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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Blue Shirt and Blue Toes! Feeling the Cold

Longline shirt, Topshop Orson Jeans, Sequin Shoes | Fake Fabulous

First, a blogging truth...

"Blimey... I was NITHERED in these photos!"

{Translation: Goodness me, I was feeling the cold whilst having these photographs taken!}

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Checked Overcoat and Ribbed Dress | Oops, I've-Slept-in Outfit

Checked wool coat and knitted dress | Slept-in outfit | Fake Fabulous

Oh dear, I slept in this morning!
There is nothing worse than that feeling of panic.
No time to get 'properly' dressed.
No time for that lingering early morning coffee.
Hair and makeup are done on the train (or bus) to work.
Nightmare eh?


Sunday, 20 January 2019

3 Amazing Dresses | 3 Disasters! | Part 3: The finale

Chain pattern maxi wrap dress | Fake Fabulous

This is the final part of a sad trilogy...
Three beautiful dresses that I fell in love with.
Three awful disappointments.

My basket was full of beautiful dresses... or so I thought!
I was excited about the styling possibilities.

Then reality hit.


Saturday, 19 January 2019

3 Amazing Dresses | 3 HUGE Disappointments | Part 2

Amazing Disappointments | Fake Fabulous | Bad Dresses

Part 2 of an all too familiar tale...
You spot a fabulous item online.
You fall in love.
Your finger hits [BUY NOW].
You know the rest, don't you?

The item of your dreams is heading your way.
It's about to be a style-match made in heaven.

Then reality hits...

Thursday, 17 January 2019

3 Amazing Dresses | 3 BIG disappointments | Part 1

I bet this is a familiar tale...
You spot a dress (or another fabulous item) online.
You fall in love.

Your finger hits [Add to Basket].
Your credit card details are entered.

The item of your dreams is about to be yours.
You can imagine it being worn to every occasion, looking great with most things in your wardrobe.
It's the stuff fashion fairytales are made of.

Or is it?


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Why I don't use US English in my Blog Posts

Why I Can't Speak American English | Fake Fabulous

Much like local fashion trends, language is NOT the same everywhere, is it?

Take Scotland as an example.
If you're not from Scotland you might think that everyone from Scotland sounds similar right?
Simply Scottish.

Well... you'd be wrong!

There are vast regional differences between different areas of Scotland.

Sometimes you can struggle to understand what they are saying even if you only live fifty miles apart!

In the town I grew up (in the North East of England) there were differences in accent (and even vocabulary) from one town to the next, and there were less than 10 miles between the towns!

Local people could tell EXACTLY where you were from as soon as you opened your mouth.

Is it the same where you live?How far do you have to travel before the accent changes or even the words used to describe certain things are different?


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Neon Pink and Orange | SS19 Trends | Bold Winter outfit

Neon Pink and Orange striped Topshop dress | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit

This outfit is not for the fainthearted!
It's bright and bold.
Psychedelic 1990s meets the '70s, meets a potential migraine.

And I LOVE it!

When I wore this outfit to work I received plenty of comments.

Some were genuine compliments.
"OMG... I love your dress!"
Some were knee-jerk shock reactions.
"Wow! Thats bright!!"
Some were simply cheeky.
"Are you not getting enough attention or something?"

None of which affected how I felt about wearing this outfit.

As I always say...

It doesn't matter a jot what other people think of you (or your clothing choices) it's how YOU feel about YOU that counts.
In fact, it's ALL that counts.

Do you agree?

Neon Pink and Orange striped Topshop dress | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit

Back to this dress...
I've had my eye on it for months but knew it would end up in the sale at some rock-bottom price.
It's a very niche item.
Right up my alley but I don't think the alley is too crowded!

So I've waited and here it is.
Mine for 70% off.
Hello my lovely!

Neon Pink and Orange striped Topshop dress | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit

I'm also looking forward to wearing this dress in the warmer months as it has a lovely open back.
A little bit sexy (it's still allowed over 40 you know!) but demure enough not to look too flashy.

Today, I'm wearing it with a bright orange poloneck... plus a few extra hidden layers... and why not?

I felt like a beacon of light on a winter's day.
Wearing bright colours, either clothing or makeup, really does improve your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Get your colour on!

Neon Pink and Orange striped Topshop dress | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit

BOOTS: Duo (a few years old)... similar.
DRESS: Topshop... cheap as chips, but only the petite version is online now!
TOP: Kettlewell colours.
BAG: Charity shopped.

Neon Pink and Orange striped Topshop dress | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Teddy Coat and Red Leopard | Colourful Winter Outfit

Brown teddy Jacket and red leopard skirt | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit

I love the vintage vibe of this modern outfit.
It feels unique and fun, without losing any of that warmth (or comfort) that I refuse to compromise on!

Brown teddy Jacket and red leopard skirt | Fake Fabulous | Winter Outfit

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

What to REALLY Expect from Your First Fitness Class | Top Tips for Beginners

What to expect from your first Bodypump Gym Class | Fake Fabulous

You may have made some New Year resolutions this year that involve exercise and fitness.
{You can read my personal feelings on New Year Resolutions HERE}

Maybe your goals involve one (or even all) of the following:
  • Get to a healthier weight (by either losing or gaining).
  • To find physical activity easier by getting fitter.
  • Improve lung capacity.
  • Have a healthier heart.
  • Tone up your flabby/saggy bits (bingo wings anyone?).
  • To improve the look of your skin, nails and hair.
  • Improve your mental wellbeing.
  • Protect your bones.
  • Boost your immunity.
Maybe all of these goals are in your mind?
Maybe you've got the best intentions but are struggling to get started?

What is holding you back?

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Stuff those New Year Resolutions! Winter Outfit Idea

Checked coat, Aran knit, coated Jeans | Casual winter outfit | Fake Fabulous

How do you feel about New Year resolutions?
Do you make a nice little (or long) list every New Year?
Or, are you like me and know that making resolutions for yourself is a waste of time?
For me. resolutions a load of old tosh!

New Year.
New ME...?
Stuff that!

The old me will have to be good enough!

I'm not making big promises to myself for 2019.
Promises I can't keep.
I'm simply going to try my best to do my best in all aspects of my life.
So, I'm starting with a cosy and comfy winter outfit.
Dressing as I mean to go on in 2019!
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