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Thursday, 17 January 2019

3 Amazing Dresses | 3 BIG disappointments | Part 1

I bet this is a familiar tale...
You spot a dress (or another fabulous item) online.
You fall in love.

Your finger hits [Add to Basket].
Your credit card details are entered.

The item of your dreams is about to be yours.
You can imagine it being worn to every occasion, looking great with most things in your wardrobe.
It's the stuff fashion fairytales are made of.

Or is it?

Mixed Floral and Zebra print Satin Dress | Fake Fabulous

This is how my story started...

After searching online I spotted three dresses and fell in love with them all.
I bided my time until they hit the sales (full-price is rarely the price I like to pay).
It didn't take long.
Bold styles tend to find their way into the sale rail pretty quickly.
As soon as the price dropped I snapped them up!

I waited with excitement for them to arrive.



To say the dresses were a disappointment is a bit of an understatement.
I think my reaction as I opened the bags was...


Not very ladylike, I'm sorry... but I felt cheated.

They were going straight back!

Mixed Floral and Zebra print Satin Dress | Fake Fabulous

However, as I was wrapping them up to send back I thought I would try them on and share my pain with you!

I'm sharing the best of a bad lot with you today... and there are two more howlers to follow.

NOTE: I've 'styled' (if you can call it that?!) all three dresses with the same black poloneck, tights and boots. Just so you can see them all on an equal footing.

Mixed Floral and Zebra print Satin Dress | Fake Fabulous

This first dress is the best of the bunch and it's no great accolade as the other two are pretty terrible.

It may be the best out of the three BUT it was my biggest disappointment.
I had such high hopes!

Online, the pattern and the satin fabric made me giddy with joy.
When it arrived the fabric felt thinner than expected but decent enough, then reality hit.
I had a closer look at seams and cut, then my heart sank.

Mixed Floral and Zebra print Satin Dress | Fake Fabulous

The sizing is bizarre!
It's supposed to be a UK 8.
I'm a UK 10 and it's hanging off.

Worst of all, the finish is awful.

My husband described it perfectly...

"That looks like one of the kids made it in school."

Hmmmm.... not a great compliment for a dress!

Mixed Floral and Zebra print Satin Dress | Fake Fabulous

It had so much potential.

On-trend for 2019:

  • Pattern mixing
  • Zebra print
  • Satin fabric
  • Midi-length
  • BOLD

NOT on trend EVER:

  • Bad seams
  • Dodgy sizing 
  • Gaping/bagging at the bust
  • Clinging fabric

Oh dear.

Have you had a similarly disappointing experience recently?
I'd love to hear about it!

Please stay tuned for 'Amazing Dress Disappointment' no. 2!

Things take a turn for the worse next time.
(My husband made me laugh out loud with his observation)

BTW, You can find this dress HERE... if you fancy your chances!



  1. LOL, that dress definitely doesn't fit you!! But I can see why you would have wanted it -it is so you (just in a poor size and fabric, lol) Looking forward to seeing the other 2 dresses!

    1. I thought... WHAT?!?!? it's enormous!
      I would need a UK6 and I'm a UK10.

  2. Oof! We've all probably been there. I bought three very sharp business suits online once. Beautiful colors and nice style lines. When I got them, the fabric was super cheap, they were unlined, seams were flimsy. I happen to be a seamstress and make most of my clothes so for me to buy ready-to-wear, it's got to be BETTER quality then I could sew it myself. Those were not! Back they went. By the way, this dress would be lovely on you but the fact that it didn't fit at all really jumped out. Too bad!

    1. Cheap suits are awful aren't they?
      I have a blazer that just sits all wrong.
      I keep it for dance costumes for my girls (it looks okay on stage) but in real life it just makes me look cheap.
      Not a look we want is it?

  3. I’m not sure they would have appealed to me even if they fitted. Such a disappointment for you.

    1. It's definitely a niche item Catherine!
      Not to everyone's taste :oP
      I felt it was calling to me though and the disappointment was real!!

  4. auch, it's such a dissapointing when you've been dreaming on how to style your fab purchases and then they don't look as expected!. I also had to deal with strange sizing, bad seams or cheap fabric and had to return many ítems. I believed that plus sizes bear the brunt of bad sizing, but it's a general issue!
    Sorry that the dress has been so dissapointing, as the idea of the two different prints in an assymetrical combo looked very appealing!

    1. Blimey Monica... I bet this dress just gets worse and worse as the pattern is scaled up to plus size.
      Dress number two comes in 'Curve' and I would LOVE to know how it felt on a real plus sized lady.... hmmmm.
      I'm so glad you can see whay I had high hopes for this dress!
      The pattern and colours were so lovely.

  5. Haha, oh awfull! It could have been a fabulous dress!

  6. I can see what attracted you to this dress initially. It looks quite appealing on the Asos site. Cute idea/concept however!
    Definitely not up to your standards Sam. Your husband's comment pretty much nails it!!:-)

  7. So much potential, but this is why I buy 99% of my things in person (I occasionally buy a pair of shoes online, but I shop them in person at that company's store most of the time). How sad that it was so crappy. I'm looking forward to the even-worse ones, just for the chuckle. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I feel like I should make the trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow when I want to shop from now on.
      It's just not worth the hassle and there would be no disappointments.
      I think charity shopping is MUCH more enjoyable.

  8. :o)
    I'm glad I made you smile Gail!
    That was my intention.
    I hope you enjoy numbers 2 and 3.

  9. Such a shame. I've seen so many people show photos of what they thought they were buying and then what actually came. They aren't remotely the same item. In fact drop shippers now make tons of money getting companies in China to reproduce items that they turn around and sell on social media platforms. They've never even seen the product they are selling. It gets shipped directly from China to the buyer. This is a problem that is only getting bigger.

    I had this happen once years ago when I still bought retail. It was a pink blouse and it seemed like it was made for a child. It was made out of the scratchiest most awful material that made me sweat like a pig and yet was totally see-through. I couldn't send it back either as it would have been too expensive. It wound up at my local thrift store for some nice 10 year old to wear.


    1. That blouse sounds AWFUL Suzanne!
      Maybe it made someone happy?
      I hope so.

  10. Oh, how you made me laugh. Happens to all of us! I usually only shop online at stores with locations near me so I can easily return with no charge. That dress would have been SO cute on you if the fabric and workmanship were quality and the fit was right! Thank you for sharing - made me think of that movie with all the bad bridesmaid’s dresses.

    1. Oh yeah!!! I remember that film.
      So funny.
      This dress would have been great wouldn't it??


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