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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Bold and Colourful Smart Casual Autumn Outfit!

Classic, Bold and Colourful | Smart Casual Autumn Outfit

What a title, eh?
Try and say that fast ten times!

But that's exactly what this is.

A colourful outfit that's smart and bold.
Perfect for late summer into autumn.

This outfit was for a busy day where I had to look smart (enough) but still be comfortable.
What could be easier than a pencil skirt, nude wedges and a simple Breton?
But what about boring?
Maybe a little too 'classic'?

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Colourful Transitional Outfit | Midi skirt and Deconstructed Jumper

Transitional Outfit | Midi Skirt in Autumn | Fake Fabulous

What on earth is a deconstructed jumper?!

Well, THIS ARTICLE from Harpers Bazaar will show you and they do look cool.
And it's a BIG BUT.
All of the jumpers featured are VERY expensive.

Too expensive.

I love the look, but I would never spend £500+ on a jumper.
(One is over £1700!!)
Even if it was the finest cashmere.
Even if it was a wear-forever-classic.

For a 'Fashionable' jumper like these? NO WAY!!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

SHOP less STYLE more! | Re-style your Wardrobe Turkeys!

Shop less and Style more | Silver maxi and cream camisole | Fake Fabulous

This silver skirt is one of those pieces that should be getting worn and worn ... on repeat.
It has all the hallmarks of a classic go-to item in my wardrobe.

  • A great multi-seasonal maxi cut... perfect shape from summer into winter.
  • A sturdy(ish) and fully-lined fabric.
  • A fabulous neutral (yet bold) colour... silver goes with everything!
  • Plenty of personality, shine and swish.
It's a bit of a wardrobe turkey.

No offence to our wattled friends but this skirt is challenging me when it comes to styling.

Shop less and Style more | Silver maxi and cream camisole | Fake Fabulous

The only time I've felt really fabulous in it was HERE... and that's a Halloween costume!
{Not exactly a ringing fashion endorsement.}

I've worn it HERE with a black and silver jumper and HERE with lots of BLUE.
(I miss the silver trainers in that silver/blue outfit!)

However, it's not been worn enough.

I'm determined to shop less and style more this year so this skirt is going to get forced (yep, I said forced!) into various outfits whether it likes it or not.

To be honest with you it feels refreshing to make myself wear items that have been doing too much lurking and not enough working.

It's a shame to keep this silver skirt hidden away so today it's coming for a late-summer outing with a simple camisole.

Shop less and Style more | Silver maxi and cream camisole | Fake Fabulous

Adding a pair of converse keeps that casual feeling going.

Shop less and Style more | Silver maxi and cream camisole | Fake Fabulous

SKIRT: old... charity shopped but originally from M&S.
TOP: Also years old... from George at Asda.
SHOES: Missoni at Converse... charity shopped too (Read about them HERE)
BAG: older than time itself... originally Topshop I think!
COAT: Topshop (also old....surprise surprise!)

The rain came on again as we took these photos highlighting the fact that this fabric is not so great in the rain.
Every drop shows up!
The good thing is that it dries really quickly and doesn't mark.
Swings and roundabouts eh?

Shop less and Style more | Silver maxi and cream camisole | Fake Fabulous

Which Wardrobe Lurkers do you need to dig out and re-style this season?
Please share the offenders in the comments... or send me a DM!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Bloated Belly Outfit Formula | Culottes, Camisole and a Long Waistcoat

Bloated Belly Outfit | Culottes, Camisole and Long Waistcoat

This outfit is a classic formula that I turn to time and time again.
It's the perfect "Beat the Bloat" outfit for those days when you're feeling a bit, how can I put it?

Maybe it's all about the hormones?
Or a large lunch?
Maybe it's post-holiday podge?
A pregnancy you'd rather not disclose?
Or maybe your body has changed due to the menopause?

Whatever the reason, this outfit formula could be your best friend.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

DIY Home Facial | Over 40 Home SPA

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty

Today, I'm sharing an easy DIY facial/spa regime.
The routine is easy to follow and you can use products you already own.

No need to buy a thing.
How good is that?

Let's go!

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


It's so much more relaxing and enjoyable if you get fully prepared before you start.
Make sure you're not going to be disturbed.
Pop on an old top or get changed into your PJs and a dressing gown/robe.
Make sure you're warm enough and super-duper-comfortable.

Tie your hair up and pop on a comfy headband.
Collect EVERYTHING you need and lay it all out on an old towel.
Have plenty of old flannels (or a towel) to hand for patting your face dry and wiping your hands.

Light a scented candle.
Turn off your phone.

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


Cleanse off any makeup using your regular facial oil/cream cleanser/balm or whatever you usually use.
Give your face a good massage while you're at it using upward strokes.
Be gentle with your eyes.

Once your makeup and/or the grime of the day is gone, give your face a good second cleanse with a cleanser you can remove using water.


Exfoliation is key.
You can use a ready-made facial scrub but avoid those containing microbeads AT ALL COSTS!

A homemade scrub works a treat too.
You can mix castor sugar with honey for a simple scrub.

I use a muslin cloth and a spot of cleanser.
It's rough enough to slough those cells but gentle enough not to scratch.

Rinse your face thoroughly and gently pat dry.

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


This step can be skipped if you don't enjoy it BUT if you love that feeling of steam 'opening' your pores then go for it!

You can simply use a hot cloth (a flannel works perfectly) placed over the face for a few seconds or pop your head over a bowl of hot water (draping a towel over your head can increase the intensity of the steam).
OR... if you are a fancy pants (like me) you can use a facial steamer.

This one is about 25 years old and still going strong.

Steam your face for about 5 minutes.
Adding a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil makes the experience feel even more special.
Lavender is a great one to start with.

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty

5: Get the TOOLS out

This step can be skipped if you have dry and/or perfectly clear skin.

However, if you do have stray brow hairs/tash hairs or clogged pores then get stuck in!

I love to spend a few seconds immediately after steam using an extractor tool to remove any excess sebum/blocked pores around my nose, on my chin and between my eyes.

Using a 10x mirror press firmly on the areas you need to clear and watch the magic happen.
It's very satisfying.

BE VERY CAREFUL when using an extraction tool and make sure it is spotlessly clean.
I boil mine in a small pan of salted water after each use.

{NOTE: Extracting can be addictive. Don't overdo it.}

Next, I get the tweezers and facial razor out.
A little brow tidy and tash trim is always a good idea!

See more about embarrassing facial hair HERE.

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


This is my favourite part.

First and foremost I want to tell you about my shameful eyemask buying experience.

I naively bought a pack of 50 eyemasks online thinking they would be packaged together in a resealable bag and reasonably eco-friendly.

To my horror, each is wrapped in an individual plastic wrap and I'm not feeling good about it.
I like the little masks themselves BUT the packaging is leaving a sour taste in my mouth and I DEFINITELY won't be re-ordering.
(Hangs head in shame)

I normally use a couple of (used) tea bags that have been kept in the fridge OR good old cucumber slices and I'll be returning to these next time.

As for the rest of the face...
I like to apply different masks to different areas.

My T-zone is oily and can become congested.
I'm not acne prone but I do turn a bit greasy by the end of the day so I use a pore-unclogging mask on my T-zone (forehead nose and chin) and a nourishing mask on my (normal) cheeks.

It's easy peasy to make your own mask too.

Honey (on its own) is perfect for everyone to use or you can add a little yoghurt or mashed banana to the honey for a little extra.
A crushed strawberry mixed with honey makes a fantastic brightening mask for dull skin.

Using a brush to apply your masks feels very decadent and special.

(Remember to apply the mask to your neck and back of your hands)

Leave your mask(s) on for 15-20 minutes.

Lie back and chill out.

Rinse well.

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


You can use your usual toner here.
Or just splash your face with cool water.

I spray a little mist onto my face at this point then add a little hyaluronic acid.

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


I LOVE this bit too!

Using any facial oil (or good old olive oil) give your face a massage.
Massage not only feels great but works wonders at reducing puffiness.

Check this video out for a 1-minute gua sha massage:

{You can obviously take as long as you like)

If you don't have a Gua Sha tool then check out this fab video from my favourite makeup artist:

DIY at home Facial Spa Routine | Fake Fabulous Beauty


Slap on the moisturizer.
Use whatever moisturizer you love and go heavy-handed.
Slather it on and make sure you cover your neck, decollate and hands.

To finish off use your usual eye cream and add a nourishing balm to your lips.
I use 8-hour cream and also moisturize my brows and lashes with it!

(I can't recommend using it on lashes and brows BUT it works for me.)

Make sure you don't have to go anywhere anytime soon and avoid makeup for as long as possible.

I'd love to hear how you get on!


Thursday, 15 August 2019

Is Fashion Blogging Vain, Shallow and Narcissistic?

Is Fashion Blogging Vain, Shallow and Narcissistic? Fake Fabulous

Oh.... this is a great question, isn't it?

The other day I received a DM on social media from a woman who made handbags.
She was complimenting me on my appearance (and blog) and I thanked her and asked her to send me an email.
I assumed she wanted to promote her business and had a collaboration proposal.

{I NEVER do business via DMs on Insatgram/Twitter/ Facebook. Only via email.}

She did email me.... and my jaw dropped.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Warm Tone Monochrome Outfit | Mixing Reds Burgundy and Orange

Culottes Outfit | Over 40 street style | Fake Fabulous | Monochrome

This outfit makes me think of late summer.
Warm and rich tones.
A cosy glow.

Perfect for right now.
Perfect as we move into the cooler months too.

Simply add boots (maybe tights if your climate calls for them) and an extra layer and/or a warmer jacket to make this autumn-ready.
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