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Thursday, 14 November 2019

How to Copy a Street Style Outfit in REAL life * Red and Leopard

How to copy and outfit and make it your own | Fake Fabulous

I'm back with part two of my 'OUTFIT thief' series and there's a little bit of colour (and pattern) to play with this time around.

I've started this series off simply but as we progress things will heat up a little!

The first 'OUTFIT thief' look was VERY simple and monochromatic.

In that blog post, I also shared a few tips and tricks to help you 'steal' any look.
These steps are easy to follow.

TIP: Recreating a look you admire is fun and there is (usually) no need to spend a penny.
That old cliché; "Shop your wardrobe" works a charm!

Here is Today's outfit inspiration:


1. The Feeling

The overall feeling (or vibe) of this outfit is smart-casual and quirky.


BUT, despite all of that, she is still elegant, chic and feminine.
Classic basics with a twist.

That's a lot to take on board in one look.

Creating a casual but edgy look is my idea of the perfect outfit!

2. The Shape

The overall shape of this look is loose and casual.

There is nothing tightly fitted or clinging in this outfit.
Oversized and subtly skimming lines are the order of the day.
A very flattering silhouette.

She looks slightly androgynous with masculine lines but the shoes are uber-feminine, delicate and sexy.

Having said that...
Those shoes look incredibly uncomfortable AND are as good as useless for a Scottish autumn/winter day.
They've got to go ASAP!

TIP: An androgynous silhouette, like this one, can be tricky to pull off if you're a more curvy lady.
(This woman must either be very tall and/or very slim with small hips)

If you have a little more up top or a rounded bottom consider belting your blazer (or jacket) to show off your curves.
It's a simple trick but works like a charm.

TIP: For all of you petite ladies: Don't allow your jacket to swamp you.
Oversized styles still need to be cut for a petite frame.
AND always cuff your trouser hems.
I know it might seem counter-intuitive BUT it really works to lengthen those pins.

3. The colour mood

The colour mood is light and bright with a punkish vibe.
She's wearing a red tartan jacket, a leopard top and light coloured jeans.

I have a great tartan wool reefer coat (see it HERE) but the colour didn't feel bold enough so I opted for a plain jacket in a bolder orangey-red.
It has a punchier feel which is great in colder weather.
Bright colours always work better than black when it's chilly... in my opinion anyway!

I don't own a leopard polo neck BUT I do have a leopard print jumper which did the job nicely.

(It is SO warm and cosy. Exactly what I needed.)

My jeans are darker in colour (and not as straight cut as hers) but they're the best I could do.

I do have baggy light denim jeans BUT they're low waisted and this jumper is slightly cropped.
I refuse to have a bare midriff at 45.
Sorry if I offend anyone, but I think it looks a bit tacky no matter how toned your tum is.
I even draw the line at a bare tum at the gym.
No one needs to see my crinkly bits, do they?!

I've also tied a small nude scarf around my neck to keep the wintery chill out... she isn't wearing one but I really needed it!

(Don't be fooled by that sunshine.)

TIP: Tweak the colour palette to suit your best/favourite colours.
If browns are not your friend opt for grey-based leopard print and swap out the warm orangey-reds for a cooler blue-toned red or burgundy.

How to copy and outfit and make it your own | Fake Fabulous

4. The styling Tweaks

She's using a few subtle tweaks here to elevate her look.

1. Her hair is tucked into her polo neck.

This tweak is not for me at all.
For one, my hair isn't long enough.
Second, when my hair was long I couldn't bear to have it tucked into anything!

However, it does look very cool and effortless if you can pull it off... or stand the feeling of hair tucked in at your neck.

2. Her ankles (and entire foot) are exposed in super-feminine shoes.

Her shoes look amazing...


Time for a reality check here.
If I was wearing a strappy sandal with a bare foot/ankle I would definitely be losing a digit or two.
PLUS, I'd be crippled in her shoes.

They look like A.G.O.N.Y.

Having said that I still wanted to keep that light-coloured feeling on the feet so I chose my silver ankle boots and cosy socks as a compromise.

3. Her manicure is pale, short and modern.

Again, my manicure (or lack of it) is irrelevant here as I need gloves to protect my hands from the bitter cold so I ignored this hack!

Feel free to copy her short-nailed style, she looks great.

4. She's wearing super chunky gold earrings.

Hmmm... I don't know if it's just me BUT big metallic earrings in the colder months really hurt my lobes when I'm outside.
They feel oddly stretched and chilled.
SO I ignored this element too and wore a non-trendy pair of small studs.

How to copy and outfit and make it your own | Fake Fabulous

My version of this look is certainly not a carbon copy of hers but I have taken inspiration from her and made it my own.
My version suits my lifestyle and climate.
PLUS, there was no shopping required!
That's a big win for me.

If there is a certain look you'd like me to steal I'd love to hear about it!
Leave me a message, send me an email or DM me on Instagram.
(Find out how to contact me HERE)
I LOVE hearing from you!

JEANS: Topshop (old)
BOOTS: Topshop (old)... see them styled HERE and HERE.
BAG: Charity shopped

How to copy and outfit and make it your own | Fake Fabulous



  1. Such a fun look! And while I can see that her look inspired yours, the two look really different, not like you "copied" her.

    And I must commend you on your silver ankle boots :-) Those are FIERCE!!!


    1. They are different Bettye... Very much so! Hahahaha... I think being inspired is cool but click-buy-assemble dressing isn't so much! I'm so glad you like my silver boots. They're not the most practical but always brighten up an outfit. Xxx

  2. I hope you will keep on doing this series. I love it! Perhaps something to do with other bloggers????

    1. Thank you so much Nancy... I'm thrilled that you're enjoying it!! 😘

  3. I like your look more than I like hers.

  4. Ouch, her toes look like they are being cheese-wired off! Much prefer your sparkly boots.

    I'd love to see your 'steal' on the long pleated skirt and baggy jumper look. I tried it but look like a billowing jellyfish (I'm 5'1''). Can it work on anyone who isn't nine feet tall...? Sx

    1. They do don't they Sarah!! Hahahaha... Agony.
      I will definitely look for a pleated skirt fluffy jumper combo.
      5 feet 1 is no barrier to midis. My eldest daughter is 4 feet 11 and rocks midi dresses and culottes etc.(no heels either) The secret is getting them hemmed to the right length. A too-long midi can swamp but a sweet-spot midi is elongating and delightfully feminine. X

  5. What a great looking outfit you've made from the inspiration outfit. I took one look at those sandals and was all "NOPE". I swear my toes curled up just looking at them! I love your silver booties. This is an awesome outfit!

  6. What a fabulous outfit! I love how you take an idea/inspiration and bring it to your own style and make it 'weather appropriate'. Sensible shoes are a must for me and yours are so cool!, silver booties rock!.
    Love that you keep the vibe with your red jacket and leopard top and picked such right accessories (that bag looks fab!).


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