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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Do you want Mustard with that? Autumn Outfit

Mustard shift dress, leopard boots & Checked coat | Autumn Outfit

Mustard (and other shades of yellow) are still big news this Autumn and into the Winter season.
Geat news for me as I have this mustard dress to restyle this season.

Perfect if you picked up some mustard pieces earlier in the year.
Mustard shift dress, leopard boots & Checked coat | Autumn Outfit

Mustard goes beautifully with all of those classic autumnal shades.
  • Bottle green.
  • Most shades of brown.
  • Burgundy, plum and other rich reds.
  • Soft beige and cream.
  • Most shades of grey.
Today I'm wearing a mustard dress with a checked coat.
A traditional and classic outfit.
Traditional and classic are not two words I normally associate with my personal style but I need not worry!
Adding a few individual details makes it easy to switch a potentially sombre outfit into a unique and personal look.

Mustard shift dress, leopard boots & Checked coat | Autumn Outfit

For me, adding leopard boots is always a good idea, no matter what the other items in your outfit consist of.
Leopard is a neutral after all... isn't it?

{ANSWER: Yes, of course it is!!!}

Big earring and a hair clip finished things off nicely.

Disclaimer time: I'm not normally a hair clip wearer (I feel like I look a bit odd... like a geriatric schoolgirl?) BUT my hair was not behaving AT ALL this day. It was on a mission to get it's self chopped off...grrrrr. 
Therefore it was either a pretty clip and a quiff or a pair of clippers.
The clip won... for today.

Mustard shift dress, leopard boots & Checked coat | Autumn Outfit

Are you wearing mustard and yellow this season?
What colours would you pair with this mustard dress?
Would you wear a hair clip?
I'd love to know.

DRESS: Alie Street (old now but still in stock) See it HERE styled differently.
COAT: Asda... past season.
BOOTS: Old... See them HERE styled many different ways. Leopard is a neutral remember.
BAG: This season's H&M... I'm wearing this with almost every outfit for the foreseeable.


  1. I'm loving mustard yellow more and more. And I never have. But I even bought a mustard plaid sweater. Love your look, and the hair!

    1. Oh thank you Nancy... I wasn't keen but I"m glad you approve.
      Mustard is a colour that is too popular here... it's everywhere, which puts me off a bit.
      I"d love to find a dress like this one in a bold and bright daffodil yellow, :o)

  2. I have a yellow dress in my closet that I've been waiting to wear - you've inspired me to style it for this coming week. Love the plaid coat too. I'm not a hair clip gal - my hair's super slippery and most clips won't stay in.

    1. Oh... I envy your slippery hair!
      Mine grabs everything.
      If I stick it up on end it stays there without any help from hairspray.
      Imagine what a sight I am after a walk in the wind!! :o)

  3. LOVE mustard...all year round! This coat is PERFECT with the dress! And those sunglasses are super-chic, you look like a movie star!


  4. Loving the hair clip. It really shows off your amazing cheekbones. Stunning!

  5. You look great - nowhere near a "geriatric schoolgirl"! �� I thought my time for hair clips and ornaments was past, but your look was a reminder to never say 'never'. Who knows?
    Mustard yellow and its close relatives are all very jolly - you look fab in it. I'd never wear them close to my skin - t'would look awful, and I can't be bothered with makeup - but I'm playing with the idea of yellow accessories. I buy only vintage / 2nd hand unless it's a much needed basic - I can get almost anything I can imagine this way. I keep a strict "1 in, at least 1 out" policy - EXCEPT accessories. After decades of buying only black accessories, I enjoy color too much too give those away.

    1. I love that one out one in ethos.
      It keeps things nice and tidy.
      Everytime I wear something in my hair I feel a bit silly... weird isn't it?
      I've got a pink hairband/turban thingymigig on today and feel a bit of a ninny too... hahahahaha.
      But it is doing a decent job of hiding my greys so I'm rolling with it.
      I hope you give some hair accessories a go and let me know how you get on!

  6. wowww, such a lovely outfit!. Your dress and coat make a perfect combo, and your accessorizing is brilliant, love those leopard boots!
    I like mustard and yellow shades (not near my face) and love them with teal!. Yellow could be unflattering to mediterranean girls whose skins have those yellowish undertones!
    You made me laugh with the 'geriatric schoolgirl' phrase!, and obviously you don't look this way!

    1. I am tord about mustard Monica!
      My skin is certainly not mediterranean or olive but it has a pale warm undertone which feels yellow and sallow in mustard.
      I'm not sure if it's my colour at all!!
      I LOVE the idea of pairing it with teal... I'm stealing that immediately and wearing this dress with a teal jumper over the top... in fact I might wear that combo tomorrow!!
      Thank you :o)

  7. Bring on the mustard I say, and not just as a side order! Our fair skin and red hair works so well with this most lovely of yellow hues, doesn't it? And I love your addition of the leopard print boots. Perfect styling as ever my dear xxx


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