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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The Problem with a Slip Dress in real life.

Styling a slip dress over 40 | Fake Fabulous | Real life outfit!

Slip dresses are a BIG trend for SS19.
Undeniably cool, effortless and beautiful.

Slip dresses are a gorgeous 90s throwback... sexy retro chic!
Slip dresses are romantic and deliciously feminine.
Slip dresses CAN look stunning.

Unfortunately, on many women, slip dresses can also look like a sack of spuds!

{Translation: A large bag of potatoes... aka, not a look we're hoping for!}

Styling a slip dress over 40 | Fake Fabulous | Real life outfit!

The BIG problem with a slip dress are the LUMPS.

When I say lumps I mean odd bumps, shadows and sticky-out bits.

Slip dresses make lumps appear where you didn't think you had lumps.
Lumps in places you didn't think lumps could exist.
Lumps appear ON lumps.

Slip dresses are awkward that's for sure!

If you're young, toned and tall with a completely flat stomach then congratulations, slip dresses are going to look AMAZING on you (you lucky thing).

However, if there is ANYTHING hanging where it shouldn't (and I mean even the teeniest tiniest droopy bit or micro-bulge) then you've had it.
You may as well put a neon sign above your head shouting...

"Hey everyone.....
Check out my GUT!!"

Styling a slip dress over 40 | Fake Fabulous | Real life outfit!

What's that I hear?

"Hang on a minute, Sam!
What do you mean!?
I've seen LOADS of bloggers in slip dresses and LOADS of gorgeous styles in the shops.
They look great.
What are you talking about?"

It's sure is confusing and I hear you!

In reality, sales are all about smoke and mirrors.

  • Perfectly formed teenage models (or incredibly toned and slender older models).
  • Amazing lighting.
  • ALL the flattering angles (and none of the unflattering ones!)
  • Oh, and don't forget our old friend PHOTOSHOP (I never use it).

Back in the real world, away from lighting rigs and computer jiggery, slip dresses show E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Oh yes!
All of your secrets are on display.
Everything from the style of knickers you're wearing to last night's takeaway.
It's all out there, for everyone to see.

Take this grey dress as a great example.

It has a lot of things going for it...
  • The fabric is fairly substantial, much thicker than a lot of slip dresses I've seen.
  • I bought a larger size to try and reduce the clinging.
  • The colour is neutral but has a slight visual texture and subtle tie-dyed pattern.
  • I'm also helping it along with a smoothing underslip. I don't normally wear shapewear of any description but this needed a (light) helping hand.
  • I'm wearing teeny-tiny and totally seamfree undies.

I don't really have a lot of excess fleshy bits in the first place.
I have had a few pregnancies so my body is squishier than it once was, but things could definitely be in worse shape!

So with all the plus points, you'd think this slip-dress-wearing malarky would be a doddle.


Zara Snake print trainers | Fake Fabulous | Over 40 style

What can I say?

Despite my smoothing under-layers, teeny pants and careful tucking, lumps have still emerged.
The shine from the fabric is highlighting my hip bone, the shadow under my tum, even my ribs!
Every seam (no matter how minuscule) is magnified 10X.

{This dress requires a stylish over-layer ... OR a darkened room!}

I have had some lucky angles here but some of the photos had lumpy bits that I couldn't even see in the mirror!
I don't even know where they came from.
Check this photo out...

Then I moved and things shifted.
It just goes to show that you should never trust a photograph!

Styling a slip dress over 40 | Fake Fabulous | Real life outfit!

I will still be wearing this dress throughout spring and summer because I really like how it feels.
It does look a little unflattering at certain angles but please remember that in real life we are all in motion.
We don't stand totally still to be scrutinised.
People tend to look better in real life and moving.
Both figures and faces.

Thank goodness for that, eh?!

DRESS: Zara (Charity shopped... it was new with the tags. Now we know why!)
BAG: Primark

What about YOU?
Are you a fan of slip dresses?
Is your body a toned slip-dress-wearers dream?
OR, do you ignore the bumps and stride out with confidence?

Do you have any tips and tricks to make slip dress wearing easier (and more stylish)?
I'd love to hear your opinion on this tricky style!

Styling a slip dress over 40 | Fake Fabulous | Real life outfit!



  1. I do like slip dresses, they're comfy and cool and 'effortless chic' (which we know that takes a lot of effort!). I think you look adorable in this, and its texture and color is fab (lovely tie-dye effect!), so it's a fab piece. I don't see those 'bumps and lumps' you've wrote about!.
    I'd like a slip dress in a substantial fabric in my size (I'm a dreamer!)

    1. Thank you Monica... you are very generous with your kind comment!
      I wonder if you could do a little DIY on a slip dress? Adding a lining? Or expanding a seam here and there to make it more flattering?
      I wish I had your skills with a needle and thread!!

  2. I think slip dresses look better in a print precisely to mask the lumps and bumps that are more apparent in a solid. I don't wear them though. You're modeling this one over a t-shirt, which is how most women wear them. To me, a slip dress over a shirt is akin to wearing socks with sandals. Why???? It *adds* to the frumpyness, in my opinion. If I did wear them, it'd be sleeveless - which leads to my other problem with them. Any woman that has larger breasts is just doomed. There's no way to wear a slip dress if you have a figure that definitely requires a bra. Unless one wears the shirt under Which brings us back to the frumpyness.

    1. I agree about the only way to wear a slip dress without a layer is without a bra.
      Perky ski-jump style boobies are an essential accessory.
      My "breast-fed-a-tribe" boobs just wouldn't cut the mustard!
      A pretty, lacey and ultra-sexy bra could be a solution?

  3. First, I love the way you can cut to the heart of a design and reveal the unfortunate truth.
    How often do I have regrets about what I just can't wear anymore? Sometimes never could. Sometimes didn't care to try.
    I think a print helps a slip dress with wearability, but also hides the lovely drape effect. You wear it well my friend!!

    1. thank you Jude... you are very kind!
      I used to wear slip dresses in the 90's without the need for underwear.
      Ahhhh I miss those carefree days for sure :oP
      I'm glad the layering a tee trend is BIG because I actually like the look and the practicality.

  4. I totally agree with you, Sam! However I think you look fab!! I love slip dresses but it's when they're bias cut is when the problems arise, right?
    Suzy xx

    1. Ahhhh... yes Suzy!
      You've hit the nail on the head.
      The dreaded bias cut.
      Only for those people with bums, tums and boobs as tight as a drum :oP

  5. I wasn't a fan of the slip dress in the '90's and I'm not a fan now. The only time I ever thought it looked chic was when Carolyn Bessette wore the Narciso Rodriguez slip dress when she got married...that blew my mind.

    1. Oh gosh... YES!
      Have a look at Kate Moss's wedding dress too.... STUNNING.
      It does help when you have a figure to die for lurking under all of that bias-cut silk :o)

  6. Hi Sam!
    I do think you look great in this slip dress, and I thought I might do the same wiht mine, styling it with a tee underneath! I like the color you chose with the dress. And I am dyin over those sneakers... too cool!!!
    jess xx


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