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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Satin Vintage Skirt & Teddy Coat | Autumn Outfit

Vintage 90s skirt, Teddy Coat and Cosy Layers | Autumn Outfit Inspiration

This outfit is perfect for a COLD Scottish autumn day... like today!
Loads of cosy layers and a really autumnal-feeling colour palette.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Autumn Re-style! Satin Slip Dress for Fall

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm re-styling my summer slip dress into a cosy autumn outfit.

Slip dresses were HUGE this summer, weren't they?
Having just said that, I realise that didn't see many people wearing them IRL where I live, BUT they were all over the internet and I know they were popular with my eldest daughter and her friends (20-something city slickers!).

I love my slip dress and I wore it loads over the summer (despite those slip dress issues!) but it feels so much easier to wear with some autumn layers.
I thought so!

Layering up seems to make the dress more flattering and more comfortable to wear.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

I've popped a vintage knit over the dress today.
It's medium weight wool and feels like a very classic cut and colour.
Adding a studded belt gives the outfit some textural interest and helped give my body some shape and definition.

Simple opaques and patent chunky boots finished things off nicely.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

This slip dress/cosy jumper combination is my favourite outfit of the season so far!
So comfortable and practical but it still feels chic and modern.

As I've said before the great thing about adding a jumper over the slip dress is that it solves all those tricky SLIP DRESS PROBLEMS... find out more HERE.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous

SATIN DRESS: Zara (charity shopped AND old!) See it Styled HERE and HERE.
LEATHER BOOTS: Vagabond (old)... See them HERE, HERE and HERE.
TIGHTS: Levante... old (these tights wash and wash... money well spent!)
WOOL JUMPER: Vintage (old and charity shopped!)
LEATHER BELT: River Island (old)... see it styled HEREHERE and HERE.
GREEN BAG: H&M... See it HERE.

Autumn Outfit | Grey Slip Dress and Green Knit | Re-style | Fake Fabulous


You can swap out the grey slip dress for any other colour (or pattern) of slip dress that you own.
You could also replace the dress with a satin skirt.

Any roll-neck, polo-neck or cowl-neck jumper will work too.

If it's too warm for chunky knits where you live try a textured cotton knit for the same layered look without the heat.
You can also ditch the tights and wear some open-toes booties if your climate allows.

You can also switch out the colours for ones you love.

All black looks chic.
All cream is even more elegant.
Any colour will work, as long as you love it!

Do you have a slip dress (or skirt) that you'll be restyling this autumn?
I'd love to hear how you'll be wearing yours?


Tuesday, 22 October 2019

I've Found My Classic Leather Trousers! Autumn Outfit

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I've been searching for a classic pair of leather trousers for a while now.
I wanted a pair with no trendy elements such as: paper bag waists, skinny legs, lacing, fancy buttons or other superfluous details.
Just a classic, straight-cut, mid-rise pair of leather trousers.
Easy right?
It's harder than you think to find something plain and classic these days.
Whether it's leather trousers or a plain black dress.
Everything seems to have a little something 'extra' attached to it.

Why are companies spending money on extra details when they should be concentrating (at least some of their efforts) on getting the quality basics right?
It's frustrating.

It took a while to find these trousers but here they are and I'm chuffed to bits!

Of course, these trousers were second hand.
You may be aware that I'm not shopping for anything new for 3 months, maybe longer if it works out.
It's for environmental and human rights issues that I'm doing it but other people seem to be doing it too.
I'm all for saving money and decreasing my impact on the environment.
If anyone wants to join me, whatever your motivation, then that's fantastic!

So, no new leather trousers for me...
Good job too as new leather trousers are incredibly expensive.
Luckily we have plenty of secondhand options open to us, don't we?

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I'm finding that almost everything I'm looking for can be bought secondhand or pre-loved.
With the exception of underwear and gym gear.

{I'm trying to avoid 'plastic' based (non-biodegradable) fabrics in favour of natural fibres but with some items, these technologies are almost impossible to avoid.}

Anything with a high lycra (or elastane) content tends to go baggy and saggy with use and age.
Baggy leggings and bras are not a great buy or a good look!

Having said that I'm finding a lot of people selling new, or 'worn once' items that would otherwise be going to waste.
So if I find those I snap them up!
You can also find new pieces in charity shops.
In fact, you can find ANYTHING if you put your mind to it... it just takes a little more effort to shop.

Back to these leather trousers and this outfit.

So, I've found my leather trousers.
Pre-loved and worn in.
Soft as butter.
Fully lined.
Comfortable and classic.
Oh, and did I mention they only cost me £15?
That's a price tag I can live with!

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I'm styling them simply today with a cream wool jumper and a pair of chunky patent boots.

It has come to my attention that leather trousers could pose a problem when it comes to shoe choices.
Picking a shoe to pair with a leather trouser can be tricky.
I've gone for patent leather and I think a contrast of some kind is a good idea.
Whether that contrast comes with the colour, pattern or texture.
Mixing up colours and textures will always look great.

I considered classic white trainers, which would look fresh and modern.
Patterned boots (like my leopard pair) could work well too.
I also have a pair of lace boots that might make a nice partner for these trousers.
Velvet would make a luxurious looking outfit.
There are so many options now I've thought about it!

Please let me know what shoes you would wear with these trousers.

(The obvious classic biker boots and stiletto pumps aside.)

Black leather trousers over 40 | Fake Fabulous

LEATHER TROUSERS: Second hand from eBay
LEATHER BOOTS: Vagabond (old)
WOOL JUMPER: Boden (past season... bought on sale)
BAG: A gift
LEATHER BELT: River Island (old)



Sunday, 20 October 2019

Blue Velvet as Daywear | Autumn Outfit

Blue Velvet Blazer as Daywear | Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Velvet is such a sumptuous fabric.
I love how it bounces light up onto the wearer's face, even in those darker autumn/winter shades.
It always looks luxurious.

Okay, not always!
Those cheap and nasty 'stingy' velvets that look a bit bald (even when new) are NOT luxurious or sumptuous.
Ditch the cheap and nasty and go hunting for some vintage gems or sale-time bargains.

Velvet does lend itself perfectly to evening wear.
Especially in the colder seasons.
I LOVE how it looks and how it feels at an event.
So sensual and sexy with that air of elegance.

Velvet can also be worn during the day.
All you need to do is tone it down a little with something casual.
Our old friend denim is perfect for this!

Adding denim to any outfit instantly makes it day-time-appropriate.
Don't you just love that?

In this outfit, I'm wearing a crushed velvet blazer and my trusty Levis.
What could be easier?

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Do you want Mustard with that? Autumn Outfit

Mustard shift dress, leopard boots & Checked coat | Autumn Outfit

Mustard (and other shades of yellow) are still big news this Autumn and into the Winter season.
Geat news for me as I have this mustard dress to restyle this season.

Perfect if you picked up some mustard pieces earlier in the year.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Autumn Restyle | Culottes when it's Cold

Autumn Outfit Ideas | Culottes in Fall | Fake Fabulous

Ahh culottes.
A bit like marmite.
You may love them.
You might hate them.

Either way, they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
Culottes are still a 'thing' for AW2020.

This is great news if you already have a couple of pairs in your wardrobe.
No need to pack them away.
They can be easily restyled for autumn/winter.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Styling a Midi Skirt in Autumn | Blue Green Outfit

Blues and greens | Autumn Outfit | Midi Skirt restyle | Fake Fabulous

I'm on a shopping fast this Autumn (no new clothes for 3 months) and I'm going to be re-styling and re-wearing the pieces in my wardrobe for the whole season!

Hopefully, you might find some inspiration to restyle your clothes, shop less, style more, save money and help do your little bit for the planet.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Need New Undies? Playtex Review + a GIVEAWAY!

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY

Today I'm thrilled to offer you a look at a redesigned line of underwear from a well-known brand that we've all heard of... Playtex.

Plus a little GIVEAWAY from me to you.
(Don't you just love a freebie?!)

Playtex is a brand that has been around since 1947 and it may conjure up a more traditional image in your mind's eye.
Old-fashioned even?
Maybe something your mum or nanna used to wear?
I know my Nan loved her cross-your-heart bras and, until last month, that was my only experience with the brand.
However, after a closer look, I was very pleasantly surprised to find some really pretty styles and beautiful colours on their website.

See more HERE.

It goes to prove that we should always keep open minds when it comes to shopping.
Having a look at different brands (old or new) every now and again is always a good idea.
I  love it when a brand surprises me and makes me re-think my shopping habits!

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY

On the subject of SHOPPING...
It's now the beginning of October and therefore the start of my "Not buying anything NEW" 3-month challenge.

I'm trying to reduce my part in our current climate of maniacal consumerism.
Re-working and re-styling my clothes.
Being more creative with my outfits.
Loving my clothes.
{Saving some money is also a big bonus.}

It's an exciting time ahead... and a challenge!

For me, some things can't be bought secondhand.
Underwear is a perfect example.

So there lies a BIG problem.
How can we buy more conscientiously when we need our essentials?
How can we get the underwear we want without compromising on style and fit?

I certainly still want my undies to be pretty and supportive as well as functional.

It turns out to be easier than you think.
Simply buying quality, classic styles that are well made and built to last will make a BIG impact.
Not only will you look better but you will save money in the long run.

Forget about anything that is mega-trendy and sold for a few quid that you know will go all lumpy and/or baggy after one wash.

Remember to handwash you bras ladies!

Stick to those brands you trust to deliver, like Playtex.

Maybe owning just 3 great basic sets is better than a drawer full of not-quite-cutting-it sad separates?

I always try to buy undies that work hard for me and are likely to last for as long as possible.
I want them to be worn and worn until they give up the ghost... or the support!

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY

Playtex is a brand that's been around for a long LONG time which proves that they must be doing something right!
They still make my nan's favourite (the cross-your-heart bra) and I chuckle when I remember her prudish attitude when it came to her underwear.
Everything had to be white.
Undies were never discussed and she used to hide her bras and briefs on a wooden clothes horse in her bedroom when they were drying.

Nowadays we have our smalls flying freely on the washing line.
Sometimes they're even part of our outfit.
Who else has gone out in a tailored jacket and a pretty bodysuit?

We're not afraid to wear (and share) all colours, all styles... anything goes!

Times do change and Playtex is moving with them.
They have recently redesigned their line of underwear called 'Invisible Elegance' making it perform exactly as the name suggests.
An elegant line/shape/design and invisible under your clothes.

I was delighted when they got in touch to ask if I would be happy to share the range with you.

The bras are lacey and feminine without the bulk of a 'normal' lacey bra.
No lumpy boobies under your t-shirt and other smooth tops.
A perfect pretty/practical compromise.

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY

Here is a quick video that shows you some of the details of manufacture... it's so interesting to get a glimpse into the process and see the moulds used for the cups.
If only my "moulds" looked that perfect!

The set I chose is black (what would my Nan say!) but it also comes in a pretty off-white colour too.
Plus, there are two different bra styles to suit your preferences.
The bra gives an amazing shape and the non-lacey lace is a brilliant idea!

The best part of the set (for me) was the briefs that cover my rear end without wandering about.
I love a fuller brief in the colder months but hate it when they ride up and leave unsightly pant lines on my bum.
These briefs stay put.
Something to do with the little ruched area I think but who really cares as long as it works!

I love it when a brand surprises me and Playtex did just that!

Are you familiar with the Playtex Brand?
Do you shop there or have you avoided it because of its 'traditional' image?
Maybe it's time for another look?

{Pssst... there is a sale on their website just now so you could bag a bargain or two!}

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY


I'm giving away a Playtex Invisible Elegance bodysuit in a size 34B.

This giveaway is not in conjunction with anyone else so it's not an email address gathering exercise it's simply ME sending YOU a gift!

If you are familiar with the Playtex sizing you will know if this bodysuit will fit your body... or that of a friend.
What a fab gift it would make.

The bodysuit offers a smooth line despite its lacey appearance which is perfect for the up-and-coming party season.
In fact, it's perfect for any occasion that requires a smooth line!

All you have to do is either leave a comment below saying:
"Hello, I'm the right size and I'd love to win!"

OR if you're comment-shy then get in touch directly HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: I only have ONE bodysuit in the size 34B so please don't ask for a different size.
Of course, I won't be offering a cash alternative.... duh! 😆
Don't worry, I also won't be passing your details on to anyone.

(I'll let you know in 14 days if you're the winner.)

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY

We all know that bras are notoriously difficult to dispose of in a way that doesn't just add to our global landfill problem.
If you have any bras you no longer wear, for whatever reason, you can donate them. Try the following websites or your local charities...

Need New Undies? Make better Choices. Playtex Review and GIVEAWAY

BTW... in case you hadn't noticed only the last image of "woman in underwear" is me.
The other images are courtesy of Playtex and thank goodness for that!
I'll leave looking fabulous in a bra and pants to the professional models.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day!
Samantha at Fake Fabulous

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