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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Green Jumpsuit and a Trilby | Spring outfit

Summer Trilby and Green Jumpsuit | Fake Fabulous

It's warm in Scotland.
The sun is shining.
The mercury has risen enough for vest tops to be comfortable and white wine spritzers to taste GOOD.
My thermals are still in the drawer.
My legs are bare.

It feels fabulous!

Summer Trilby and Green Jumpsuit | Fake Fabulous

I'm wearing a green silky jumpsuit today that is comfortable and very versatile.
It can be easily dressed up or down and I've worn it many times.

Today I'm pairing it with a vest top and leopard clogs... plus my favourite trilby!

Summer Trilby and Green Jumpsuit | Fake Fabulous

Wearing a hat can be tricky.
Especially if you live somewhere that NO ONE else seems to be wearing hats.

(Unless you count the occasional skip cap)

Where I live hat wearers are a rare breed.
There is the occasional sighting but they're usually in the city centres.

If you live somewhere that people regularly wear hats, then I envy you.
If you live somewhere like me, you might feel a little uncomfortable and unsure about popping on a hat.

You may feel that people will look in your direction.
Perhaps passing comment about your outfit?

The truth is that people may look in your direction.
In fact, they probably will.
BUT... does it really matter?

Is it better to be noticed for your style than to go unnoticed?

I certainly believe so!

Wearing a hat really is easy.
Here are THREE simple steps to follow...
  1. Find a hat you love.
  2. Pop it on your head.
  3. Pair it with other things that you love.


Summer Trilby and Green Jumpsuit | Fake Fabulous

Are you a hat person?
Are hats common where you live?
Or, do you live in a hat desert?

Please share your thoughts, I love reading them!

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  1. Golly that hat thing really strikes a chord with me. I've got a sweet little green trilby in the cupboard just waiting for me to brave the world in it! You look cute as ever in yours Sam and the jumpsuit is perfect to go with it. We had a long spell of sunny weather up until today which just so happens to be my day off. Typical as I was hoping for a boat trip and a picnic, hey ho!

  2. you look particularly cool and summery, I love your comfy yet elegant style and think that your hat, bag and shoes make a perfect combo!, love your accessorizing!. And totally agree that wearing a hat could be daring sometimes because people are not used to them and can stare at you, but I think that people are going to stare whatever. Hats are so cute and practical too!, sorry that they're not more popular here, as only some old men (or hipsters with a beard) wear them. Miss women wearing berets or hats in everyday outfits!

    1. Oh, I'm sad about that Monica.
      I imagined hats being popular where you are. It's a shame they're not!
      Old men and hipsters... hmmmm. Hahahahaha....

  3. Haha you re right about Scottish weather, but what a beautiful place to live. The outfit looks great and the colour suits you so well. Regards - Jill stylishatsixty

  4. I never found a hat that looked good on me! Ha ha, well you can't have it all!

  5. I LOVE hats and wear them fairly often despite the fact that people only seem to wear them when they're "functional" for keeping warm or keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes.
    I love a good beret, fedora, baseball cap and just bought a little Greek fisherman's hat today. I also have an Oliphant, "clan tartan", beret type hat, that I recently ordered directly from Scotland!

    1. I love berets too... baseball caps (or skip caps) make me feel like a boy but are good for outdoor activities.
      Fedoras or wide brimmed hats are my favourites...
      I'm off to google greek fisherman's hats now... curious.
      Ahhhh... cute!

  6. I've been sadly neglecting my hats this year, and you inspire me to get back in that habit! Love this great outfit - I need those shoes!

    1. You surprise me Sheila!
      I thought you'd be all over the hats... all weathers.
      I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing more of them this year :o)

  7. I wish I was a hat person! I seem to have a small head and hats just aren't that good on me! I do love this one on you, perfect style! I just had to read to find out what a Trilby was! I love the green jumpsuit with the leopard, and I love seeing the sun as well!
    have a great weekend!
    jess xx

    1. Oh Jess.... I have the opposite problem!
      My head is BIG and I can't wear most hats.
      (This one is a gents XL... yep... MAHOOSIVE!)


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