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Friday, 11 May 2018

A little bit of Boho over 40 | Supermarket Shopping

Navy Embroidered Boho Blouse, White jeans, Tan Clog Sandals | Fake Fabulous

Boho chic never really goes away does it?
It comes back into style every year without fail!
The (nothing) NEW boho trend for summer 2018...

Navy Embroidered Boho Blouse, White jeans, Tan Clog Sandals | Fake Fabulous

I've worn plenty of boho-inspired outfits in the past:
And, even though Boho is not my go-to style, I still love it!

I picked up this boho-inspired embroidered top when I was shopping for a few groceries.

{Chicken, broccoli and potatoes to feed my gym-loving son (who was visiting)...#gains.}

I usually avoid supermarket fashion because (more often than not) I find that supermarket clothes are really poor quality, and a waste of money.

However, I loved this top's tassel detail and simple shape.
Plus, the fabric is surprisingly good!

Every now and then you can find a wee gem in amongst the cheap polyester.

I picked this top up in a size 12 (I'm normally an 8-10) just because I wanted a more easy-going silhouette.

I think that cheaper clothes look better in a looser fit.

What are your thoughts on fit when it comes to cheaper items?

Navy Embroidered Boho Blouse, White jeans, Tan Clog Sandals | Fake Fabulous

I paired this embroidered top with a classic pair of white jeans.
Finishing off with these beautifully comfortable sandals from the Clark's outlet.

If you've never shopped there it's worth a wee look.
Of course, there are the usual "trying to get rid of the stock" items but there are also some real gems... much like picking up clothes when you get your bread and milk!

Do you ever pick up clothes at the supermarket?
I'd love to hear about some of your bargain pieces!

Navy Embroidered Boho Blouse, White jeans, Tan Clog Sandals | Fake Fabulous

BOHO TOP: George @Asda... similar
WHITE JEANS: ME&EM... similar
SHOES: Clark's outlet... these are lovely!
BAG: Hidesign... similar
EARRINGS: H&M... these are pretty.




  1. We don t have supermarkten where one can buy clothes too! I think it s for the better..... for me anyway....
    Love your second photo! Great contour!

  2. I know I've mentioned before how much I've been smitten by boho fashion in general since I wore it during my college years, in the 70's. In particular I LOVE embroidered clothing.
    Your blouse is lovely Samantha! I really like it combined with the white pants. Bravo boho!!

    1. Hahahaha... Yes Judy!
      I imaging you had some amazing pieces back then?
      Real boho!!

  3. I do love an embroidered blouse, and yours is a lovely piece, with many details!
    I'm very fond of boho style, never let it go!

  4. I just absolutely adore the top, Samantha! If I had it, pairing it with white pants would be the way to go for me too (only I'm still looking for my perfect white pants!).

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

  5. It's just so easy to wear and looks relaxed. Love that top Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  6. I really love this look. I find myself very drawn to boho tops in the summer even though I don't really feel it's *my style.* I went through a brief phase a few years back when I thought it *could* be my style, but no. I'm not that "free'n'easy," ha.



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