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Sunday, 14 October 2018

50 Shades of ... Black and Grey!

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

Okay ... so this outfit is not exactly 50 shades of anything, but most of the pieces in this outfit are supposed to be black and they all look so different.

Different 'blacks' have the potential to look odd when put together, but if you mix up the textures it can work really well.
Today I'm mixing wool (although this is definitely grey!!), leather (the blackest item) and a silky fabric to create a slightly retro-feeling look.

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

I was kindly gifted this vest top by the brand We Become.
It is designed to be worn as underwear and supposed to regulate the body during those annoying menopausal hot flushes (or flashes).
A clever idea.

I can't really comment on the hot flushes (I'm back in sync again... for now!) BUT it did work well wicking sweat during my strenuous combat class at the gym and I put it through its paces to climb a local hill, Dumyat.
I've also slept in it and didn't get that sweaty decolletage that I often experience at night.
{Is that just me??}

It also looks great worn as a little shell top as it is so well finished.
Simple and chic.

Perfect with a vintage leather skirt!

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

Leather can look quite vampy.
It certainly has the potential to look a bit too SEXY.
If you'd rather your leather looked fun, try adding a pair of opaque tights (which I thought were black but look more taupe/grey!) and neutral flat boots (or a loafer/brogue/flat shoe).

I have (of course) ignored my own advice today and worn a chunky heeled leopard boot.
A little bit cheeky.
Oopsy... not sorry!

Dial it up or down... fashion and personal style is your call after all!

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

TOP: c/o Become... also available in a nude colour.
SKIRT: Vintage ... try this!
TIGHTS: Levante
BOOTS: Miss KG... try these.
BAG: Hidesign... this is cute!!
SCARF: Borrowed... don't tell my daughter!




  1. Perfect canvas for those gorgeous boots! Great look! xx

  2. I love these boots with the different shades of black! K

  3. woww, you look really fabulous, elegant with a bit of sassiness (zing!) which makes everything rock!. I love your leather skirt and all the accessories, the booties, the bag! and the layering! love a long cardi over a mini skirt!
    Really fabulous, once more!

  4. I never thought so many "shades" of black and grey could work so well together Samantha! But that's down to your expert styling... like adding those leopard boots: genius!! You look sensational AS ALWAYS ;)

    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb

    1. Aww Catherine, you are too kind! Black is not a colour I normally wear... apart from in the evening for some reason? There are so many variations aren't they?

  5. Replies
    1. You're not alone Nancy! :oP
      I don't really suit it but wear it regardless... I think I do that quite often :o)

  6. I wear a lot of leather pieces and it can be tricky not too look too vampy/sexy in it - but it can be done! I love the long cardi over this look, and your mix of grey/black. It used to bug me to put warm tones like leopard or gold with grey, but it's a colour mix I really like now.

    Sweaty boobs here too. :-D

    1. Hahahaha... thank you for sharing Sheila :oP.... I'm glad it's not just me!!
      I LOVE warm and cool colours together. Greys and browns... anything goes really, doesn't it?

  7. Love the different tones of grey/black in your look. What a great idea about hot flashes, I am going to check them out!( yes, I sweat there too at night) Weve got some similar leopard booties, love those on you! and your hair looks great, love the waves, very 1920's! :-)
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

    1. Oh gosh Jess my hair is driving me NUTS....I'm swithering whether to grow it a little or cut it MEGA short.
      Next weekend is D-day :oP
      I'm glad I'm not alone with my sweaty bits!!

  8. Night sweats are the worst. Especially at this time of year. I sweat and then I freeze.

    I love the pop of the animal print. A nice exclamation point.


    1. Thank you Suzanne.
      I agree... sweaty then chilled.... not cool!
      Viscose is the worst for me, no idea why.
      This top works a treat.

  9. This is quite svelte and the tonality is very sophisticated. I need more animal print and it's been around for so long that it's thriftable!

    1. It's everywhere Judy!
      I love the fact we can rummage in the charity (or thrift) shops and find current trends. XXX

  10. Decolletage: No, it's not just you!!!

    I like this look a lot, but I am living your hair 😍


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