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Friday, 17 August 2018

Khaki Culottes | Late Summer Outfit

Khaki Culottes | Late Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Today, I'm wearing a pair of khaki culottes that I've had my eye on for a long while.
I've been biding my time, waiting until that sale price reached a number I was willing to pay.
Good things come to those who wait!

Khaki Culottes | Late Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

These culottes may not be jaw-dropping or groundbreaking,  BUT they are really versatile, comfortable and (now) a classic!
They're a summer piece but the fabric is a great weight and the colour is seasonless.
Add a culotte slip, and covered shoes, suddenly they're suitable for cooler weather.
Add some boots and tights, and you can move into winter with ease.

Culottes are here to stay!

Khaki Culottes | Late Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I've kept this outfit plain and simple.

A cotton tee and a pair of neutral sandals.

Nothing fussy.
Nothing bold and challenging.
Easy peasy dressing.

Khaki Culottes | Late Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

BLUE TOP: Boden on sale!
PATENT SHOES: Vagabond (old)... try these.
BLUE BANGLE: Charity shopped... try this
BLUE EARRINGS: Accessorise... try these
LEATHER BAG: M&S (old) ...try this one.

Khaki Culottes | Late Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous




  1. I see the easy peasy and I also see the versatility of these culottes. I have a feeling we'll be seeing some great stylings right into fall and winter featuring these great culottes.
    I purchased a black pair this spring that will also serve me through these next two seasons. I can't wait to try them with boots!

  2. I have almost the same culotte and I love to wear them. Especially on the bike. It s a great color too.

  3. Hmmmm. I can see they're a good compromise between trousers and a skirt (having worked in a corporate environment for some months where all the women (apart from the bosses) wear trousers, I'm really pining for a skirt!) but.. I have a long back/waist and culottes cut me up the middle in a most unattractive and uncomfortable fashion. And I have of course the wee short legs that go with a long back. Curses. You of course look comfortable as ever!

  4. That was a real black belt shopping purchase Sam! They look great quality and like something you'll wear most months of the year. I love these! ����

  5. Totally agree, these culottes are cool, have a good shape and a versatile color, so they will be a great piece to mix and match. And I love the color combo which echoes your earrings design!, such a fab detail! and I'm loving your shoes!

  6. Love this look on you Sam, I have admired cullotes but never took the plunge. The flow and style is lovely on you and I adore the deep olive shade. I keep accessories usually to a minimum in the summer, with some fun earrings, those are pretty!
    jess xx

  7. Hi Samantha, Those culottes look great on you and it's nice to see the brighter colored top for fall. I also love your "Hello I'm Samantha" photo. It's so refreshing to see someone embrace color and those shades look spectactular on you. It makes me excited about fall.

  8. Sometimes easy peasy gives the best results, doesn’t it? You look fabulous! I love these culottes and I am crushing on your shoes in a big way!



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