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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Layered Knits * Styling a Poncho in Winter

Layered knits | Styling a Poncho and a Hat, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm cosying up in some layered winter knits.

This is certainly not a particularly modern or edgy look BUT it's full of personality and fun.

{Albeit the personality of Clint Eastwood according to my husband!}

Layered knits | Styling a Poncho and a Hat, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This is quite a traditional and classic layered outfit.

Warm, cosy and comfortable.
Easy to wear.
Nothing too brash, flash or in-yer-face.
No awkward colours to contend with.
A soft and simple muted palette of colours.

{I know my gloves, bag, boots and belt don't match BUT that's the look I wanted. Tone on tone and a bit of a mix.}

Of course, I'm layered up here...

Top half:

  • Hat
  • Bra top
  • Fine silk camisole
  • Brushed thermal long-sleeved top
  • Fine polo neck (just visible)
  • Thick Wool Jumper
  • Poncho/cape
  • Gloves, belt (essential to trap heat) and wristwarmers

Bottom half:

  • Underwear
  • Brushed Thermal footless tights
  • Trousers
  • Cotton socks
  • Wool Socks
  • Leather boots

For such a simple outfit this was certainly a head-turner.

I think it's the hat's fault!

Hats are not as popular as Instagram (and shop-fronts) would have you believe.
I haven't seen another person in a hat like mine.
Come to think of it, apart from beanies, knitted headbands and skip caps, hats are a rare breed!

I loved wearing this hat.
It kept me warm and kept the low winter sun out of my eyes.

(What a wonderful complaint to have!)

Wearing a hat gives off a great air of confidence.
A brilliant tip if (like me) you're sometimes lacking in that department.

Anything that makes people think..." Blimey, she must be really confident to wear that"... is a winner for me!

Layered knits | Styling a Poncho and a Hat, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I'd love to hear your thoughts on knitted ponchos and /or capes.
Too 'Clint Eastwood-ish'?
Too old-fashioned?
OR Timeless and Classic?

I'd love to know what you think!

WOOL JUMPER: Mint Velvet (see it styled HERE)
LEATHER BELT: (see it styled HERE)
WOOL HAT: M&S (very old... see it HERE)
COTTON TROUSERS: White Stuff (charity shopped)
LEATHER BOOTS: Over 15 years old (I think!) form eBay (see them HERE)
LEATHER BAG: Charity shopped

BTW... I can't recommend Mint Velvet for their knits. 
This jumper doesn't wash well (it goes all misshapen and lumpy) AND it madly sheds fibres.
It's like a snowstorm of white fluff on every surface.
I even had one in my eye! 
For the money Mint Velvet charge, they should be giving us better quality.
This jumper was a gift but I wouldn't buy any of their pieces again.



  1. I wore my grey poncho this week and it was so cozy! Love this... Still thinking about getting a fall hat for those bad hair days: it adds such a nice touch of flair and style!

    1. Oh gosh, Yes!
      That's the main reason I wear a hat :o)
      I have more bad hair days than not to be honest. XXX

  2. I love the mix of tones, it works so well. Shame about that jumper, you expect to get good quality if you pay more! Nice to hear you wear wrist warmers too, new to me but I love mine. Jacqui
    Thanks for adding to the #linkup

    1. Oh I love a wrist warmer Jacqui! :o)
      This jumper was a MASSIVE disappointment. Especially to my husband who'd bought it for me and spent a lot of money on it.
      I have tried to wear it many times BUT it's just unwearable and covers my house in white hairs.

  3. I LOVE this look, Samantha! It's a nice subtle mix of colour and texture, but the larger-than-life overall style is what elevates it out of the ordinary. The belted poncho is genius (you are the Woman With No Name!). Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  4. Such a fabulous stylish! I love the burgundy accents, and the hat looks so good on you! I agree that hats give off an air of confidence, I love wearing them. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  5. such a lovely outfit! You look elegant, stylish in those subtle shades and also cosy!. And you picked some fab accessorizing, brilliant!. Love your hat!
    I'm admiring that you wear all those layers and look comfortable and chic! Amazing!

  6. Splendid!!! I've always loved the "vibe" of a traditional poncho and think of them as a large scarf! They add interest, texture, sophistication and guts to an outfit. You have achieved timeless, beautifully monochromatic . layering. LOVE IT SAM!!

  7. Oops! That was me, Jude!


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