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Saturday, 8 June 2019

A Dress You'll Wear to Death | Leopard & Zebra

Leopard midi dress, zebra belt and tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

This wrap dress has been worn SO many times I was convinced you'd be sick of the sight of it here at Fake Fabulous.

When I was wearing it again today (yawn) and decided to take photographs I thought Id better check to see how many times it had been on the blog.

I didn't want to bore you to death with outfits on repeat.

Imagine my surprise to see that it had only been featured once in this winter outfit.

Blimey.... it feels like I've not had it off my back.

Leopard midi dress, zebra belt and tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

I'm happy to share it with you today because I feel like any leopard dress is a great addition to any woman's wardrobe.
Any age.
Any size.
It doesn't matter.
A leopard dress will probably be a very versatile and wearable piece of clothing in your outfit arsenal.

This leopard dress works well with many different items.
I've worn it with...

  • A black polo-neck, black opaque tights & leopard boots.
  • A brown polo-neck, brown tights & ankle boots.
  • Ditto above but with a cream polo-neck...(I like a polo-neck in the colder months)
  • Red boots.
  • Army-style boots.
  • Knee boots.
  • Layered over a white shirt with heels.
  • With a white Tee & white leather trainers
  • With a lace camisole and converse.
  • On its own with fishnets and heels.
  • Backwards with a wide leather belt... it doesn't have bust darts so this works surprisingly well and give a lovely V back!

And here I am again, pairing it with a zebra belt and sandals.

It's a workhorse for sure!

Leopard midi dress, zebra belt and tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

I've pinned the front of the dress today with a cheeky little geek pin, just to stop any 'sexy' flashing.
I was going somewhere where any flash of a bra would have been a no-no.
It does sit quite nicely without the pin but sometimes we need to be a little more careful, don't we?

Leopard midi dress, zebra belt and tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

I honestly think that leopard is one of the great neutrals and (as long as you don't overdo the hair or the makeup) can look effortless and cool.

Read more about EFFORTLESS dressing HERE.

How do you feel about leopard print?

You might also enjoy some other leopard looks...

Leopard midi dress, zebra belt and tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: Charity shopped (don't you just LOVE that!?)
BELT: River Island
PIN: Borrowed from my daughter.
BAG: M&S (old)
SHOES: Clarks (old)

Leopard midi dress, zebra belt and tan sandals | Fake Fabulous




  1. Great outfit, Samantha. I love that dress. And I love how simple and easy the whole look is.

  2. Upon closer inspection I see that there's BLUE in your leopard print!! Aren't you the clever one!:-) Blue makes it even more of a Samantha dress moment. It's a beauty and I'm guessing that the blue makes it even more versatile and wearable.
    I found a Ralph Lauren,leopard print. maxi in a consignment shop a few years ago and snapped it up. I got lots of nice compliments at the wedding I wore it to. When we moved, I recycled it once again. Perhaps I need a new version!? :-)

    1. Maybe you do Jude?!
      It sounds like quite a find.
      I LOVE it when a great piece is lying unloved waiting for a new home.

  3. I often struggle with wrap dresses because my boobs are always too small lol! But this one is gorgeous, Sam!! I love all the different ways you've listed you could wear it.
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahahahaha... me too Suzy!
      Wrap dresses are for the curvy girls that can fill them out, cinch in and smoulder.
      This dress can look a little sad and droopy BUT the shoulders give me a helping hand :oP

  4. That is a fantastic dress - I have had so many leopard items in my wardrobe over the years! It's really a true neutral. Love the "geek" pin!

    1. It IS isn't it?!
      I knew you would agree Sheila!
      (and I had a sneaking suspicion the GEEK pin might appeal to you :oP)

  5. Love the print Sam, such a classic and love how you styled it with the zebra and fun clutch. I lkeep staring a the sandals. Nice!
    jess xx


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