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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Night Sweats? Day Sweats? Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

Can you relate?

All too often these days, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet.
Drenched in sweat.
My nightclothes are damp and I need to change or I get chilled pretty quickly.
My chest is often running with sweat as if I've been working hard at the gym.
It's pretty gross!

Night sweats are no fun and can really disrupt our sleep causing a whole host of problems from grouchiness and eye bags to lowered immunity and illness!

Night sweats can be caused by many things.
Some are pretty obvious and easily fixed.
Some are a part of life and getting older.
Some causes are more sinister and need the attention of a doctor.
{Always see your doctor if you have concerns and never google your symptoms... it's always terrifying!}

Some Possible causes of your Night Sweats:

  • Your room is too warm or the blankets are too warm.
  • Hormones! Pre-menstrual? Perimenopausal?... Hormones going crazy?  We girls have it tough!
  • Full on Menopausal hot flushes (or hot flashes). 
  • Medication for anything from migraine to blood sugar regulators... and lots more besides!
  • Certain illnesses from the common cold to more serious conditions like HIV, TB, and certain cancers.
  • Neurological conditions like Parkinson's.

How to Cope with Night Sweats:

  • Accept what's happening and try not to stress about it! Getting uptight just makes things worse.
  • Try some meditation and/or deep breathing. It will help you relax and nod back off.
  • Keep your room cool and airy.
  • Avoid heavy (high tog) blankets and duvets.
  • Wear sweat-wicking fabrics... but be aware that not all sweat-wickers are created equal!
  • Drink plenty of water and have a glass next to your bed.

Sweat-wicking fabrics won't stop you sweating (or getting those flushes!) but they will help the situation be less uncomfortable.
The fabric will allow the moisture to escape then dry quickly to prevent that awful cold and clammy feeling!

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

I was so happy to be sent a few different pieces to try from the Femtech brand BECOME.

“Become’s™ ground breaking Anti-Flush Technology™ combines a seamless knit and flat thread to create a refined fabric that cools the body during sudden surges in heat. The material works to wick away moisture by evaporating it quickly and effectively, keeping you dry and comfortable – whilst Become’s™ hi-tech fabric controls odour with its anti-microbial finish, creating a barrier between the bacteria and the fabric which immobilises the odour source and locks it in. Finally, as the body starts to cool down the fabric works to lock in heat, avoiding those post-flush chills. This revolutionary formula ensures the wearer remains at ease and confident throughout.”

Each piece is wrapped like a gift and was a pleasure to open...

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

The fabrication is designed to deal with sudden (rapid) increases in temperature and sweating, like menopausal flushes.
AND it doesn't get smelly like other wicking fabrics can... an essential part for me!
(There is nothing as gross as sweating into cheap polyester... instant stink!)

I've been putting the BECOME items I received through some rigorous road-testing.
No messing about here ladies!

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

I've worn the vest tops and briefs for normal daily activities and I've also tried wearing them as a 'PJ set' for bed.
They have worked well both during the day AND at night.
My night's sleep felt more comfortable and less clammy!

The fabric feels nice but the briefs are a little on the neat side and gave me a VPL.
I'm not overly fleshy so it might be worth sizing up if you prefer a smoother look.
(The cut of these briefs will never look totally smooth under clothes though, so be aware of that!)

I've also worn the vest tops and long sleeved top under outfits for warmth and comfort.
You know how I love a base layer and theses pieces worked beautifully under my outfits.
They reduce overheating and seem to regulate temperature.

I've also worn the pink vest top to a high impact class at the gym.
(It looked great with a bold pair of leggings!)

I thought I was going to expire during the class and could hardly catch my breath but my sweat was wicked away beautifully by this little vest top.
AND... no whiff at the end of the session.

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

I've been genuinely impressed with these items and feel so happy to share them with you.

They certainly make those warmer moments a little more comfortable and come in some pretty colours, which is always a bonus!

(All courtesy of

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous

I'd love to hear about your night-sweats and hot-flushing daytime experiences.

Do you suffer?
What are your coping strategies?
I'd love to hear your tips and tricks to make life (and especially sleep) easier.

Comment below or drop me an email {}... I love hearing from you!

Night Sweats | Common Causes and Ways to Cope | Become | Fake Fabulous



  1. what an interesting subject!, love to read about this kind of product, as it's hard for me to manage sweating in the gym or when going for a walk! I hate to sweat and hate even more to smell funny!. I usually carry an extra top in my bag for a quick change but it's not the best solution (I'd need to carry multiple tops, a full case of them every time!)


    1. Oh Monica... I have to admit that I laughed out loud at the thought of you hauling a suitcase on wheels full of spare tops behind you! A funny image BUT the reality is not so funny. It's annoying and embarrassing. Lots of people seem to suffer in silence (and carry strong antiperspirant with them!!) I'm so glad you found this interesting and thank you so much for commenting.... And making me smile. X

  2. I air out if I wake up from sweating. Blankets off, tee-shirt off! then it all goes back on. I also get a sweat if I do sudden movement, I find (like getting up from a sleep).

    1. Hahahaha... I do that too Sheila! Flapping covers and stripping off 😁. Unfortunately scottish nights are (mostly) COLD and I get chilled so quickly. It's annoying isn't it?! It's interesting that you get hot and sweaty after sudden movements too.... The human body is strange at times and we women have the toughest job for sure! Thank you so much for leaving this comment. Xxx

  3. Honestly, when I look back on this phase of my life I wonder how I survived it. My hot flashes were worse at night just as you've described. I slept very poorly for many months. The products you've described here sound like a real gift!!

    1. Some of my friends and work colleagues are having the WORST sleeps too Jude! It sounds like hell. Plus the sudden sweats during the day that leave their makeup down their faces and a glow that no one wants!! Thank you for sharing and commenting. Xxx

  4. Oops, that was me, Jude.

  5. This could be so helpful for women reading Sam. Luckily I don't suffer from night sweats and the menopause has been and gone. I remember those sweats so well! We need more brands like this to come up with clothing designed for those sweats day and night xx

    1. Thank you so much Laurie... I don't often share brands like this but I was so impressed with the idea and the products themselves. So good. They really need to make a seam free brief and then these would be the perfect undies! You sound like you sailed through the menopause.... Or maybe you're just made of tougher stuff!? 😉. I find it interesting how different we all are (as women) yet we share so much common ground. XXX

  6. I've had 2 rounds of night/day sweats over the years, and this is what worked/didn't work for me.

    The first time I had night sweats only. They went away once I switched to all-natural fabrics for everything I slept in/on/under. 100% cotton pjs, sheets and blankets. I couldn't find a comforter with cotton filling, so in the winter we just layer quilts until we are warm enough. Problem solved.

    The second time I was getting them both day and night, and since it was winter, like you I seemed to be simultaneously roasting and freezing. I did some research and found that there were diet culprits that made it worse - for me, coffee (hot) and alcohol. Sugar also played a small part. Cutting down on these (except the coffee, which I wasn't giving up - I just kept a glass of something cold with me when I drank it) helped, as did reducing sugar in my diet. Adding soy was recommended as well, but I honestly didn't see a difference. The one thing that helped the most was taking a multivitamin for women over 50. Deficiencies in certain vitamins (magnesium is one) can cause/increase hot flashes. Within a few days my flashes were greatly reduced - barely noticeable, actually.

    Hope this is helpful. And yes, menopause STINKS.


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