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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Shake it Up and Try Something Different! #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

How many of us are guilty of sicking to the same-old, same-old?
Whether it's the shops we go to, or the type of books we read.
We are creatures of habit.

The problem with habit is that we can become stuck in a rut.
And the problem with being in a rut is that we can become stale, boring and eventually out of touch.

Being out of touch = Being OLD

{See THIS POST about the importance of staying young... it might surprise you!}

This week we have been snowed in my house and I've had time to think about what I could do with shaking up in my life.

1. Fitness

I need to take my fitness to the next level in order to do all I can to ward off any ailments as I get older.
There is a history of various nasty cancers in my family, so I am trying to do my bit to help myself.
I know that something has to kill us, but I'd rather my children were grown-up and I maybe even had a chance to enjoy a grandbaby (or two) before I pop my clogs!

2. Read More

I need to read a more varied range of books and articles.
I'm guilty of reading the same papers and magazines.
I actively avoid certain genres of book.
This needs to change.

If you have any great book recommendations please let me know!

3. Time for Friends

I need to make more time for my friends.
Female relationships are VITAL... my goodness, who else can you really talk to?
When I say talk I mean the nitty gritty stuff only us girls understand.
I see my friends as often as I can but I need to make more time for more FUN together.

What 3 'Shake-Ups' could you do with?

Last Week Ada at Elegance and Mommyhood caught my eye with her poetry.
I honestly never thought I'd ever say that!

Poetry can leave me cold, especially if it's soppy, contrived or trying to be 'clever'.

Ada's honesty and passion really shone through and I loved reading her words.
See her full post HERE... even if poetry is not really your thing.

BTW...Thank you if you entered my dress giveaway last week.
I appreciate all of your emails.

My daughter is picking the name out of the hat tonight (when I say hat, I mean vase!) and I will email you if you are the winner.
Good luck!



  1. So glad yous shared Ada's poem, it is beautiful. Thanks. Lise

  2. I'm guilty of the same things as you, Samantha. Although I frequently review books so I started reading books I wouldn't normally read. The one in the link up (Forest Dancer) was a lovely read – quite quirky, I'd recommend it!
    Suzy xx

  3. Samantha, my “shake ups” would/should focus on healthy goals like diet, sleep, and destressing. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of avoiding ruts. I hope that you’ve had a wonderful weekend and that you have an awesome week coming your way.


    1. Rut avoidance... I like that Rena.
      It's easy to slip into one, I'm as guilty as the next person.
      Here's to a productive and shoogly week!! (Shoogly is a Scottish word for wobbly/shaky. It's usually used in the context of a shoogly peg.
      "Your coat's on a shoogly peg"
      Meaning don't get too comfortable the hook your coat is on is wobbly and about to fall off the wall.
      A great phrase!

  4. We all tend to do this, we feel safe don't we. Sometimes it's god to do something different, try a new look, eat a different meal etc we all need to push ourselves in a different direction. Thanks for giving the thoughts to maybe do it now. X Jacqui

    1. Thank you Jacqui.
      It's a great point you make about doing something as simple as eating a different meal.
      I try and do that as often as I can.
      Much to my husbands surprise!
      He often says "Why on earth did you order that??"
      Everything is worth a shot as least once though, isn't it?

  5. You are so right. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. This is quite so true, Samantha!!!
    Habits can be good for us, but it's good to try new things too!!

  7. Lovely advice (as usual!) and I've really enjoyed it. I've got that feeling of being stuck in a rut, and I've been thinking on taking more challenges, reading more books or articles that could make me feel uncomfortable, watching more different films and series, trying something that I'm afraid of. To play safe is sometimes the most unsafe decision!
    Thanks for these fab posts!

    1. I am trying to do that too Monica.
      I love your translation "Books and articles that could make me feel uncomfortable"... perfect.
      Being outwith or comfort zones is challenging, exciting and reminds us we are alive!
      Thank you for your fab comment.

  8. I am definitely a creature of habit in all things. Last Summer I made a goal to do something or go somewhere different each week with my daughter. I actually did pretty well and discovered some really cool places close to home!

  9. All around great tips! I enjoy pushing myself here and there to try new things beyond my comfort zone.

  10. Hi Sam!
    I need to get my guitar out again and begin playing. for years I couldnt play due to muscle pain, but I can certainly try now. I also want to change up the outdoor routine of walking with the pups to going for short hikes and camping. Funny you mentioned "creatures of habit" i once told my hubby that would be my rock bands name! hehe

    jess xx

    1. What a great name for a band Jess!
      Have you thought about forming one now?
      It's never too late and I'm sure you'd find others to join.
      I'd love to hear you play!

  11. Excellent advice! I'm a creature of chaos rather than habit, so everyone come join me! xx

    1. A creature of chaos!
      I love that Lisa.... how fabulous.
      You are lucky to have the inclination and the energy.
      I think I am also potentially chaotic but my sloth-like nature can take over pulling me down into habit.
      A chaotic sloth maybe??!!
      I'm going to try and be more "Lisa" :0)

  12. I was the one easy to take habits but at the same time you are so right, habit makes us feel depressed, stuck...and your tips are great! Kisses and thanks for the linkup

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

    1. These are wise words Vale, thank you!
      Good habits are very good...boring bad habits are bad for us.
      Keep the good, change the bad.
      It seems so simple.
      I just hope I can do it.

  13. So true Sam, it's too easy to get stuck in a rut. I don't read enough, and when I do it's either non-fiction or kids' books. I watched a programme about Philip Pullman last night - I have to admit I knew nothing about him - and now I plan on reading some of his books. I also tried a new pilates for abs workout yesterday - that certainly blew away the cobwebs...ouch!

    Emma xxx

  14. Shaking it up is a good thing. I love change. I have been trying new recipes and sprucing things up around the house for spring. I started adding things to my to do list that are fun and relaxing too. Great post!

    1. I need to do these two things too Cheryl!
      Trying different recipes is so important, not to mention fun.
      I don't do it enough.
      Thank you for the push.
      As for sprucing up.... gosh I need to get a good spring clean done on my little house.
      Dusting and polishing the winter grime away.

  15. This is a very thoughtful post Samantha and I think these changes you spoke of are all universally pondered by women as we age.
    Staying fit is crucial. I would encourage you to find a way to work fitness into your busy schedule and commit to it like you commit to the health of the rest of your family (hoping that makes sense).
    You absolutely nailed the importance of women friends. Hold them close and support each other. I have deeply felt the loss of the easy connections I was able to make with lifelong girlfriends before our recent move to another state. Of course those women remain my friends but the distance and support deficit have been difficult.
    I need to read more too. I do try to read about the world views of young writers through "Medium" which provides a forum for writers on a wide range of topics. I want to keep an open and informed mind and I think you are the same.
    Good wishes as you continue your journey lovely and wise Samantha!

    1. Thank you Judy!
      I'm so glad you agree.
      The fitness is especially important to me for physical and mental well-being.
      My grandpa used to say that exercise could cure anything and I used to roll my eyes at him.
      Although he was not entirely correct he was not far wrong!!
      I certainly feel 10X happier and healthier after exercising... and it's great for getting those creative juices flowing!


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