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Saturday, 19 January 2019

3 Amazing Dresses | 3 HUGE Disappointments | Part 2

Amazing Disappointments | Fake Fabulous | Bad Dresses

Part 2 of an all too familiar tale...
You spot a fabulous item online.
You fall in love.
Your finger hits [BUY NOW].
You know the rest, don't you?

The item of your dreams is heading your way.
It's about to be a style-match made in heaven.

Then reality hits...

Amazing Disappointments | Fake Fabulous | Bad Dresses

My sad shopping story continues...

(Read Part 1 HERE)

After searching online I spotted three dresses and fell in love with them all.
I waited with excitement for them to arrive.

Welcome to dress disaster part 2.

NOTE: I've 'styled' (if you can call it that?!) all three dresses with the same black poloneck, tights and boots. Just so you can see them all on an equal footing.

Amazing Disappointments | Fake Fabulous | Bad Dresses

This second dress was my least favourite as nothing felt right about it.

Online, the bold colourway and bright clash got my creative juices flowing.
(Just imagine the potential layering and accessorising opportunities!)
The fabric looked good and the word "Trophy" was used to describe it.

What could be more appropriate for display than a Trophy Dress??

When it arrived I felt like I'd come last!
The fabric is nasty.
More like something you would use to polish your trophies than a trophy dress to show off.

The cut and finish were the best out of the three dresses (the last one, number 3 is the WORST) but it was still pretty shabby.

Amazing Disappointments | Fake Fabulous | Bad Dresses

The sizing was better than Dress Number 1, but only just!
It's still an odd cut, and I'm a standard body shape and average height.
Who does this dress fit??

(I was beginning to wonder if the shop models are pinned?)

This time my husband described it perfectly (again)...

"That looks like you've tucked a teatowel into your pinny."

Hmmmm.... he has a point.

The 'chic folds of fabric' I imagined from the online photos turned out to be strange flaps of badly pinned fabric.

Probably good for a spot of dusting!

Another HUGE disappointment.

Amazing Disappointments | Fake Fabulous | Bad Dresses

On-trend for 2019:
  • Pattern mixing
  • Zebra print (on the sash)
  • Midi-length
  • BOLD colours
NOT on trend EVER:
  • More Dodgy sizing 
  • Strange teatowel-like flaps of fabric
  • Bad seam alignment
Oh dear.
Another big letdown.

Have you had any similar disappointing experiences recently?
Do you think this dress is better or worse than the last one?
I'd love to know your thoughts!

Please stay tuned for 'Amazing Dress Disappointment' no. 3!

Things get even nastier...
Number 3 was the most expensive out of the bunch too.

BTW, You can find this trophy (aka teatowel) dress HERE (regular) HERE (maternity) and HERE (plus size)... if you fancy your chances!

I'd LOVE to know if it works for you and your body.



  1. This really reminds me of the other dress. I love the idea of the pattern mixing and the animal print but implementation is a massive fail.

    I can't wait to see dress number 3! I'm expecting a mega disaster : P

    Here are some funny instances of people ordering online....


  2. Honestly, if I see this dress on a rack (on sale,especially) in a maxi version, I would be so excited to bring it to the fitting room to try it on! The mix-and-match of patterns certainly caught my eyes. My first thought was "Oooh love the dress!" but then I finished reading your post and I went "Oh no!".
    But, actually...I still think the dress looks nice on you Samantha, oop!

    I'm a firm believer in wearing an outfit that you feel good in though, and whatever we wear should feel like it's "meant-to-be".

    I liked dress number 1 OK, but this one is more my cup of tea. Will you be returning this dress or keep it?
    Looking forward to seeing the 3rd dress!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Definitely returning Liyanna!
      It's just AWFUL.
      You might not like it so much when you saw how it flapped open at the crotch!!
      Leggings would be needed :oP

  3. OK, now I’m feeling the pain (along with the humor). I LOVE the colors and patterns and style of this dress and would grab it to try on if I saw it in a store! Could you remove the flaps and take it in a bit yourself?

    1. I could Kathleen but the fabric is SO bad it's not worth the bother.
      I quite liked the flaps online... they looked cool.
      In real life they were ridiculous!

  4. Yes, this one is worse then the first one. Looking forward though to the last one!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. woww, so dissapointing, as it looks really cool in the pictures, the mix of patterns and interesting shape looked so cool! so sad!
    looking forward to see the last one!

    1. I thought this colour combination might appeal to you Monica! :o)
      This dress should have been lovely. If it had been, I would have worn it to death!

  6. You have a way of looking pretty in just about everything Sam. I'm guessing that the cheap fabric was a huge turn-off with this dress. I also think those tea towel, wing flaps, just seem awkward. It's interesting that they look kind of fun/ funky in the ad.
    Overall...NOT a keeper! :-)

    1. Thank you for your kindness Jude... it COULD have been a keeper but you are spot-on about the flappy bits.
      They look deceptively cool on the website and just daft in real life :oP

  7. I'm a seamstress. I get the idea of having the drapey scarf effect at the waist....but you would never do that with a one-sided printed fabric! It would result in what you have here - the look of towels tacked on at the waist. In a different fabric, maybe the effect could work. But, yes, this was a fail. Too bad because the color/print combo is amazing!

  8. The fabric looks horrendous, with the white backing and white edging - just very cheap-looking. I love the colours and print mixes, though!

  9. How disappointing! Yes it has happened to me too. The perils of online shopping!

    Emma xxx


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