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Friday, 30 November 2018

Can you be a Feminist and still love Makeup?

Something happened the other day that really rattled my cage.
My hackles went up and my lip got all tooth barring and curly!

It was all to do with the dreaded F-word.

I know I'm late to the feminist party.
Feminism has been all over the news recently and you can even buy slogan emblazoned tatt in order to 'prove' your feminist credentials are genuine (more on that later).

BUT for some people, the word FEMINIST is a dirty word.
Admitting to being a feminist is on a par with admitting you don't wash your bedsheets.
Dirty Dirty DIRTY!

For some, a typical 'feminist' slots neatly into one unsavoury stereotype.

The hairy-legged (or lipped), man-hating, seriously angry woman.
Hmmmmm.... more on that in a moment too!

Something was said to me the other day that, initially, was a little confusing.
Then, seemed utterly stupid.

Anyone who knows me (or reads my blog) will know that I'm normally the kind of person who ignores 'negative' comments and often laughs them off as nonsense.
I tend not to get hurt or offended.

{Especially if someone comments on the way I look... Boring! 
I'm well aware of my flaws thank you.}

However, when I was told that I couldn't POSSIBLY call myself a feminist because I liked "Stupid and superficial" things like looking nice and (the ultimate sin) MAKEUP.
I felt confused and a little peeved.

How utterly bonkers to think that being a feminist means you have to give up makeup and shoes and get shirty at anyone who holds a door open for you.
What nonsense!

Apparently, according to this fool person, 'real' feminists NEVER pander to the superficial.
They don't wear makeup.
They don't cover their greys.
They don't even shave their armpits (ugh!?).

{Find out more on Why I think it's important to look 'Nice' HERE}

Real feminists don't give a monkey's uncle about looking 'nice'.

A true feminist will spit in the face of being attractive, wave a placard at the lippy-wearing masses and kick a few guys in the balls on her way home... especially if they dare to hold a door open for her!

Now for all those in any doubt here is the real meaning of the F-word:


1. Advocating social, political, legal and economic rights for women equal to those of men.
1. An advocate of such rights.

Now pardon me but there appears to be no mention of hairy legs or man-hating in there, does there?
Just equality.

So, my point is...
I know plenty of feminists.
None of whom are miserable, angry man-haters.

Most of whom love lipstick and eyeliner!
All of whom also quite like it when someone holds a door open for them... man or woman.

I really hope that my girls (and my son too) know it's okay to want men and women to have the same rights in life while still encouraging everyone to be who they want to be, look how they want to look and do what they want to do.

Feminism and being Feminine are not mutually exclusive!

And no, you DON'T need to buy a t-shirt that tells the world you are a feminist in order to BE one unless it's a t-shirt that makes you feel great when you wear it... and it goes with your lippy!

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on feminism, being a feminist and all of this business!
Please leave a comment or get in touch HERE.



  1. I just wrote a post on updating our makeup because I took both mom and Nancy to a professional. But then I wondered if we shouldn't just embrace our naturalness. However, for some reason I feel more put together with makeup. Just like I feel better with clothes on. Not that I don't embrace my body, but I like a little coverage!!

    1. I saw that Jodie, it looked like fun (but I must admit that I think your regular bloggy makeup looks are better!).
      Makeup is great fun isn't it? :o)

  2. If you believe in equal rights then you're a feminist. It was not pleasant having the term hijacked for a couple of decades to mean 1) only women 2) of a particular sexual preference and 3) dressing in a very particular fashion. What a tool we handed them to put women off pushing for equality!
    Now that the term is being reclaimed (no coincidence that it's in the era of 'me too') ordinary women are less put off. Your critic seems to want us to cower because we're not dressed right, or wearing lippy. Well... we're not having it! :)

    I very much enjoy your blog, and rest assured, it won't corrupt my feminism! Sue

  3. It's unfortunate and counterproductive to spend time criticizing the sincerity and motivation of fellow feminists. There's so much to accomplish and we need to embrace our humanity first as we move forward TOGETHER to bring about "meaningful" change.
    I think long term frustration can bring on some meaningless wheel spinning. Burning bras, growing out bodily hair, and not wearing make-up have zero impact on the real problems of social, political and economic inequity for women.

    1. Absolutely Judy!
      Burning a bra just means you have to go out and buy another one :oP

  4. I am not a feminist at all! And I love to ,,play,, with make-up! I think it s very generelizing to say that femenists don t wear make-up. That person must have been sleeping for decades

  5. why some people think that makeup or fashion are 'Stupid and superficial'?? I change my opinion about any people the moment they open their mouths to say it!. Because they're probably superficial and prejudiced! (irony!)
    Obviously, I don't feel less of a feminist because of my style (or lipstick). I think that it's just my business and I'd like that people feel free to express themselves the way they choose. So I totally support those women who don't care a bit about style or quit shaving their armpits. It's nobody's business except theirselves!
    Sometimes I'm an angry feminist too! with lipstick!

  6. There are a lot of intellectual morlocks around and they like caricatures because it saves them getting a headache from thinking. Life is so much easier when they can stuff Edith Stein, Justin Welby, and Westboro Baptist in the same pigeonhole. And Vera Brittain, Jane Austen, a few bull dykes, Phryne Fisher, and Shulamith Firestone in another. Then when some mad optimist comes along and tries to explain that just as there are different types of Christian and Justin Welby is unlikely to terrorise funerals there are also different types of feminist and the real Shulamith Firestone would have loathed the fictional Miss Fisher they get deeply confused and grab the most extreme example of whatever it is to hit you with on their way back to their cave where they can read that nice Mr Morgan in the Daily Mail in peace.


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