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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Bold and Colourful Smart Casual Autumn Outfit!

Classic, Bold and Colourful | Smart Casual Autumn Outfit

What a title, eh?
Try and say that fast ten times!

But that's exactly what this is.

A colourful outfit that's smart and bold.
Perfect for late summer into autumn.

This outfit was for a busy day where I had to look smart (enough) but still be comfortable.
What could be easier than a pencil skirt, nude wedges and a simple Breton?
But what about boring?
Maybe a little too 'classic'?

Classic, Bold and Colourful | Smart Casual Autumn Outfit

Adding a bold orangey-red jacket is the answer!

To stop things looking too sombre (even with the pop of colour) I popped on a pair of cherry earrings.
Nothing too boring or classic about them!

A classic look is a great option but it always worth adding your own twist, whatever that may be!

Classic, Bold and Colourful | Smart Casual Autumn Outfit

JACKET: Boden (this one is similar)
TOP: J-Crew (old)...similar.
EARRINGS: Charity shopped ... similar.
SKIRT: Charity shopped and old... similar.
SHOES: Dune (I got mine from eBay for a tenner)
BAG: Very old.

How would you pep up this classic combination?
A chunky necklace?
A bright lipstick?
I'd love to know!



  1. You've just made me think I should drag my old pencil skirt out of the storage closet. I haven't worn it since I retired. And it would look great with a striped tee and, for my purposes, white sneakers. Thanks for the inspiration, Samantha.

    1. You're very welcome Sue.
      I hope you dig it out and get some more wear out of it.
      When I move seasonal pieces out of my storage boxes they feel like new clothes which is great AND we do a little saving (both money and planet)... win win. XXX

  2. I love the orangey-red blazer with this - I would probably add a more interesting shoe, maybe in a bold bright yellow.

  3. I do love your blazer, its color is so joyful and vitaminic!. I think that you created a brilliant combo adding a bold color blazer to a classic ensemble, those details make a difference!. You totally rock!


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