particularly your Thursday and Friday outfits, probably because of the red jacket and the cute scarves, and all the mixed prints that look so cool!.
    Your coats are fabulous!
    Lovely to see you even in your lounging clothes! ;DDDD

    1. Thank you Monica.
      I think I have more coats and jackets than any other individual item, for example trousers or jumpers.
      I've just had a quick count and Yes, that's definitely true!!
      Coats are such a HUGE part of life here in Scotland. Some days the coat doesn't come off and it is more of an outfit than the outfit itself!


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