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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Yes, it's a Cropped Top over 40! Light Relief at the #fakeittilyoumakeit LINK UP

Denim A-line Skirt, Cropped linen top & tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

Cropped tops over 40?

Some say "No".
I say...

(No surprise there.)

Denim A-line Skirt, Cropped linen top & tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

Cropped tops might sound scary but, if your midriff is in decent nick then why not?
Your tummy doesn't need to be perfect, just passable.

Mine is far from perfect but I'm not worried.
I wore a pink velvet cropped top to my Hogmanay party this year and loved baring my midriff!
It felt very liberating.

I've talked about cropped tops over 40 before but, as I'm moving further into my 40's I care less about what people might think and more about what makes me happy!
That's one of the best things about getting older, isn't it?

Denim A-line Skirt, Cropped linen top & tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing a cropped linen top that feels like summer!
Although I must admit that was a little chilly with my jacket off.

We've been promised a heatwave next week (so the weatherman tells me!), fingers crossed it comes to fruition.
I'm getting fed up feeling cold.
My skin needs some sunshine.

{BTW... As far as Heatwaves go this one is going to be pretty tame but 20 degrees is positively ROASTING compared to today!}

This cropped top turned out to be the perfect partner for an old skirt of mine.
An A-line denim number.
Classic, grown-up, sensible and lady-like.
(Aka, bordering on frumpy!)

A skirt like this could go either way, luckily it was saved by this fun top.

I was determined to wear my new sandals (what is it with this time of year and compulsive sandal shopping??).
The platform sole makes them warmer than a flatter-soled sandal but I did have to change into my frilly gutties as the day went on.
My toes were going blue!

Denim A-line Skirt, Cropped linen top & tan sandals | Fake Fabulous

I must admit that cropped tops are not for everyone, and can seem intimidating.
However, if you wear a longer version that meets the waistband of your bottom half then they become surprisingly easy to wear.

There's no need for low slung hipster jeans and bralettes... although, if you have killer abs, why not!?!

Fashion is supposed to be fun and, in the current political and economic climate, we need all the light relief we can get.
If you want to crop it high and flash a little flesh then go for it!

CROPPED TOP: Zara (Charity shopped)... try this one.
DENIM SKIRT: Boden (old)... similar
LIPSTICK: Mac Pink Nouveau


Last week the lovely Maria was dressing for a Mexican lunch date and the colour of her beautiful blouse really caught my eye.
What a rich and flattering shade!
Check out original post HERE.

The link-up is going live a day early because I'm incredibly busy this week and I was worried I wouldn't get everything done.

Please link up as many fun and lighthearted posts/images as you can.
I'd love to see as much positivity as possible this week.
I feel that we all need it!

Now it's over to you...



  1. Love the sandals! It's one of the tricks I use for extra high heels is to have a decent platform, then they're still comfy.
    Laurie xx

  2. I just noticed my post in your sidebar Samantha. I hope you enjoyed the read! Thanks for stopping by.
    Laurie xx

  3. You pull this look off SO well! Love it!

    Bethany | | Friday Simply Share Linkup

  4. Yay for cropped tops!! I think it's about time we enjoy our body as it is, and stop worrying so much about showing a little skin!!! Heck my belly is smoother and less freckled than the rest of me, so I should show it off!!

  5. Well.....I Just got back from some shopping into town and I wanted some tops! The only ones I did like were cropped ones! And I didn t buy them! You should have published this post a few hours earlier!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. You look fun and fabulous in this outfit, Sam! I love your cropped top and the denim skirt looks really fresh with it. I'm loving your new sandals and your pink lippy is so pretty too! XXX

  7. no faking the fabulous it x

  8. Morning Sam! Thank you so much for featuring my post from last week - I'm so delighted!! I can totally see you wearing that blouse - it's such a warm honey gold. Have a great week lovely xxx

  9. You look fabulous, Samantha! I love the crop top paired with the higher waisted skirt for a chic look that just has a hint of skin showing. My abs are in no condition for midriff bearing clothing, but if they were, I would be rocking some crop tops in my 40's, too! Instead I go for showing off my legs...because that is my body part that makes me most if warmer weather would finally arrive, you will find me writing posts about wearing short shorts and tiny dresses over 40! Your sandals are super cute, too, by the way!


  10. Very cute look for spring and summer! Love your sandals so much.

  11. Sam
    Love this sillouete on you! I have worn a crop top with the same sillouete with one of my posts a few years back, the skirt a little higher on the waist and it being a-line. Love it, and your denim skirt! Those sandals are adorable too!
    jess xx

  12. I say "go for it" if you've got the stomach (or not) it's up to you - I would if my abs looked any good! Cute skirt too, I think they are very flattering. Oh and I picked Maria's outfit for my favourite on my #linkup too, stunning outfit isn't it!. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  13. The little bit of midriff that you're discreetly revealing here is just plain cute with just enough fun, flirty, fierceness to be perfect for greeting a coolish Spring day! I love to see the denim skirt making another classic showing too and I agree that the top gives it a perky appeal. You continue to delight and inspire Samantha.

  14. Such a cute warm-weathered outfit, Samantha! If I didn't wear the hijab I think I'd definitely be into wearing crop tops with high-waisted pants or skirt, with just a sliver of skin showing, like you've done here.

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

  15. you rock a crop top, and look so summery!, lovely top and lovely sandals! I totally understand that compulsive sandal shopping thing these days, I'm restraining myself!
    There Is some beautiful weather forecasted here too! sandals weather!

  16. I love that you're happy to wear a cropped top, Sam! I’ve actually just purchased my very first one (well, the first one in about 20 years that is!). My plan is to wear it with my high waisted white jeans. All I need now is some nice weather. Oh hang on a minute. We finally have some YAY!!!!
    Enjoy your heatwave πŸ™‚
    Suzy xx

  17. The freedom to wear what we like and what brings us joy, no matter our age, is one of life’s great pleasures. Thank you for sharing your fun spring style with Hat Attack!


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