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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

I've Found My Classic Leather Trousers! Autumn Outfit

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I've been searching for a classic pair of leather trousers for a while now.
I wanted a pair with no trendy elements such as: paper bag waists, skinny legs, lacing, fancy buttons or other superfluous details.
Just a classic, straight-cut, mid-rise pair of leather trousers.
Easy right?
It's harder than you think to find something plain and classic these days.
Whether it's leather trousers or a plain black dress.
Everything seems to have a little something 'extra' attached to it.

Why are companies spending money on extra details when they should be concentrating (at least some of their efforts) on getting the quality basics right?
It's frustrating.

It took a while to find these trousers but here they are and I'm chuffed to bits!

Of course, these trousers were second hand.
You may be aware that I'm not shopping for anything new for 3 months, maybe longer if it works out.
It's for environmental and human rights issues that I'm doing it but other people seem to be doing it too.
I'm all for saving money and decreasing my impact on the environment.
If anyone wants to join me, whatever your motivation, then that's fantastic!

So, no new leather trousers for me...
Good job too as new leather trousers are incredibly expensive.
Luckily we have plenty of secondhand options open to us, don't we?

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I'm finding that almost everything I'm looking for can be bought secondhand or pre-loved.
With the exception of underwear and gym gear.

{I'm trying to avoid 'plastic' based (non-biodegradable) fabrics in favour of natural fibres but with some items, these technologies are almost impossible to avoid.}

Anything with a high lycra (or elastane) content tends to go baggy and saggy with use and age.
Baggy leggings and bras are not a great buy or a good look!

Having said that I'm finding a lot of people selling new, or 'worn once' items that would otherwise be going to waste.
So if I find those I snap them up!
You can also find new pieces in charity shops.
In fact, you can find ANYTHING if you put your mind to it... it just takes a little more effort to shop.

Back to these leather trousers and this outfit.

So, I've found my leather trousers.
Pre-loved and worn in.
Soft as butter.
Fully lined.
Comfortable and classic.
Oh, and did I mention they only cost me £15?
That's a price tag I can live with!

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I'm styling them simply today with a cream wool jumper and a pair of chunky patent boots.

It has come to my attention that leather trousers could pose a problem when it comes to shoe choices.
Picking a shoe to pair with a leather trouser can be tricky.
I've gone for patent leather and I think a contrast of some kind is a good idea.
Whether that contrast comes with the colour, pattern or texture.
Mixing up colours and textures will always look great.

I considered classic white trainers, which would look fresh and modern.
Patterned boots (like my leopard pair) could work well too.
I also have a pair of lace boots that might make a nice partner for these trousers.
Velvet would make a luxurious looking outfit.
There are so many options now I've thought about it!

Please let me know what shoes you would wear with these trousers.

(The obvious classic biker boots and stiletto pumps aside.)

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

LEATHER TROUSERS: Second hand from eBay
LEATHER BOOTS: Vagabond (old)
WOOL JUMPER: Boden (past season... bought on sale)
BAG: A gift
LEATHER BELT: River Island (old)




  1. Beautiful combination with the soft wool jumper and your wild hairdo. A pair of dark red leather boots would probably be my choice. A good pair of leather trousers can be so hard to come by. I have had a few but they dont fit any more (oops, or did they shrunk?) :-D

    1. Hahahaha... I love that Joze!
      I especially LOVE how you summed my hair up perfectly... WILD :o)

  2. I love it! can't wait to see these re-appear in future outfit posts. I filled almost my entire closet with re-sale things. It's hard to believe how many new or barely used things I have found on re-sale websites. Gorgeous handbags are my favorite finds- since there is no chance they won't fit right.

    1. It's astonishing isn't it Lorraine!
      I am always amazed when "new with tags" items that crop up at my local charity shops and online.
      There are so many clothes hanging in wardrobes unworn and unloved.
      At least we are giving a few things a new lease of life!

  3. Hooray for black leather pants - I just wore mine last week ( Mine are high-waisted (love that, no muffin-top), fully lined, straight-leg, and thick, gorgeous leather, for only $35.00 (about 20 Euros). Unbelievable. They would have been $500+ new!

    Love these fab trousers on you, Samantha! And way to go, shopping second-hand!

    1. Thank you Sheila!
      I'm a bit short waisted for high waisted leather.
      I feel it shortens my waist even more and accentuates my little pot belly (or mum tum!)
      Your's look amazing and what a BARGAIN!!!!!!

  4. I love these trousers!, they fit you like a dream, look great quality and tick all the boxes! and are second hand (of course!). What a lucky find!
    Lovely combo with those patent boots, I'd also love them with leopard shoes/boots, they will rock for sure!, very rock&roll chic!

    1. I'm wearing them with my leopard boots this weekend Monica!
      Good shout :o)

  5. Love your "new" trousers, Samantha. I have a similar pair from 2013. Every year I am grateful that I bought them way back then... I almost didn't. I kept thinking... leather pants... on me... an my age??? And then I bought them anyway.

    1. Never too old Sue!
      I'm coming round to the fact that as long as your flesh isn't oozing out of clothes then anything goes.
      Modern times are so liberating... 50 years ago we would both be in beige and sensible skirts.
      More leather please!!

  6. Beige and sensible skirts? Us? Never!
    You look fab in this outfit. Classy and "didn't try hard at all" look.
    Hmmm... Did they ever make bootcut leather pants? I'm going to search. ;-)


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