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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Outfit Formula | Coloured Trousers and a Shirt | Yellow and Pink

Floaty Silver Pink Shirt and Yellow Trousers | Fake Fabulous

A pair of tailored trousers and a shirt is a classic outfit formula.
Timeless and ageless.

This easy-going duo is (for me) the perfect balance between smart and casual.
It's bang in the middle of the scale between joggers and a trouser suit.
And, with a few tweaks, this combination could be a "wear anywhere" look.

Floaty Silver Pink Shirt and Yellow Trousers | Fake Fabulous

Colourful trousers are surprisingly easy to style, and much more versatile than they should be!

Take these yellow trousers.
I've worn them countless times and they have been styled in many ways.

See them styled in different ways:

HERE,yellow trousers with trainers and a band jacket.
HERE,yellow trousers with a chambray shirt and pink heels.
HERE,yellow trousers with grey.
and HERE,yellow trousers with boots and a geeky cardigan.

They even made their way into a capsule wardrobe HERE.

Bold coloured trousers CAN work as a basic in your wardrobe.
It's all a question of your personal taste.

Depending on your style (or your mood on that day) the shirt you choose to pair with your bright trousers can change the look of them dramatically.

Then you also have the option of tucking or not-tucking... or half tucking!
THEN you have accessories.

And we all know that accessories are the game changer.

Trainers + Leather backpack = Casual comfort
Loafers + Structured bag = Work appropriate
Killer heels + Clutch = Night out

Floaty Silver Pink Shirt and Yellow Trousers | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing a floaty shirt that feels light and breezy and I've left it to hang loose.
Unstructured, unrestrictive and untucked.

Tucking tops in always smartens up a outfit, and also makes our legs look longer, BUT some days we just need a bit of float and flow, don't we?

This shirt was sent to me by a company called Silver Pink and I love the fabric and the original pattern design!
Soft tones like this are certainly not my usual style, but I've been drawn to more delicate patterns/fabrics this summer.

Floaty Silver Pink Shirt and Yellow Trousers | Fake Fabulous

Maybe it's the unusual heat or maybe it's just the mood I'm in.
Whatever the reason, all things 'pretty' are really appealing!

This outfit was perfect for errand running as I was comfortable, cool and smart enough to be taken seriously.

I don't know about you but I feel like I am given better service when I am dressed just a little smarter than jeans?
Let me know your thoughts on this!

Floaty Silver Pink Shirt and Yellow Trousers | Fake Fabulous

Simple Minorcan sandals, fun tassel earring and an older-than-time grab bag finished things off perfectly.

Yellow Trousers and Minorcan sandals | Fake Fabulous

SHIRT: c/o Silver Pink... it comes in two designs.
TROUSERS: Next (old)... similar
SANDALS: From Minorca... similar
BAG: Hidesign (older than old!)... similar
EARRINGS: I can't remember... try these.



  1. I love this color combination---it's so fun and modern!!

    1. Thank you Jodie!
      I love yellow and it goes with everything, doesn't it?? :oP

  2. I love this outfit, Sam! The colours too. I'm like you, every now and again, it's just nice to wear a shirt hanging out.
    Suzy xx

    1. Hanging out is SO much more comfortable isn't it Suzy?
      I could have tucked but I knew I'd be having a food baby later on :oP

  3. what a comfy&cool outfit, you look cute, elegant and ready to run errands!. I love your yellow trousers, they're such a versatile piece!
    I think that dressing up even in a heatwave is important, it makes me feel better and like I'm giving a better service (I totally agree!).

    1. I'm glad it's not just me who thinks this Monica!
      I'm sure people take us more seriously when we are dressed just a little smarter.
      I'm also sure that bright colours make people assume we are confident and not to be messed with :oP

  4. After seeing you wear these yellow pants in a post from last summer I snatched up a couple of pairs!! Yellow is quintessentially cheery but isn't the best with my complexion. Worn on my lower half it's totally perky and fun!! You're so inspiring Sam!!!
    This blouse is really lovely. The print reminds me of tiny Rorschach prints! Such a flattering mix of soft colors!

    1. Thank you Judy!
      Yellow trousers are surprisingly versatile aren't they??
      This blouse is so soft and comfortable... nice and cool too!

  5. Those trousers are fabulous! I agree that color can be "neutral", great to mix and match.

    1. Anything can be a basic or a neutral if we want it to be Kim! :oP

  6. Hi Sam!
    You know I love color! These trousers look wonderful on you and i love that they are paired with this pretty blouse with some soft purple tones. Great earrings too! Fun to try different color combos- looking effortlessly cool-even in this heat!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. I could see you in this blouse Jess... and the trousers too!!


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