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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Stuff those New Year Resolutions! Winter Outfit Idea

Checked coat, Aran knit, coated Jeans | Casual winter outfit | Fake Fabulous

How do you feel about New Year resolutions?
Do you make a nice little (or long) list every New Year?
Or, are you like me and know that making resolutions for yourself is a waste of time?
For me. resolutions a load of old tosh!

New Year.
New ME...?
Stuff that!

The old me will have to be good enough!

I'm not making big promises to myself for 2019.
Promises I can't keep.
I'm simply going to try my best to do my best in all aspects of my life.
So, I'm starting with a cosy and comfy winter outfit.
Dressing as I mean to go on in 2019!

Checked coat, Aran knit, coated Jeans | Casual winter outfit | Fake Fabulous

Today, I'm wearing the perfect outfit for a cold Scottish day.

This checked coat was a Christmas gift from a friend and it's right up my alley!
Warm and colourful.
Just what I need on a winter's day.

I've added this gorgeous little brooch which was also a gift from an equally stylish friend, with a great eye for what I love to wear.

I'm very lucky to know such amazing women!

I've teamed these fab items with a pair of super-comfortable boots that may not be the most stylish, edgy or sexy boots I own but they're SO comfortable.
My feet are warm and happy.
The boots are also waterproof which is perfect for the Scottish climate.
Although today the weather is nice and dry... long may it continue!

Checked coat, Aran knit, coated Jeans | Casual winter outfit | Fake Fabulous

Of course, you know I'm layered up to the MAX here with:

  • Leggings under my coated jeans.
  • 2 pairs of socks.
  • Legwarmers.
  • A thermal vest and another base-layer.
  • A lightweight knit under my chunky jumper.
  • Wristwarmers inside my sleeves (a DIY from a shrunken jumper)

Warm as toast!

Checked coat, Aran knit, coated Jeans | Casual winter outfit | Fake Fabulous

So for 2019, I'm planning on doing more of the same stuff that happened in 2018...

  • Dressing well but with warmth and comfort the priority.
  • Eating enough of the good stuff and plenty of the bad stuff too!
  • Drinking water (when I remember).
  • Trying (and probably failing) to stop nibbling my cuticles.
  • Work harder at Fake Fabulous.
  • Keep going to the gym and staying fit.
The only 'new' things I hope to do is read more books and start knitting again, but only if time allows.
I'm certainly not beating myself up about it.

So what about you?
Are you on a mission of change something this year or is it more of the same for 2019?
Are you fabulous enough?!

I'd love to hear all about it.

Checked coat, Aran knit, coated Jeans | Casual winter outfit | Fake Fabulous

JUMPER: Vintage (Charity Shopped)
COAT: A gift from a friend.
BROOCH: A gift from a friend.
BAG: Charity shopped
BOOTS: c/o Josef Seibel... now reduced!


  1. I want a friend like that too! Glorious coat. And I don't do New year resolutions. There is nothing so weird as that in my mind!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I am crushing on your boots, very much! And the coat is totally adorable. My resolution is to pick up a pair of those boots! After I score those, I will be fabulous enough :)

  3. New Year's resolutions...something for talk show hosts and other media to hype but just don't live up to a real life sweet spot.
    Your friends are observant, fashion savvy and loving! You look beautifully adorned to take on even the gloomiest cold of a Scottish winter Sam!!

  4. My resolution is the same every year: meet or beat the number of books I read every year. I made 33 last year, not bad.

    Love that coat - I have really been on the hunt for a statement coat. Layers - yes!!

    Happy New Year, Samantha!

    1. 33 books Sheila.... hats off to you!
      I struggle to find a book I want to finish, the last one I couldn't put down was eons ago and was called the Crimson petal and the White.
      If you've any fabulous recommendations I'd love to hear them!

  5. Gosh it must be SO cold in Scotland! Somewhere that I have always wanted to go to, especially as some of my family lineage is from there. I'm sure that I saw a family crest once. But, nice to read someone else who is not "becoming better", and over planning their life. Having said that, I am facing incredible guilt that I never "plan" that much, so I may cave here......

    1. Hahahahaha... it's not THAT cold. We're at minus 1 today. Cold but bearable.
      I'm layered up!
      If you do ever come to Scotland layers are the secret.
      We can get all four seasons in 24 hours!

  6. You have such fab friends, Samantha - LOVE the coat and the brooch. I don't handle low temps very well so I can't imagine how I'd dress if I were there in Scotland, I'd probably add an extra layer on top of everything here!

    As for new year's resolutions, I didn't really make any but I'm always making personal "goals" which transcend into the new year anyway!

    1. You'd probably go into shock Liyana! Especially in comparison to your usual climate BUT you'd be a master of stylish layering!

  7. what a lovely coat! and I love the way you styled it in a fabulous color combo!
    You look adorable And comfy which is something so important. And I'm always amazed by all the warm layers you have to wear!, that's something I rarely have to do!
    And I totally agree with previous comments, New Year's resolutions are not for me. I don't believe in them!. I would settle for keeping my attitude and weight!


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