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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Autumn Re-style! Satin Slip Dress for Fall

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm re-styling my summer slip dress into a cosy autumn outfit.

Slip dresses were HUGE this summer, weren't they?
Having just said that, I realise that didn't see many people wearing them IRL where I live, BUT they were all over the internet and I know they were popular with my eldest daughter and her friends (20-something city slickers!).

I love my slip dress and I wore it loads over the summer (despite those slip dress issues!) but it feels so much easier to wear with some autumn layers.
I thought so!

Layering up seems to make the dress more flattering and more comfortable to wear.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

I've popped a vintage knit over the dress today.
It's medium weight wool and feels like a very classic cut and colour.
Adding a studded belt gives the outfit some textural interest and helped give my body some shape and definition.

Simple opaques and patent chunky boots finished things off nicely.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

This slip dress/cosy jumper combination is my favourite outfit of the season so far!
So comfortable and practical but it still feels chic and modern.

As I've said before the great thing about adding a jumper over the slip dress is that it solves all those tricky SLIP DRESS PROBLEMS... find out more HERE.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

SATIN DRESS: Zara (charity shopped AND old!) See it Styled HERE and HERE.
LEATHER BOOTS: Vagabond (old)... See them HERE, HERE and HERE.
TIGHTS: Levante... old (these tights wash and wash... money well spent!)
WOOL JUMPER: Vintage (old and charity shopped!)
LEATHER BELT: River Island (old)... see it styled HEREHERE and HERE.
GREEN BAG: H&M... See it HERE.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous


You can swap out the grey slip dress for any other colour (or pattern) of slip dress that you own.
You could also replace the dress with a satin skirt.

Any roll-neck, polo-neck or cowl-neck jumper will work too.

If it's too warm for chunky knits where you live try a textured cotton knit for the same layered look without the heat.
You can also ditch the tights and wear some open-toes booties if your climate allows.

You can also switch out the colours for ones you love.

All black looks chic.
All cream is even more elegant.
Any colour will work, as long as you love it!

Do you have a slip dress (or skirt) that you'll be restyling this autumn?
I'd love to hear how you'll be wearing yours?



  1. I always get a kick out of that. I think, oh I can't get a round straw bag, EVERYONE has a round straw bag...but in reality, I have NEVER seen one out in the world IRL, only on blogs and Instagram! The internet is truly its own little world.

    I love the look of layering over (and under!) satiny slip dresses in the cold seasons. This grey dress is gorgeous!


    1. I remember those bags too Bettye!
      And NOT A SINGLE ONE did I see in real life... even in the cities (Edinburgh and Glasgow) Not one!!!
      The shops were full of them too.
      Where do they go?
      Are they in a warehouse somewhere or landfill or the back of peoples wardrobes???
      It's bonkers isn't it?

  2. Thanks for another great styling idea Samantha! I've got a purple satin skirt that is going to get styled with various knits this fall/winter.
    I totally agree with Bettye re trends. If you like it, go for it - in most places, people don't live like those on the (web)pages of Vogue anyway. I made the straw bag trend my own by getting a unique vintage one, so double plus - both trendy and one-of-a-kind. :-)

    1. That sounds like a COOL idea Ramit!
      Making your own bag.
      I"m thinking of taking up knitting and crochet again... it's so relaxing and creative.
      A great skill.
      You've inspired me to look for an interesting pattern and some yarn.
      Thank you.

  3. great tip on wearing a slip dress in autumn!, I think that your slip dress/cosy jumper combo totally rocks!. Really comfy&cool and such a great layering!

    1. Thank you so much... layering is my favourite way to get dressed!

  4. I love restyling something for another season! Love that pretty sweater!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm making a big effort to shop less and style more :o)
      Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Sam, this is all kinds of fabulous! I love the green jumper! Such a great color. And I need a satin slip dress in my life. This silver shade is so pretty and perfect with the green. This outfit would be wonderful for the holidays. And those boots! Yes, please! Thanks so much for joining my link party this week!



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