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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Satin Vintage Skirt & Teddy Coat | Autumn Outfit

Vintage 90s skirt, Teddy Coat and Cosy Layers | Autumn Outfit Inspiration

This outfit is perfect for a COLD Scottish autumn day... like today!
Loads of cosy layers and a really autumnal-feeling colour palette.

Vintage 90s skirt, Teddy Coat and Cosy Layers | Autumn Outfit Inspiration

Today I'm wearing a vintage (early 90s) skirt that I have had since I was a teen!
I used to love this skirt back in the day and I still love it now.
It makes me happy to see satin skirts and dresses on-trend.
They've been so popular all summer and seem to be hanging around this autumn too.

It makes me even HAPPIER to know that no one else will be wearing this particular satin skirt.
It's unique and I just love that!

Vintage 90s skirt, Teddy Coat and Cosy Layers | Autumn Outfit Inspiration

This skirt has all of the issues that ANY bias-cut satin skirt (or dress) will have.

I used to wear it with chunky DM's, a teeny cropped camisole and no bra.
Ahhh... those were the days!

Unfortunately, that fashion ship left port a LONG TIME ago.
Satin is not the most forgiving (or flattering) of fabrics at the best of times, let alone after having babies!

Bias cut is probably THE most unflattering cut... unless you have a perfectly smooth curvy body of course!
(Anyone?!?... nope, me neither.)

Having said all of that I still love wearing both satin and bias-cut clothes.
Let the fashion police arrest me, I don't care!

Vintage 90s skirt, Teddy Coat and Cosy Layers | Autumn Outfit Inspiration

I've made this satin skirt very easy to wear (and autumn appropriate) by popping a chunky knit over the top... plus a few unseen layers underneath of course!
Belting my jumper helps to highlight my shape PLUS adding a belt helps trap warm air and keeps you warmer.

Cosy tights were an obvious choice and these tough buckle boots were a perfect match!

Adding a classic beret, leather gloves and a simple bag finished things off nicely.

TEDDY JACKET: Next (last year's)
WOOL BERET: Older than time itself!
WOOL JUMPER: Vintage AND charity shopped.
LEATHER BELT: River Island (old)
LEATHER BAG: Charity shopped
LEATHER GLOVES: Charity shopped for a pound!

Vintage 90s skirt, Teddy Coat and Cosy Layers | Autumn Outfit Inspiration



  1. Samantha!
    I love everything about this style, the colours are glorious, and the best thing is that nothing is new!
    Congratulations I know how hard it is not to buy new, respect to you!
    Ashley xx

  2. What a fantastic colour palette, Samantha! I love that you still have your old skirt and are wearing it! I agree, bias cut is so hard to wear, but it really is pretty.

    1. Bias cut is SO unforgiving isn't it Sheila? Hahahaha.
      Thank you so much! X

  3. That is so fantastic that you have that skirt for such a long time. And it is a stunner with those beautiful autumn colors. Love the Teddy too!

    1. Thank you Nancy. I have 4 items from my youth... This skirt an embroidered corset top, a beaded choker necklace and a pair of boots. I love them all but the corset is VERY 90s... And really hard to restyle in a modern way. I'll hide my time though. Maybe one day. X

  4. I loove this outfit. All my 90's skirts were short and now I wish I had bought longer ones for repurposing. I adore the sweater and belt too. I'm a sucker for a chunky knit and the funnel neck is perfect!

    1. Oh blimey me too Jennifer! I can't walk past a chunky knit.... Vintage wool ones are the best. Once you wash out the odd smell they all inevitably have of course!! Hahaha 😁. Xxx

  5. lovely outfit, those autumnal shades look so warm and your cosy jumper and teddy coat make it totally lovely!. And you rock your satin clothes, they add such a luxurious texture!


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