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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Outfit Maker | Simple Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns | Grey Autumn Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Is pattern mixing something you've always wanted to try?
Do you worry that you'll end up looking like you've fallen into a jumble sale covered in glue?
Fear not!
I'm here to share one simple trick that will make your pattern mixing look effortless and completely harmonious.
Whether you wear modern items, vintage or a mix of both.

Mixing patterns | Grey Autumn Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The simple way to mix patterns without that awful jarring feeling is to stick to the same colour family or palette.
Try and contain the colours so they stay in harmony with each other and flow together.

In this outfit, I've chosen the simplest of shades... grey.

Grey can suit everyone because there is a shade of grey to suit all different colouring.
There is a mind-boggling array of greys out there people!

Mixing patterns | Grey Autumn Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

In this outfit, I've chosen warmer mid-toned shades to suit my warm mid-toned colouring.
My blouse is mostly light with a dark pattern.
The trousers are mostly dark with a light check.
Mixing light and dark works well as does mixing 'organic' flowing patterns with more rigid, geometric patterns.
Here I've mixed a floaty patterned blouse (with sleeves that move beautifully!) with more geometric checked trousers.
Why not try mixing up textures too?
Leather and Angora.
Silk and wool.
Velvet and lace.
There are so many options!

Choose a grey that suits your colouring... anything from dove to slate to deep gunmetal.
Pick a mix of greys that floats your boat and makes you smile.
Grey doesn't need to be boring!

Mixing patterns | Grey Autumn Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

If the mix of your patterns is making you feel a bit unsure try 'grounding' the look by adding plain accessories.

Of course, grey looks great with black and white accessories BUT consider adding a 'pop' with a contrast (if you love a burst of colour) hot pink, yellow, orange, cobalt... the shoe/bag/lipstick possibilities are endless!

Find out more details about mixing patterns (and how to take your mixing to the next level) HERE.
(it's an old post so you can get a laugh too!)

BLOUSE: Warehouse (A gift from a friend)
TROUSERS: Next (old)
BAG: Topshop (old)
BOOTS: Vagabond (old)
EARRINGS: New look
BELT: Boden (old)

Do you love to mix things up as much as me?

Mixing patterns | Grey Autumn Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous



  1. This is such a pretty outfit - I feel very confident pattern mixing these days, although it was scary at first. Sticking with a single colour palette is a great way to get one's feet wet at it. Other tips:
    -Have one or more colours in common in both patterns.
    -Keep one pattern "larger" (like your plaid), and one smaller.
    -I like one pattern to be more geometric and the other to be "curvier" (like a floral).
    -Don't be afraid to just try it!

    Love those booties, Samantha!

    1. I agree with ALL of those tips Sheila!
      It's a process that gets easier and easier the more you do it... so much so that sometimes I don't even realise I've mixed patterns until I look at an outfit afterwards :oP
      It must be in our blood!!

  2. Great advice Sam. I love mix in patterns and it has both freed and fueled my fashion creativity.
    Your outfit lacks your usual bright hues but it defines :pretty business look" well!

    1. It is unusual for me to be in an all-grey outfit're right!
      I've been reaching for the neutrals more often recently... gulp.... what's happening?!?!? Maybe I'm having a midlife crisis?? :oP

  3. Hi Sam
    I am going to try more pattern mixing in the Fall. I love mixing textures and find it easier to do in the Fall with all of the glorious textures like lace, leather, tweed, faux fur...etc. Love the greys and those checked trousers look wonderufl on you!
    jess xx

    1. Mixing textures always looks so chic Jess and you do it so well!!!


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