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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

How to Wear What YOU Want to a Wedding | No Dress or Heels Required!

Cream suit and Sparkles | Wedding Bride Trouser Outfit, over 40

There's no escaping the fact that weddings can cause stress levels to skyrocket.
There are (what feels like) a thousand things to organise and that's just for the guests!

If you're the Bride, Groom, Mother of the Bride/Groom...
Stand clear.
Heads might explode!

The last thing you need at this stressful time is a style crisis.

However, the 'outfit' can sometimes cause a lot of worry and anxiety.
Especially if you're one of the main wedding party.
All eyes are on you, and the pressure is high to get it right.

If you are a mature bride then things can get really tricky.
No wonder there are often tears and tantrums!

Any women can feel pressured to conform to certain style rules when it comes to certain occasions, especially those of us that are over 40.

Even if your heart tells you to do your own thing, the pressure can be so intense that convention eventually wins.
Let's face it, no one wants to upset anyone, look inappropriate, like mutton dressed as lamb, or (worse in my opinion) frumpy.

Just look up "What to Wear to a Wedding" and you'll be bombarded with a mind-boggling number of things NOT to do!

Styling for the 'Mother of the Bride' is a great example of what people expect you to be wearing...

"Pay attention! 
You MUST follow these rules ladies... 
Out comes the shift dress, matching bolero jacket and plume-like fascinator. 
Add killer (literally) heels and a matching bag. 
The hair gets an industrial strength blow dry, or a twee up-do... half a can of hairspray to finish thank you! 
Makeup is 'professionally' applied (possibly with a trowl) and there's maybe even a fence-paint-style spray tan, and 3 feet acrylic nails tips!? 
Better get the cheque book out girls... or organise a bank loan!"

BUT, what if none of that is YOU.

What if the thought of conforming to the traditional 'Wedding Clone' brings you out in a cold sweat?

What if you feel awkward in a dress?
Or, you feel silly in a bolero jacket?
What if fascinators leave you confused?

What if high heels give you the fear, and you totter around in them like a newborn calf.
What if you can't face the agony of spending hours in shapewear?

Don't worry!

You CAN wear what you want and not upset the conventional apple cart.

{Disclaimer: You'll probably upset someone BUT you can't please everyone, so why sweat it?}

Cream suit and Sparkles | Wedding Bride Trouser Outfit, over 40

When House of Fraser got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in sharing their Mother of the Bride edit I was very intrigued, and pretty excited too!

I'm a big fan of the House of Fraser (Jenners) in Edinburgh... if you've ever been you'll know why.
It's a very old building with loads of higgledy-piggledy rooms, secret stairways and interesting nooks.
You can find everything you need (from lipstick to a lampshade) and plenty of things you didn't know you needed!

If you've ever shopped with House of Fraser (in-store or online) you'll know they also offer plenty of beautiful wedding outfit options from various brands.
Plus, all the traditional items like bolero jackets, hats, heels, clutch bags and fascinators if that's what you love.

They also stock loads of lovely separates, jumpsuits and interesting accessories for those of you that don't want that classic look.

So, you can be occasion appropriate but still be YOU!

{Check out their Wedding Boutique Collection for more inspiration}

Cream suit and Sparkles | Wedding Bride Trouser Outfit, over 40

Trousers or a Dress?

If I had to choose I would always pick trousers over a skirt (or dress).
I do love wearing dresses and skirts but in order to feel totally at home give me trousers any day!

If you're a trouser lover too you can easily style them for a wedding.
(Even if you're the bride.)

{I've worn vinyl for a wedding before... I kid you not!}

If you are already feeling nervous (as the bride, mother of the bride or even a guest) the last thing you need is to feel squeezed into alien clothing.

Your clothes should be helping you, not hindering your performance and enjoyment.

The trick is to find the silhouettes you love (and feel comfortable wearing) in a 'wedding' version.

3 Ways to Wear what you Want to a Wedding (without looking like too much of a rebel!)

You can wear (almost) anything you want to a wedding as long as they're ticking one of the following boxes...

1. Go Light.

Practically any silhouette can work as long as the colours are light and wedding-ified!

Florals (especially bold designs on a pale background).
Light and breezy brights.
Even cream, or Ivory.

Keeping the colour palette light and airy instantly says 'Wedding appropriate'.

(With the exception of white jeans, unless the wedding is uber-relaxed of course!)

2. Get Metallic.

Gold, silver, copper... whatever floats your metallic boat.
A dash of metal adds more light and lifts any look from 'okay' into 'extra special'
Even a humble pair of brogues can be suitable if they're in a metallic finish.

3. Add some sparkle.

Whether it's big earrings, a cuff, shoes or a bag.
Anything with some glitz will make you feel extra special and look like you've put in the effort.
Keep the sparkles light and bright to fit into the wedding vibe.

Don't forget to 'Shop your Wardrobe'

Gawdzooks I hate that cliché, but it's really appropriate here!

Have a look at pieces you already own that tick the wedding boxes...lights, metallics and/or sparkles.
You might be surprised what you find lurking in your collection.
Any old pieces you know are comfortable (and familiar) can be incorporated into your new outfit.
These pieces will not only save you money but ensure your comfort on the big day.
It's win-win!

Cream suit and Sparkles | Wedding Bride Trouser Outfit, over 40

For this (not-so-classic) Wedding look I chose a trouser suit.
The ultimate in cheating!

Simple details like the flared sleeve of the jacket elevate a completely familiar silhouette into something special.

With a suit like this, you'll look smart and elegant for the photographs and be able to dance the night away (in comfort) when the time comes.

An outfit like this will even allow you to play with the younger members of the wedding party, and join in all the fun!

Who wants to be wrestling out of their shapewear (or applying blister plasters) in the loos when everyone else is having a good time?

A suit, like this one, is easy to style.
Simply add a top (or bodysuit) in a style and colour that makes you happy.
Anything goes really.

The only thing to be mindful of is a pair of invisible knickers.
I find a Brazilian cut (in nude) to be the most flattering.
A wedding VPL is not a Good look.

Cream suit and Sparkles | Wedding Bride Trouser Outfit, over 40

Now for the shoes...

There is no rule that says you need to wear heels unless you want to.
If you love heels then go for it.

I certainly LOVE high heels but I love dancing, chasing the wee ones around the lawn and joining in the games more.

If you want to wear flats then why not?
Just make sure they fit in to the 'wedding' trio of light, metallic or sparkles.
then you can't go wrong.

Another great bonus of an outfit like this is that you can genuinely wear all of the pieces again.

A wedding (guest) dress is unlikely to ever see the light of day (unless to pass it on to a friend or give it to charity) whereas a suit can be styled in so many different ways for different occasions.
Plus, you can split it up and wear the pieces separately.

{I'm out next weekend and plan to wear this jacket with my jeans}

A much sounder investment than the 'classic' outfit options.
What's not to like about enjoying the day in comfort AND being able to wear the outfit again?

Are you off to a wedding soon?
Are you worried about your outfit?
Does convention bore/terrify you?
Or, do you feel safer conforming to what is expected?

Please leave me a comment and let me know your opinion!

CREAM JACKET: Coast c/o House of Fraser (now on sale!)
CREAM TROUSERS: Coast c/o House of Fraser

Cream suit and Sparkles | Wedding Bride Trouser Outfit, over 40


  1. I absolutely LOVE that you chose to wear trousers and flat shoes for this post, Sam! You look AMAZING. LOVE your hair in these photos too. I couldn't agree more with you about everything – why be uncomfortable in silly killer heels? Brilliant post.
    Suzy xx

    1. Thank you so much Suzy!
      I often think the more fussing, primping and preening that goes on the worse I look.
      It best to keep things simple isn't it?

  2. I so agree with you about the comfort factor! Who wants to be uncomfortable on a day where you are meant to eat, drink, and be merry? I love your sequin top (of course) and the floaty suit you're wearing. It is elegant and can be worn over and over again. I love your earrings and hair clip as well... it adds a Gatsby vibe to your beautiful outfit. xxx

    1. Thank you Lis.
      I'm so glad you agree with being comfortable and getting stuck into the dancing and the food... those are the best bits! XXX

  3. Hi Sam - lots of good ideas, and of course you look lovely. But have you done something to the hem of the trousers?

    1. Thank you Alison. Hahahaha...Yes! I did losely tack and press up the hem in order to wear my flats... I was struggling a little as the fabric is quite fine but heavy and drapey (if that makes sense) and also lined. I thought I'd gotten away with it but you must have a good eye for a bad hemming job!! XXX

    2. I've done the same myself. Surprisingly hard to get a trouser hem to hang right, particularly if you're in a hurry!

    3. I measured, pinned and pressed...sigh... I might need to hang up my tailoring boots!! :oP

  4. I think we should all wear whatever we like (within 'the rules') and feel comfortable in our skin. Exactly what you did here, Samantha. Still very much wedding-appropriate and very you. So classy, classic, modern, glam and with a touch of retro. What a gorgeous pantsuit and how well you styled it with those equally-gorgeous brogues. I love, love the very special crystal pieces: statement earrings, bracelet and hair jewel! I agree with all your rules too. Such a well-written and STYLISH post!

    Welcome by Thursdays and linkup with me dear. Love your style. =) Thanks, Ada.

  5. It's a lovely suit, but I probably wouldn't wear it to a wedding - I just love wearing dresses. However I would still wear this beautiful suit as it looks stunning for anyone to wear. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Thank you Jacqui.
      I totally get that... some people are natural dress-girls.
      This outfit would make me feel more relaxed if I were the bride (or in the bridal party)... although their IS the slittering issue too :oP.
      I'd need wet wipes in my clutch bag for sure!!
      I remember being at a wedding and the bride was so drunk she's fallen over (in mud) and spilt a pint to beer down herself... it wasn't pretty!!! :oD

  6. I have a suit just like this that I wore to a wedding! I do love a good pair of cream silky trousers. You look fantastic here Samantha.
    Laurie xx

    1. Thank you so much Laurie... it's very neutral and I could see you in it for sure... with heels of course!! XXX :o)

  7. You look fabulous in your suit, (gorgeous indeed!) and I think it's a very appropriate ensemble to attend a wedding (even if you're the bride!). And you look absolutely You, wearing an interesting shape, a subtle shine at the top and some fab accessorizing. I love particularly your shoes!. As a huge fan of comfort, I always pick flats to attend any wedding (even my own!) so I think that flats and a suit totally rock!. I would pick a red suit for me, and a big fascinator, but spanish weddings are quite excessive! I always look underdressed!

    1. Red?!
      How fabulous!!
      And a HUGE fascinator... not one of those lip affairs ... one that could take someone out if you moved suddenly!

  8. Oh Samantha you look FABULOUS. Just fab fab FAB! I absolutely adore the pantsuit, and I think you've styled it perfectly with the hair brooch and the beautiful dangly earrings and that gorgeous glittery top. The only thing is, I'm afraid you might upstage the hypothetical bride in this wedding.

    It's weird but for some reason that pantsuit reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's outfit when she married Mr Big at the courthouse, except she wore skirt in her suit. I think a cool laidback bride could even wear this for her wedding, no?

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Yes Liyana!
      Wow...I remember that... She was beautiful.
      I certainly think a laid back bride would rock this... and have a fantastic (comfortable) day!

  9. Such a unique take on what to wear to a wedding. This really does scream Samantha which is perfect.

    Your hair is on point too.


    1. Thank you SO much Suzanne... that is such a lovely thing to say!

  10. I love everything about this look Samantha, don't get me wrong. And I would wear all of the above--especially the sequins and you cute sporty silver brogues--I have both! But I do have one little detail that causes me pause: the color. I would never wear this color, white, ivory, light, light bone--to a wedding. Maybe it's an American thing, but we're not supposed to wear this color. It's meant only for the bride. The one person who could wear this outfit would only be the mother of the bride. It's like an unwritten rule. Now if it were a pale khaki, pink, yellow, some hint of pale color, I could do it.

    What do you think of our American rules?

    Love, Annie

    1. American rules sound just the same as British rules Annie!
      Times ARE changing but cream/white/ivory is still frowned upon in plenty of social circles.
      Although having said that... flat shoes and trousers are also frowned upon by some.
      I would wear this but only if the bride had given it the okay... unless I WAS the bride of course!!! :O)

  11. This outfit is so elegant on you Sam. Love it with the fun shoes too. I really do love the jewels in your hair.. i would wear them too with short hair..extra sparkle. I also love the jewelry
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  12. Absolutely love this look, Sam. Your hair looks amazing. Is the colour different recently a little? Maybe it’s the light. Either way you look fab. A really different choice and style not suffering one bit for comfort xo

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. What a lovely wedding outfit, understated yet elegant. Your fascinator is a wonderful soft accessory to complete tying it all together from head to toe. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!


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