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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Colourful Transitional Outfit | Midi skirt and Deconstructed Jumper

Transitional Outfit | Midi Skirt in Autumn | Fake Fabulous

What on earth is a deconstructed jumper?!

Well, THIS ARTICLE from Harpers Bazaar will show you and they do look cool.
And it's a BIG BUT.
All of the jumpers featured are VERY expensive.

Too expensive.

I love the look, but I would never spend £500+ on a jumper.
(One is over £1700!!)
Even if it was the finest cashmere.
Even if it was a wear-forever-classic.

For a 'Fashionable' jumper like these? NO WAY!!

Image: Alexander Wang

The Alexander Wang one is the most wearable (in my opinion) and if one turned up on my doorstep I'd be thrilled but, back in the real world, I simply can't afford it.
To be honest with you, even if I could afford it I would rather spend the 'big bucks' on a coat, bag or a pair of shoes.

SIDE NOTE: I have a cashmere jumper from about 10 years ago that had an RRP of £700.
It was hand combed cashmere and is an impossibly fine knit. I picked it up for £120 and felt like it was a FORTUNE.
I still remember the guilt because it was so much money.
However, I still wear it every winter and it looks like new so maybe big money means top quality?
What do you think?

SO, in the spirit of not-shopping.
(AND saving a lot of cash!)
I tried a little bit of DIY.

You can't beat it, can you?

Transitional Outfit | Midi Skirt in Autumn | Fake Fabulous

This DIY deconstructed, clashy and colourful outfit is perfect for that awkward late-summer Scottish weather.

Cold mornings and evenings.
Pot-luck weather throughout the day.
More than likely to rain.
Could get warm... might not.

It's also a great way to get more wear out of your midi skirts and midi dresses at the days become shorter.

I popped a lightweight jumper on and tucked it into my midiskirt.
(Any bulk is disguised by the flare and pleats.)
To get that 'deconstructed' look I rolled a more acidic-coloured jumper and pinned it in place with a vintage brooch which I accidentally dropped and chipped the enamel... gutted does not cover it!

Leopard ankle boots (big fashion news EVERY autumn and winter season) and a multicoloured bag finished things off nicely.

Transitional Outfit | Midi Skirt in Autumn | Fake Fabulous

Make it your own:

It's easy to replace this blue midi skirt with any other style of skirt.
Pencil, Mini or Maxi.
Whatever suits you and your body.

You could also pop on a midi dress and simply put the jumper(s) over the top.
This would be a more practical option for anyone that has more extremes of late summer weather.

Cold mornings = Both jumpers on.
Warm afternoons = Both jumpers off.
Cooler evening = Folded jumper popped over the shoulders.

You can also match or clash any colour combination that you love.
Two jumpers in clashing colours would work brilliantly!

Neutrals would look great too.
Beiges, creams, ivory.

Even an all-black outfit would look great.
Especially if you mix up those textures to add interest.

A black satin skirt with contrasting smooth and fluffy jumpers for example.

Anything goes!

Transitional Outfit | Midi Skirt in Autumn | Fake Fabulous

What do you think?
Deconstructed Jumpers for AW2019/20 YES or NO?
Paying £500 for a jumper?

I'd love to know your thoughts!

SKIRT: H&M (past season and customised)
BOTTOM JUMPER: Kettlewell (A few years old)
TOP JUMPER: River Island (charity shopped)
BOOTS: Carvela (I think!!... old anyway)
BAG: Boden (many years old and looking a little scuffed now...😟)
BROOCH: Vintage


  1. I really love this look! And the deconstructed jumper thing - my fave from the Harper's Bazaar piece was the red and pink number, but I agree - I can't/ won't pay those prices. The only way I get my hands on those brands is secondhand.

    xoKaelen |

  2. deconstructed - what a fantastic concept and your spin on it is marvelous. thanks for the inspiration.


  3. I absolutely love this look. And I also already spotted that sweater. And I want it. But still don't understand how you wear it. I mean, do you wear the second sweater loose on the other?

    1. The ones in the article are all one piece so there is no need to arrange them on top of each other.
      My mohair jumper seems to cling to the other one really well... maybe like velcro?!... so it's very easy to wear and stays in place.
      Maybe a different fabric would be more slippery and annoying?

  4. This is such a brilliant look and a MUCH more economical way to do this look, Samantha! I often thrift cashmere and wool sweaters, so I have oodles of options for this type of look for fall. I found a Sonia Rykiel knitted dress a few years ago for only $30!

    1. Ooooo a bargain Sheila!
      Lucky you :o)
      I'd love to see your version of this trend!!XXX

  5. Love your outfit and the cool color combo!. Love how the yellow shades enhance the blue skirt!. Love the leopard boots and the matchy bag. You totally rock it!
    And I think that it's brilliant how you take inspiration from trends to re-style something in your wardrobe!. Brilliant!
    I'm not such a huge fan of cashmere to pay a fortune for it, but I'd buy quality knits (which are not cheap!) if they are sustainable and/or locally produced!

    1. I like real wool best of all Monica... cosy and robust.
      Cashmere is great BUT only at charity shop prices for me ;o)

  6. I love how you've styled the jumpers and I especially like the colour of the top one.

  7. Love the idea (finally something new in fashion!) and how creatively you used it. Great outfit! Got me thinking: When our short jumper season arrives, in 2-3 months maybe, I'll be sure to experiment with what I've got in the closet. No point buying anything expensive for the Israeli winter. :-)

    1. Great idea Ramit!
      Our jumper season is about 11 months long!!! hahahahaha.

  8. So I only have one question -how do you actually DO anything with that jumper on your shoulders? It looks like fun being still for a photo, but I can imagine it not staying there while I go about my day!
    Love the colours!

    1. It works quite well with this mohair jumper... it kind of clings to the under layer.
      I wore it over my jacket a few days ago too and it sat nicely and kept me surprisingly warm!
      I suppose I would take it off to scrub floors or clean the bathroom... sleeves dangling down the loo is not a good idea :o)


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