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Friday, 28 December 2018

Why there's NO Excuse for PJs in Public! Cosy Winter Outfit

Burgundy Jumper Dress and Vinyl Leggings | Fake Fabulous

Cue (very) boring sob story...
I've been in bed with a nasty cold for the past 3 days and it's no fun at all.

{Are those violins I hear playing?}

Feeling like a ball of pain is bad enough but the weather has been glorious and all I can think about is how I could have had some great outfit photos in the beautiful light.

{Light, or lack of it, is every blogger's obsession!}

So, I'm writing this from my bed wearing my old PJs and a scabby dressing gown.
Sitting here with a nose like Rudolf (and unbelievably dry and itchy skin, for some reason?) I look a real mess.
Which got me thinking...

Burgundy Jumper Dress and Vinyl Leggings | Fake Fabulous

My current PJs 'outfit' is certainly an atypical blogger look but a realistic one for many people.
Some even venture out in public in theirs!
I've seen dogs being walked, buses caught and shopping being bought with people's pyjamas tucked into their (fake) ugg boots.

I understand why they do it.
It's all about comfort.

Why bother making an effort when no one bats an eyelid at your PJs, joggers or onesie?
What's the point of getting dressed when you're just walking the dog or picking up a pint of milk?
Who really cares?
I understand.
I do.

BUT, as I lie here feeling (and looking) like a female version of Nosferatu I realise that I really DO care.
As much as I love comfort I refuse to be seen outside in nightwear.
There is just no need for it.

Of course, life is not one big glamour-a-thon.
Not of us are chic and stylish all of the time (despite what social media would have you believe).
We all have off days.
Saggy joggers days.
PJ days.


Never Ever ...

Okay, maybe at a pyjama party but even then I'd be tempted to wear a pyjama-style co-ord instead of actual pyjamas which are inevitably a bit saggy and baggy, no matter how nice they are to sleep in.

Most of my outfits are not that far away from PJ-territory when it comes to comfort anyway!

Take today's look...
{It's not really from today but you know what I mean.}

This outfit is such a typical 'Me' style.
Pretty lazy and very practical.

All about comfort and warmth.
Simple to wear and in no way restrictive.

A small step up from joggers and a hoody.

Burgundy Jumper Dress and Vinyl Leggings | Fake Fabulous

How difficult is it to make an outfit from comfortable clothes?
Not very!

Putting pieces together that vaguely resemble a decent outfit is how I get dressed every day.

It's very rare that I will put my body under pressure or pain for the sake of an outfit.

Occasionally, I'll suffer an uncomfortable shoe (like these horrors!) but that's about as far as it goes.

Sometimes an outfit is as simple as leggings and a jumper but it's still an OUTFIT.
Hanging on to outfit status by a thread, granted, but still suitable for public display.

The thing is, with modern fabrics, shapes and sizes there is no reason why anyone needs to sacrifice comfort for style.
So that age-old excuse is null and void.
Even the laziest of lazybones can pop a dress over their head or pull on jeans (even jeggings) and a jumper.
It's as easy as pie.

I say Pjs in public needs to STOP but what do you think? 

Burgundy Jumper Dress and Vinyl Leggings | Fake Fabulous

It's not been a great few days for me so I'm sharing a winter outfit from last week when I was Mrs Smuggy McSmug at my avoidance of all things sniffly and snotty.
As the people around me dropped like flies I was thinking...

"My immune sytem must be in fantastic shape!"
"Get stuffed Viruses!"

I imagined my super-hero cells fighting off the baddies like mini Captain Americas.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Reality hit... and HARD.

Burgundy Jumper Dress and Vinyl Leggings | Fake Fabulous

This outfit was easy to wear (of course) and SO warm (again... of course!) with loads of layers... thermals, multiple socks, cosy leggings.

It did take a minute or two to assemble the layers underneath but once they were on I was ready for the day!

{Oh, how I miss that "Ready for the day" feeling! Maybe next week?}

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on PJs in public.
Does it happen where you live?
What about other sloppy dressing habits, like baggy grey joggers?

Please leave me a comment or drop me a DM on instagram @Fake Fabulous.
Feel free to agree, disagree or simply share your story with me.
I love hearing from you!

DRESS/JUMPER: Asos... half price now!
LEGGINGS: Leg Avenue... similar
BOOTS: Clarks & Christopher Raeburn... old but I like these too.
BAG: A gift... similar.




  1. I totally agree Sam - no pyjamas in public for me. I find that on the very rare occasion I go around the corner to the supermarket in gray joggers (for at home only usually), that is when I will definitely run into somebody whom I really don't want to see me like that - the crazy laws of the universe! Wishing you feel better soon! Lise

    1. Thank you Lise!
      I have hideous dark green joggers that are far too thin for public display but I DO walk Jake (our dog) in them... only at night under a long down-filled winter coat.
      The thought of walking around town in them gives me the shudders :oP

  2. Pajama pants in public--especially when worn by men--are SO offputting. And especially when it looks like they were actually WORN in bed and then WORN for the remainder of the day. Ugh.

    1. Ugh!
      I hadn't even thought about the men in their pjs, onsies and baggy joggers.... how gross. Hahahaha.
      (not sexy!)

  3. Even *I*, and I am A Lazy, Lazy Girl, do not wear pajamas outside the house. At work, the last wee before any vacations, we have "Spirit Week," and each day is given a different dressing theme (I work at a school so students are involved). "Pajama Day" is almost always an option. Even there, where it's sanctioned and "everyone is doing it," I can't do it. Well, for one thing, I don't wear pajamas, I wear nightgowns. And for another - ain't nobody need to be seeing me in one of my nightgowns! The young teachers and children all look adorable in their matchy pajama sets and unicorn onesies, but...not me. I can't get behind the house slippers worn out in public thing, either. And I love a cozy slip-on. But. Nope.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!


    1. Thank you so much Bettye... I hope so too!
      I know EXACTLY what you mean by that.
      Children do look cute, we (as adults) just look disheveled and it's not cute at all.
      PJ parties should be for kiddies only.
      Unless it's hosted by Dior and they're handing out their gorgeous silk pyjama-style co-ords, then I'm in!!
      (If you're listening Dior peeps... Bettye and I would ROCK a pair of those! :oP)

    2. Yuck! The slippers worn outside thing grosses me out. You're walking on the dirty street, dirty sidewalk, the grass, snow, basically sweeping up every possible outside germ their is....and then what? Bringing it back into your house? Hopping back into bed or onto your couch with God only knows what clinging to your fuzzy bunny slippers?? Disgusting!

  4. You will never see me in pj s in public, nor in a baggy sweat pants. But I think, perhaps, that people who do don't care to much about the selves, that is said enough.

    1. I agree Nancy!
      I know for a fact it can't be blamed on laziness because I am a lazy bones myself and just couldn't bring myself to do it... even on my slouchiest of days.
      Just no!

  5. I can be constantly heard screaming at Philip “do not go out on the lane in them”. Of which I’m referring to his tartan fleece pj bottoms. Gross !!!! Has the man no pride.
    I even apologised to the doctor the other day during my appointment because I was wearing my Pilates outfit.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hahahaha...I do that too Lynn,if I'm caught in gym clothes! 😊

  6. PJs in public - noooo! Or shorts on men in winter, which seems quite common! That burgundy cardi/dress is stunning - I may get it!

    1. Hahahaha ..yes Gail! Shorts are a weird one ...especially the grey saggy ones!

  7. You've styled that long burgundy jumper so well Samantha. Those leather leggings and the cool grey and black booties are perfection!! I think that many women would pair this jumper with a pair of tights and call it a dress but your creative eye makes this a far more unique and svelte silhouette. You are so beautiful in that first photo!
    PJ's in public NO WAY!! Never! Never!
    I do however love to put together cute looks for staying at home. "Comfy couture" is an area of fashion that has it's appeal! The demands of our lives during the work week suggest that we NEED "kick-back clothes" that are comfortable and cute for at home wear.
    Living in a rural setting for the past year and in my 8th year of retirement have inspired a personal fashion reboot. I like attractive/ comfy at home attire but I won't wear those same clothes when I drive the half hour into the city.

    1. Comfy couture....I like that Judy! Even comfy clothes can be decent-looking can't they? I couldn't wear this as a dress because the split it too high....but it could be a fun look with some patterned opaques. I might try it!x

  8. I didn't even wear my PJs in public when I had to be rushed to the hospital. I still managed to change. If I leave the house wearing my PJs I feel naked.

    Love this oversized cardigan and the cool vibe of the leather peeping out. Burgundy is such a great colour on you.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much Suzanne! I did chuckle at the thought of you getting dressed to be rushed into hospital. 😂

    2. That reminds me of a friend who took her lippy to A&E (I think you call it ER?) . She wanted to look her best. X

  9. Forgot to say hope you are feeling better soon!


  10. First of all, Happy New Year! Second, I hope you feel better. Third, well actually there is no third.
    But, getting to the point, after reading your post, I did want to give a resounding, "Yes!"
    Here in the U.S. it has become normal to see people in PJ's, slippers, leggings as pants, etc. Why??
    My mother drilled it into my head that you NEVER leave the house without looking presentable. No excuses. Imagine if you have an accident. ��
    Love your outfit, which is proof that you can be comfortable and presentable.

    1. Thank you Maria....your mum was right and there really is no excuse when modern clothes are so comfortable and easy to wear. X

  11. Ugh. Totally agree. There is no need for pj's in public. I see it a lot at my children's daycare. Both moms and dads coming in, not only in obvious pajamas, but sometimes even with slippers on their feet! I see it and wonder: Why are you dropping your kid off at daycare when you're obvsiouly not going to work today? If you're still in your pj's does that mean you haven't showered yet? Brushed your teeth yet? If youh didn't get dressed, does that mean you had no time to feed your child breakfast? Right or wrong, we are judged based on how we present ourselves to the world. Why on earth would you want to invite negative judgement when there are better ways to leave the house in comfort than pj's??

    1. I think you're right!
      Everyone judges, even if they think they don't, even if they try their hardest not to... it's simply natural to do so.
      I think we all subconsciously make assumptions about people and there really is no need for slippers and PJs. Why would anyone want to be assumed to be unkempt and lazy when it takes a minute to pull on jeans, boots and a jumper... even if you pull them over your Pjs!! :oP
      Thank you for this honest comment.

  12. Love Love the sweater on you Sam, the length and the collar are fabulous! I am with you on no pjs in public! I laughed when I read this title, as my niece who is 8, dressed in a pj onsie as we went to visit my mom for the 9 hour drive. Stopping in a pitstop for lunch, she had her unicorn slippers and pink onsie on and I said to her we should all wear onsies next Christmas! ( I won't be wearing mine in public!)
    I do agree, there are so many ways to dress comfortably without Pjs!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx


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