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Sunday, 10 February 2019

6 Amazing (and cheap) FACIAL Beauty Products | NOT SPONSORED

6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

As a mum of teen girls, I am constantly being "educated" about the latest must-buy beauty, or makeup, products that will not only make me more beautiful but will also change my life... for the better!

I normally tend to humour their suggestions BUT I do feel concerned that they are exposed to such beauty brainwashing.

As big-ole grownups, we're all well aware of the bullshit that is celebrity endorsed products, and well known social stars sharing their beauty "secrets".
The only influencers I listen to are the ones I trust.
People you know are saying no to more than they say yes.
Those with integrity.
It's easy to see through any BS, isn't it?

We know the people who would endorse a 'jobby on a stick' if it paid.
And those brands that are just tugging at our insecurities to make us spend our hard-earned cash.

We know it's all a pile of old nonsense.

How many people feel that tug of indecision?
That feeling of "What if?"

What if this product is really THE ONE.
What if I miss out on a miracle that will, in fact, make me look 10 years younger.

How many of us bow to clever marketing?!
I know I'm guilty!

Even though I'm well aware of what is happening to me, I'm still sometimes entering my credit card details regardless of what my sensible head is telling me!

So, if I (an old cynic) can be suckered, what hope do our teens have?!

These celebrity endorsed (often overpriced) items that are no better than cheaper products.
The reality is, that those 'miracle results' are either down to surgery, fillers, great makeup, botox, photoshop or fabulous lighting... or all six!

These sponsored endorsements are no more than a clever sales pitch with the purpose of relieving us of our money and making a few other people rich.

I, for one, am sick to the back teeth of it!

So today I'm sharing a beauty blog post about genuinely fantastic products that I regularly re-buy.

Products that offer REAL RESULTS.
Products that (in most cases) cost a few quid.
Products that don't prey on our insecurities and con us into spending more than we would like.
Products that GENUINELY deliver and don't just make some fat cat in a suit loads of cash.

Rant over.... let's get to it!

My 6 Beauty Essentials:

These products are my genuine go-to's.
My re-buys.
My saviours.
My face's friends.

They deliver.

No bullshit patter required.

{DISCLAIMER: These products work for ME. Which means they might work for you or they might not. It's all down to your skin concerns and needs.}

1. Rosewater and Glycerin
6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

I can not be without this product.

If I was allowed one product, and one product only, it would be this.

It's the best-kept beauty secret in the business!
(So keep it to yourself please.)

It's great for dry skin, oily skin and spots.
I use it as a face spray, straight after showering.
A toner.
Spot treatment.
Dry-patch treatment.
Moisturizing bodyspray.
Refreshing face spray, in hot weather.
Makeup reviving spray.
Hair tamer.

PLUS... it's amazing at stopping static on your clothes.
A light mist under your dress and no more nasty leg-cling!

Get it HERE for a bargain price of £2.39.... make sure you leave me some though!

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

A cult classic and well deserved.

A rich moisturiser.
Eyelash treatment.
Brow conditioner.
Cuticle balm.
Lip treatment (and balm).

I slather this anywhere that feels in need of a little TLC, from toes to scalp.

My lips would look like a cornflake collage if it wasn't for this little gem!

A must-have for me.

Get yours HERE... for the $24... or HERE (in the UK/Europe) for £17.95.
I buy mine at a local shop for £14.
I don't know how they do it for that price but I'm happy to pay it!

3. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot-Proofing 2 in 1 Wash
6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

This face wash/mask is fabulous!

I have tried other washes from Neutrogena and felt underwhelmed.
I've also tried MANY other face washes from other brands and nothing touches this... no matter how much I spend.

It contains salicylic acid and is the ONLY wash worth buying if you're prone to the odd breakout or (in my case) the monthly oily T-zone.

It's no good for the dry areas of my face but for my T-zone, it's a miracle worker.
Cleaning out those pores.
Knocking back the oil (it bad when I'm pre-menstrual, especially in summer) and freshening up my skin.

I'm a sensitive soul and this doesn't irritate at all.

{Read about how I 'fixed' my sensitive skin HERE}

Get your face wash HERE.

4. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

As a lover of makeup, bright lippy and waterproof mascara this oil is a MUST.
I've tried others (cheaper and more expensive) and nothing beats this beauty.

Gentle and Effective.
Lasts for ages.
Works like a charm.
(No rubbing required)

A decent (realistic) price.
What's not to love?

Get yours directly from DHC HERE.

5. The Ordinary 100% cold pressed Virgin Marula Oil
6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

Face oil is THE BEST!

There, I've said it.

For me, creams take a back seat and oils are the way to go.
Fast absorbing.

I've tried MANY other products from the cheap and cheerful (like Bio-oil) to the eye-wateringly expensive (don't even mention it...sigh).

This oil is the best!
(I've said it again)

Cheap and cheerful.
It makes my skin feel amazing.

{It's also great for dry hair}

Get yours HERE.

6. La Roche Posay Anthelios XL
6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

Sunblock is a must for me.
Even here in Scotland!

My skin is prone to those pesky brown spots... or hag patches as I like to call them!

This suncream is the best (believe me, I've done the legwork).
It is a factor 50 but in no way heavy or gloopy.
It doesn't leave a white cast or block pores.
It's light as a feather and rubs in like a charm.

 A brilliant product and well worth the price.... not cheap as chips but decent and fair.
Plus, it lasts for ages!

Get yours HERE.

6 amazing facial beauty products I can't live without | Fake Fabulous

I'd love to know YOUR top 6 facial beauty 'must-haves'!
Please share in the comments or drop me an email at

I'd also LOVE to hear if you've ever been sucked into the hype of a social media hard-sell.

Don't be ashamed...I've been suckered too! 
Share your story.



  1. It really is so hard not to try "the next best thing". I use (and sell) Rodan + Fields and LOVE the products, so it really helps me to resist trying other things. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look into the rosewater product here since you can use it for so many different things. :) XO

    1. I wouldn't be without it Lisa... it does everything and SO cheap too!

  2. Ah yeah, rosewater and glycerine! I couldn't come up with that product a few weeks ago I told my girlfriend that I wanted it for my dry hands. ah fabulous, I'm going to order it straight away.

  3. Rosewater and glycerin. An old standard. I'm intrigued by your love for it Sam! Thanks for this informative post!

    1. I wouldn't be without it Jude!
      I use it everyday at least twice and recently discovered it works like a charm on static cling...I've been searching for years for a trick to sooth the static.
      I'm guessing it's the slip of the glycerin but I'm not sure... who really cares as long as it works, eh? :o)

  4. Thank you for sharing all these products. At the moment my favourite face was is a hydrating cleanser INFINITE by FOREVER. Slightly pricey but if you consider that I have been using a 118ml tube twice a day for 10 months it has become very good value and my skin is lovely and smooth after use. Regards - Jill stylishatsixty

    1. I'll have a look at that Jill... a good cleanser is SO important.
      I recently tried Decleor's balm that is supposed to be AMAZING.
      I was underwhelmed.
      I had far too much perfume and didn't clean as well as my DHC.
      I like to try things but object to being ripped off then disappointed.


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