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Saturday, 30 November 2019

How to Copy a Catwalk Look with No shopping!

How to copy a Catwalk Look | No shopping needed | Fake Fabulous

On today's Outfit Thief I'm taking inspiration straight from the catwalk.
The outfit in question is from Lanvin's AW19 show.

Of course, I'm not exactly copying the look because I don't own any Lanvin pieces and I don't intend to do any shopping.

I'm using the Lanvin inspiration to recreate an outfit that uses pieces I already own and also (more importantly) suits me and my life.

Here's my style inspiration:

How to copy a Catwalk Look | No shopping needed | Fake Fabulous

This Outfit is from the Lanvin 2019 AW collection so it's (relatively) hot off the catwalk and certainly relevant for this season.
I love everything about it.
The colour palette.
The bold shapes.
The richness of the mix of fabrics.
Even the model herself is taking my breath away.

I wish I could head to Lanvin and buy the whole shooting match but that's not happening so let's take this outfit to pieces and make it our own!

There are 4 BASIC elements of any look:

1. The Feeling 
When I say "Feeling" I mean the overall Vibe or Mood of a look.

The vibe of this look (for me) is County glam.
There is an outdoorsy mood... despite not being very practical for outdoor life!

There is also a smartness to the look but it still feels effortless and casual.
It's screaming "quality fabrics!" too, isn't it?


No flashy or brash branding just a luxe look.

2. The Shape
I love the shape of this outfit.
The slim-fitting bottom half and the oversized (and layered) top half.
There is softness from the tartan fabrics BUT structure from the jacket, especially with that nipped-in area under the bust.

I'm also drawn to the sexiness brought by the bare skin at the decollete.
A beautiful touch, especially with that choker.

3. The Colour Mood
Oh, my giddy Aunt!
These colours are driving me crazy... I LOVE them!

That rich autumnal palette.
The delightful tartans.
Those cosy and comforting shades that blend together so effortlessly.
Silky smooth styling.
Like a warm colour hug!

The colour mood is my favourite element.

4. The Styling Tweaks
Ah, those subtle little "somethings" that make any outfit look AMAZING.

Here there is that subtly sexy oversized blazer that has been nipped in at the narrowest part of the body and is showing just a little skin at the chest.
The casually draped cape and wrapped skirt over those skinny trousers.
The contrasting and grounding black textured ankle boot.
A delight all round!

It's the little things that make the BIGGEST difference.
How to copy a Catwalk Look | No shopping needed | Fake Fabulous
How to copy a Catwalk Look | No shopping needed | Fake Fabulous

How I made it my own:

Let's start with the star of the show (for me), her jacket.

My jacket isn't rust (or oversized) BUT because the other elements of my look are tonally different it works well for the outfit I'm wearing.

Her colour palette is much richer and warmer than mine.
My colours are clearer and cooler.
(Much as I prefer her palette I have to work with what I have.)

You could wear any double-breasted blazer you own in whatever colour you like.
You could also wear a tartan one if you're lucky enough to own one!

To get those mixed tartan vibes I'm wearing a tartan dress and a wool scarf.
Both in different patterns which I'm loving.
The scarf is pinned at my hip with a cute little brooch and didn't move at all.

You could simply drape a different tartan scarf around your neck.
Perhaps securing it with a belt?

The skinny brown trousers were tricky to copy as I don't own any BUT I decided to wear my long light tan boots instead.
I would have loved to have worn some skinny trousers and black ankle boots but it was a no-go.
With hindsight I wish I'd worn black ankle boots and popped on some skinny jeans instead BUT hey ho... we can't win them all can we?

Now for the big reality checks.
Bare chests and Scottish winters don't go together very well.
(Unless you're looking for a chest infection or pneumonia?)
My dress comes up to the neck and that's the way it had to be.
I've also popped on a polo neck... needs must!

The next reality check is the need for a hat, gloves and handbag.
Bare skin and nowhere to put my purse is not an option.

I had so much fun recreating this outfit however I must tell you that when I went out I put a heavy navy wool coat over the top of everything and wrapped the scarf around my neck the good old-fashioned way.
I was simply too cold for such drapery!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Outfit.
Would you wear it?
What about the boots?
Do you think I should have gone for the black?
Have your say by leaving a comment or get in touch HERE.



  1. Love your look as well, also loving your duplicating styles with the clothing you already have....just a little effort and imagination!

  2. I'm really enjoying your recreations, and I've been inspired to re-recreate the looks from my own closet. Not slavishly copying, but thinking about the mood, color and pattern combining is a fun exercise. Thank you for making me look at the things in my closet in a fresh way!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that.
      Thank you for this lovely comment... it made my day! XXX

  3. I think the message about getting the feel of the outfit is bang-on, Samantha! It's more important than matching the elements. I love the mix of tartans and your wonderful red blazer in your outfit.

    1. Thank you so much Sheila! This red blazer is surprising versatile... I wonder if you ever find this with pieces that (on paper) should be difficult to style but end up being really useful. XXX

  4. Love your look even better then the Lanvine one!

  5. Both your looks are stunning! The focal point for me, of both, is the wonderful pattern mixing in the plaids - and your look is certainly equal to hers in that respect!

    I love thinking about what I can take from the runway looks to create my own outfits...and I find it is usually color and pattern as I don't have any avant-garde shapes hanging in my closet these days (ha, as if I ever did). But color and pattern are fun enough for me to play with!

    Great look, Samantha!


    1. I agree Bettye!
      The colour element of any look is the most interesting and fun for me too. XXX

  6. I love your outfit and love the way you squeeze all the elements of an outfit and use them to create something so genuinely You and Fabulous!. So inspiring!
    Obviously, I love the red jacket and all those plaids working together!, love all those reds looking fab with burgundy accessories and love the autumn light enhancing everything!. Gorgeous!


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