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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Boyfriend Jeans & Light Mac | Cool Summer Outfit

Pale blue boyfriend jeans and a lightweight trench | Fake Fabulous

After 4 years of blogging, we're finally going on location!
We went on a reccy (reconnaissance mission) to a local beauty/tourist spot to find out if it could be a practical venue for us to take some outfit shots in the future.

I thought I'd share the outfit I wore, not because it's particularly 'wow' but it is a great comfortable and casual look.

{Although thong sandals are NOT great on hilly cobbled streets.
My feet were slipping around and it wasn't pretty...ouch!}

This outfit may not be the prettiest, granted, but it was practical for this cool summer day in Scotland!

Pale blue boyfriend jeans and a lightweight trench | Fake Fabulous

Outfit shots on location are great fun... as long as you manage to get somewhere free of parked cars, wheelie bins and people gawping with their mouths hanging open!

This location is beautiful with very few "eyesores".
I was spoiled.
Places around here are generally very quiet (especially if you go before 10am) and you often get to see amazing sights without another person spoiling your view, or that perfect photograph.
It's bliss.

I imagine other locations have different problems...

  • Traffic?
  • Irate locals?
  • Dog poo?
  • Litter?
  • Other eyesores?

I'd love to hear about your local challenges!

Pale blue boyfriend jeans and a lightweight trench | Fake Fabulous

For today's 'shoot' we just clowned about a while and had a few heated discussions about locations, lighting, background composition and angles.

{And my inability to climb up the hill to the abbey in my stupid thongs!}

Of course, we also had to go and enjoy a coffee and a (gigantic) scone at the local cafe.

Pale blue boyfriend jeans and a lightweight trench | Fake Fabulous

It was a great day and I'm really looking forward to sharing some beautiful location shots with you in the future!

MAC: Topshop
JEANS: Denham
JUMPER: Charity shopped
SCARF: Charity shopped
SANDALS: c/o Vionic (past season)
BAG: Radley

Location: Culross (Pronounced: Coo-Riss) famous for its Outlander locations... see more about that HERE.

Find out more about Culross, places to visit and things to do HERE and HERE.


  1. I love your comfy&cool style, your cute trench and the pop of color in your scarf!, and totally agree that thongs and cobblestones are not made to work together, ouch!
    And these quiet streets and alleys look really appealing!, such a picturesque backdrop to take some pics!, you're a lucky lady!. I think that finding a quiet place, beautiful enough without too many tourists, is hard!. Traffic and people staring are always a problem! (and also the problem of not having your camera stolen when you put it on a bench to take a pic by yourself!, as I do frequently!) ;DD

  2. That's brave! I still don't dare to. Well it's also too exhausting for me. Anyway,the photos are very nice!

  3. Looking very "everyday chic" Sam. Is your weather seeming more unpredictable of late?

    1. The weather is ALWAYS unpredictable Judy!
      Hahahaha... predictably so!

  4. I love that your summer outfit includes a long sleeve top and a Mac lol! I cetrainly coldn't wear that here at this time of year!! I'm just rubbing it in, aren't I? Actually, I'd much prefer to have your summer than ours – I do love the cooler weather and I just adore Scotland. I can't wait to go back some time!
    The location you found is just gorgeous. I love the cobbled street :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing more outfit posts on location in the future, Sam!
    Suzy xxx

    1. Thank you Suzy.
      I hope to get back soon and see what we come up with.
      Oh.... and it's a cashmere JUMPER not just a top!! Hahahahaha

  5. As soon as I scrolled to the first picture I was like SHE'S OUT OF THE GARDEN! Ha :-)

    That cobblestone street is so charming! Yes, locations are a constant challenge. If it's someplace nice, then there are other people there, so I'm always on the lookout for decent but desolate spots. I don't SO mind shooting with people around, but when I'm using the tripod I'm worried about it being in people's way and them knocking it over.

    Wow, a jacket and scarf! I'm sweating just looking at that. It's in the high 80s-low90s every day now, with high humidity. I put as little on my body as possible!

    Now, *I'M* off to find a coffee and a giant scone!


    1. Hahahahaha... YES Bettye!
      My photographer is a bit shy when it comes to PDP... (public displays of photography!)

  6. It's great to see your casual outfits as well as your dressy ones. Since I take all my own pics with the timer on my camera, I have done very few scouting trips for outfit photos. Asking someone (husband) to take pictures always feels like an imposition, and so I just keep doing my usual shots!

    1. You could go for a tripod and timer Sheila...el fresco! :o)
      I occasionally "threaten" to trade my photographer in for a tripod when he's giving me cheek :oP


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