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Sunday, 11 November 2018

How to Wear Red Shoes.. One simple Tip!

Pink Leather dress, star tights and Red Suede Shoes | Fake Fabulous

Red shoes are undeniably iconic.
Think of Dorothy's amazing ruby slippers.
Or, the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale and Moira Shearer in the 1948 film adaptation.
Red shoes are glamorous and beautiful.

However, in the real world, red shoe purchases can seem like a great idea at the time only to end up gathering dust in our wardrobes.
Red shoes can be tricky to style, and no matter how many glamorous red-shoe-outfits we look at on Pinterest, they can still feel a bit intimidating.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Don't Go Shopping! Trendy Autumn Outfit Idea

Cobalt Blue Long Coat, Burgundy Wool Dress | Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

With every new season comes the usual designer must-haves.
Every brand is trying to convince us that our current wardrobes are outdated.
We're in danger of looking old-fashioned and frumpy unless we spend money NOW!

Their ad campaigns are full of the latest must-buys, must-haves and can-not-live-withouts.
Get them immediately or miss out.
Spend spend spend or simply give up on looking good.
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